Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Talking

The next day, William knows that Eric will return. He doesn’t want to start anything, So he leaves before Eric comes home. Kissing Elena on her cheek and saying Bye to Alex and Connor. He gets into his car, having his Driver take him back to the manor, Feeling confident about the evening that just occurred. He knew it was an opening. One he would build on. Its why he didn’t push. Let her go at her own pace. It will be so much better that way.

Once back at the Manor, William heads to his own office. He so much prefers it here. In his own home, With all his luxuries. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But if it meant to be with Elena, he would do it once a week. Just to make her happy, But his true heart was at his own home. It was where he was happiest. Its what he knew, He sat down in his plush burgundy desk chair. Pouring himself a glass of wine. Just sitting there relaxing, enjoying the quiet. No baby cries. No kids running around. It was so relaxing. Yes, William did want the family life, but in a way, he wasn’t like Eric. He didn’t enjoy all the noise and craziness that went along with it. It was good for a few days. Then he wanted to go home to his own quiet place. It was what he was used to, Even when Alex and Elea were at the Manor. Berta would take care of Alex. Elena was locked in her room. Things were always quiet. Now with Elena moving out. His house remained that way. His business trips were with grown men. Not infants or kids. Everything was always the way he was used to it. He just took a deep sigh and enjoyed himself.

While he was doing that, There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” William says.

“Hi. Sorry to bother you, my Lord. I just wanted to ask how the day went?” Edward asks.

“No problem. COme on in.” William says. Pouring him a glass a wine.

“Thank you.“Edward says.

“The day was very enjoyable. I went to a supermarket, I bought a lot of different foods. I took some back with me. For Berta to make. It was different. The rest of the day was very smooth also.” William admits.

“How is Elena adjusting?” Edward asks.

“To be honest, Better than I thought. Last night she got closer on her own. I see potential there. I see feelings they’re rising again. I knew if I would calm down. It would. She fell in love with me once. I can do it again.“William states.

“Fell in love? She was obsessed with you, As a girl. There was nothing you could do in her eyes that were wrong.” Edward says.

“Yes until that day, I let my insecurities get the better of me. And I turned her against me at the same time. The keeping her away from others didn’t help. I think she can get over what took place. “William states.

“Maybe but she was very angry with you for it. The relationship was falling apart before it happened that just clinched it.“Edward replies.

“I did it now. I can’t go back. I think I made up for it a hundred times over. Accepting Eric as a spouse, Taking the child. What more does she want? She has gotten me back tenfold. To stand there and watch her with him was more than enough revenge. Than adding marriage and a child. I think we are even now.” William states.

“Does she think you are. Is what matters?” Edward responds.

“I think she is coming around. Like I said I saw a softer side of her yesterday. She moved closer to me. Kissing me of her own will. I think the only thing stopping her. Is Eric, That damn man is always in my way. Funny how she didn’t think of me when she was throwing herself at him.“William snaps.

“At the time, she was pissed at you. She truly wanted him. She still does. You know, that’s not changing.” Edward comments.

“Yea I have known that for a long time. So does he, To be all honest with you, The sharing her in some ways is a good thing. I enjoy the days I am with her and Alex. Then I get to have my own time. Where Eric likes all the regular stuff. So it works in away. The only part I dislike is the sharing her in bed. But everything has its ups and downs. “William remarks.

“True. ” Edward answers.“What do you think the Mayor is going to do about the child?” Edward adds.

“I don’t know, So far nothing has happened. Eric and Elena’s marriage will be at the one year point. No one went near him as of right now. I do know at the party there were some that were really angry about it all. So we will just have to keep our eyes open. If anything happens we will have to deal and fix it. Just like I have the rest. She knew I would stay by her side. Its why she was so free with everything she did.” William responds.

“You can only do so much. Lord William.” Edward replies.

“I know, but she always thought of me as a god. Most do. I will watch over her and even The child and Eric. Sad but true we are all family now. I know she is safe with him. He would never do anything to hurt her. It’s better she picked him to mess around with. Then someone else. “William remarks.

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