Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 82

Chapter 82 One Year

It’s been a year that Elena and Eric have been married. Eric wants to do something special for the occasion, Telling William to let the nanny come over tonight. That she will be needed, For both children. That she will need to spend the night. William doesn’t think anything of it. He says fine. Sending her over like Eric asked. Eric keeps everything under wraps and he knows his plan is really for tonight. He wants to surprise Elena. Spending some alone time with her, He felt they needed that. Lately, it was pretty much regular married life with kids. He wanted to keep it alive. Keep it spicy.

Around four in the afternoon, Eric comes home from work and the nanny appears. Just like Eric wanted. He tells her that he will be taking Elena out tonight, For her to watch Connor and Alex. She may go tomorrow morning bright and early. She says that’s fine, Heading upstairs to the kid’s room.

Eric goes into the kitchen, to greet Elena.

“Good afternoon babe.” Eric says with a smile and kiss.

“Same to you.” Elena answers.

Eric giving Elena a single rose. “Happy Anniversary.” Eric replies.

“Oh, Eric you remembered. Thank you. It’s lovely.” She says.

“Of course I remembered. I know, I’m not very romantic but I wouldn’t ever forget today. I actually have something planned.” Eric admits.

“Oh really? I can’t wait.“Elena responds.

“Then why don’t you go upstairs and get dressed. I will be taking you out tonight.” Eric comments.

“Ok, I will. What about the kids?” Elena asks.

“I already took care of that. Don’t worry, Just go get dressed.” Eric remarks.

“Dressy or casual?” Elena asks.

“Casual should be fine.” Eric responds.

“Ok, I will be right back” Elena says. Kissing Eric on his cheek.

Elena heads upstairs and gets dressed, Putting on a pair of dark washed jeans and a soft lavender sweater with black boots. Pushing her hair back into a ponytail. She runs downstairs to greet Eric at the door. Not able to contain herself, She is so full of excitement. Just being with him, Makes her very happy. She didn’t really care. Where they went as long as they were together. It’s all that mattered to her. She loved him. And being with him. Nothing compared.

“All ready I see.” Eric states.

“Yep, Where are we going?” Elena asks getting into the jeep.

“Well, first I think we should have some dinner. What do you feel like?” Eric asks.

“Not sure, How about a diner? We can get a mix of things there. You know I love the greasy stuff.” Elena laughs.

“Yes, that I sure do. ” Eric responds.

Taking her to there favorite diner,Where they sit at a booth. Sipping on there soda’s as they look over the menu. Elena gets some fries and fried chicken. Eric gets a burger and fries. They sit there eating and talking. Elena very flirty and touchy, Making sure she touches his hand any chance she gets. Along with kissing him. Which Eric doesn’t mind. He sees how happy she is. The smile on her face, Gleaming from ear to ear. He couldn’t believe they were already married a year. The whole year felt like a fairytale. It was even more than what Eric could have wished for.

After dinner, they get back into the jeep. Eric driving in a different direction then home.

“We are not going home I see?” Elena asks.

“No, I have a surprise dinner wasn’t the only thing for tonight.” Eric replies.

Elena just smiling at him. Holding his hand and kissing it. Eric drives a little longer until he gets to a parking lot, Parking the car and getting out. Elena sees a ton of people walking around. Which is very odd for Eric to go anywhere there is a time of people. He wasn’t very into them. He wasn’t very social. Then Elena takes a look at a sign, That says Sweet Treats Festival. Her eyes open wide as she looks at Eric.

“I figured that would be the reaction I would get.” Eric smirks.

“You know I love this kind of stuff.” Elena says. Jumping into Eric’s arms.

“Yes. Just don’t get a sugar rush to fast.” Eric laughs.

“I want to try everything. ” Elena giggles.”

That doesn’t surprise me.” Eric answers. Giving her a deep long kiss.

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