Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Anniversary

After the fun in the car, they drive home. Elena still touching and playful Eric meant everything to her. He brought out her true feelings. She just always hid some of them from him. Knowing how rough she got with William when her desire for Eric was at its peak. She loved and trusted Eric with her life. Yet she saw him in a different way, Than she saw William. Not able to let her true whole vampire self out with Eric, scared if he saw what she could really do. He might get offended. Seeing that she isn’t the goody-goody. Yet, with William, That was the one thing, she did trust him with. He never asked why? Or said anything of what she turned into. He knew it was her vampire side. Which he loved. It didn’t offend him, Or make him think differently about her. His only wish was that the feelings she was sharing were for him. Not because she was hot over Eric. Yet he still did his best to quench her desires.

It didn’t stop her from making love to Eric often though. Tonight her desire was in overdrive. She just had to have him. It just seemed the more she made love to him. The more she craved him. The bond working its magic in every way. Making it hard to keep her hands off of him. Now not being tamed by Pregnancy. Her true feelings were coming back. She also said what the hell? It is our anniversary. No kids. Just us. Let’s make it fun.

THey walk into the door, and Elena starts pawing at him again. Her hands roaming everywhere. Her touch feels like fire to Eric, making him hotter with each touch. Elena can’t even wait to get upstairs. She just takes him into the living room. Removing his clothes piece by piece, Then throwing him onto the sofa. Which she then sits on his lap. Eric removes the rest of her clothing as she is kissing his neck and putting butterfly kisses down his chest. She just can’t stop touching him. Eric has his own desires building up inside of him. Not really thinking anything of all the touching and sex tonight. Just loving that she is giving him full attention like she used to. He lifts her up bending her over the sofa.

“It’s my turn now,” Eric says. As he pushes her back down gently with his hand.

Kissing her neck and working his way down. He nibbles and lightly bites down her back to her tailbone. As his hands snake around her, Rubbing her breasts. Elena gives out light moans pushing her ass up against his member. Wanting him to enter. He knows what she is after He is just letting the desire build.

“Eric Please,” Elena begs. As she can’t take it anymore.

She wants to feel him inside her again. He does as she requests. Sliding into her slowly, teasing her., Then pushing out.

“ERIC!” Elena screams out.

He knows he is driving her crazy and he loves it. He keeps the slow ride going. Until she is begging for him to go faster and harder. Which he then does as he squeezes her breasts. Pushing her back onto him harder. This goes on until they both climax together. Falling down onto the sofa, in a heap of sweat. There bodies glistening. There hearts beating in rhythm with each other. Holding on to each other tight. Eric just grabs the brown soft blanket that was over the sofa and lightly puts it on top of them. Elena places a light kiss on his lips.

“Happy Anniversary Eric,” Elena says.

“You to babe.” Eric says out of breath. “That makes three times tonight. I think we are on a role.” Eric adds.

“Just making up for the lost time,” Elena comments with a grin.

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