Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Good things come to an end.

A few more months go by, everything seems calm and nice. Eric going to work. Elena taking care of the kids. William’s weekly visits going smoothly. He is happy with her sleeping with him When Eric is away. There bond getting a little closer. She doesn’t mind sleeping next to him. She even sees her desire for him growing a bit. Which does still scare her. Eric doesn’t ask what happens. When William is there he doesn’t know if they went all the way or not. He rather not know. Keeping himself in the dark. He feels this is the only way, he can live with this. To know details would tear him apart. Elena was his and that is all he needed. William could suck eggs for all he cared. He knew this was the choice he made and had to live with. As much as it burned him. He let it go. William and Eric even did there best not to see each other often. William making sure to leave before Eric even would get home. To keep their relationships separate. Trying not to step on the other’s toes. William not really caring about Eric. Figuring he was regrowing his relationship with Elena and that is all he wanted. He also knew this was a choice he had made So now he lives with it. No one said it was easy. It was just how things were.

Today William was called to the Association and so was Eric. They had a meeting that called both of them away. Elena wanting to go food shopping and do some earns. Dropping Alex off at preschool. Leaving baby Connor with the Nanny. Feeling that she could probably get more done and faster. If she left him home. Not planning on being out very long anyway. Elena goes on her errands grabbing food for dinner, Picking up dry cleaning even paying a few bills. Then she heads home.

Parking her Red four-door Dodge in the driveway. She grabs some bags heading into the house. She goes into the kitchen. Everything very quiet, no sign of the nanny or Connor. Elena figures that the Nanny put Connor down for his nap. She continues to keep all the items. She bought into the fridge and cabinets. Getting everything done As she does Eric walks in with William behind him.

“What a pleasant surprise. What brings both of you home early?” Elena asks.

“We had a meeting. The mayor is being a real ass about our situation. He went to the association to see how they feel about Eric having a child with you. Of Course, Martin and James were on Eric’s side. Which only made the Major more upset.” William states.

“I guess. He will have to get over it.” Elena replies. Putting the lasagna dinner she made into the oven.

“I don’t know. He was pretty pissed off.” Eric states

. “He always is.” William answers.

“I am going to go check on Connor. William, Since your here, Can you pick up Alex for me at Preschool?” Elena asks.

“Sure not a problem. I will be going in a few minutes.”

Eric and William stay in the kitchen talking about the meeting. While Elena goes upstairs. Noticing something is off. There is no sign of the Nanny or Connor. Elena just walks to Connor’s room feeling the Nanny must be in there playing with him. She opens the door. To find the Nanny on the floor out cold. Blood spatters all over the room. Elena’s heart falls to the floor as she looks into the crib. Where there is no child, Just blood splatter everywhere. Elena lets out a loud piercing scream. Which alerts William and Eric. Both start running upstairs. To find Elena on the floor screaming and crying holding baby Conner’s blanket. The nanny still out cold on the floor. Blood everywhere.

William and Eric just look at each other, Not sure what to think or do. They both See Baby Connor isn’t there. Eric goes over to Elena holding her and picking her up. While William goes over to the Nanny taking her pulse. Looking at her body Seeing the blood isn’t hers. There are no wounds on her body. Which only makes William frightened to know that it must be baby Connors. Which makes William know he needs to take control of this situation and fast.

William helps the nanny up Telling her. He will need her to tell them what happened. But first. He needs to call Victoria. So she can pick up Alex and bring her here fast. Also letting her know she will have to bring Hanabusa to test the blood and search the room for clues.

After that, he goes back to the Nanny to see her story. Eric doing his best to calm Elena down but it’s not working. She is completely out of it. Sobbing none stop, Not even able to keep herself up in his arms. He knows this will destroy her. He feels the same but does his best not to show her.

“Eric you take care of her. I will take care of the rest.” William states.

“Ok. I will bring her to our room, try to calm her down. William, they took our son.” Eric answers.

" I know. I will do my best to get him back.” William replies.

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