Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 86

Chapter 86 abduction

William asks the Nanny. What took place?

“I was going to put Conner down for his nap. When all of a sudden, I heard footsteps and I turned around. To see a tall man standing behind me. And all I remember then is something hitting my head.” The Nanny says.

Wiliam looks on the floor to see a long pipe. “He must have hit you with this,” William remarks.

“I think so. I don’t know. How he got into the house. ” The Nanny answers.

“We will find out. You go back to the Manor and lay down. Get some rest. Ai will be coming back there. ” William remarks.

Victoria walks into Conner’s bedroom with Alex in her arms, handing her over to William. Who gladly takes her. Knowing she is fine, makes him feel relieved. He was worried. They were going to go after her as well. Which now he will guard her and makes sure no one touches her.

“Victoria I want you to take Alex to the Manor. We will also take Eric and Elena there. They can not stay here. There is no protection here. The manor is in the middle of nowhere with high security. I should have known better than to make them stay here. I just saw that Elena was so happy. I tried not to get in her way. Where I should of. Then I am a control freak. No matter which way I go. I lose.” William states.

“Look, My Lord. This isn’t your fault. She knew what she was getting into. She wanted freedom. She got it, at a price. She should know better. She isn’t a regular woman. She is a purebred. All she ever did was defy you.“Victoria states.

“I know. I hope. She has learned her lesson. I know. This will kill her. I don’t want that.

“Ryan stop standing in the corner and get over here. I need you to check the blood. See if its Connor’s or the perp. Also, I need you to see how he got in. None of us where home, But the Nanny. So someone must have been staking out the place. Waiting for us to not be here to do this. ” William states.

“Yes, William. I will check everything for you. I am the man for the job. Anything you ask.“Ryan states. Going over to the blood trail and taking samples.

“I need to talk to Eric to tell him. We need to get out of here. I know. He is busy with trying to calm Elena down.“William states.

“I will take Alex and The Nanny back to the manor. I will see they are both safe. You can handle Eric and Elena.” Victoria comments.

Eric walks back into Ren’s room looking at William

. “How is she?” William asks.

“Not good. She won’t stop crying. Saying this is all her fault.” Eric states.

“I want you and her to go to the Manor. It’s the safest spot for all of us. In one place. High security. Here it's open easy to get to.“William remarks.

“Fine. I will gather up some things and Elena and we will go. What do you know so far?” Eric asks.

“Not much. He got in, knocked out the nanny and took Connor. I did notice that the blood is not the nannies though. That made me a little worried. I asked Ryan to take samples to see if its Conner’s. I am hoping it’s not. I will be honest with you Eric. If it is. It doesn’t look good for him. I am sorry.” William responds.

“Don’t tell Elena. I don’t need her to go into that place. I found her in. I won’t be able to get her out of it this time.” Eric comments.

" I won’t. I will only update you. You update her with whatever you feel is right. I do ask that you both listen to me. I need you both to stay at the manor if you want my protection. ” William replies.

“We will. I want him found William. I want him home.” Eric answers.

“I will do my best. I promise you that. I was worried something like this would happen. She was just so happy. “William replies.

“That’s a bit over now. Now we just need to do everything we can to find him. To get him back.” Eric states.

Eric goes back into their bedroom. Elena laying on the bed still crying. Hugging her pillow and Conner’s blanket. Beside herself. Not even noticing that Eric walked into the room. Eric goes over to the bed sitting on the edge, rubbing Elena’s back.

“Babe, William wants us to go to the Manor. It will be safer for us all there. We need to pack some things.” Eric says.

Noticing Elena is somewhere else. Not even hearing him. Panic runs through him knowing if she went off the edge this time. She wouldn’t come back. If they didn’t find Conner, it would kill her. She loved Eric but Conner was her heart and soul. She adored him.

“Elena, Please. I know you’re upset, but I need you to stay with me. I can’t lose you.” Eric says.

Elena just looking at Eric sitting up and putting her arms around him. Holding him tight, Sobbing on his shoulder.

“I know this hurts you. It hurts me too. We will find him. We have to have faith.” Eric says.

“It’s all my fault. I should have known better. I just wanted something of you. Something made by us both. I am so sorry. ” Elena says tears streaming down her face.

“Babe. You didn’t do anything. We had a child. One we both wanted. It’s just that people can’t let things go. I am sorry also.” Eric states.

" You didn’t do anything. I pushed you into this. You were innocent. It’s all my doing. Maybe William was right. Maybe you should just take Conner and go. Both of you would be safer. You would both be better without me.” Elena shouts. Running out the door.”

Elena Stop. Come back.” Eric says running after her.

William just stands there watching. Knowing that Elena is totally upset. Regretting everything she did. Having second thoughts about her and Eric’s relationship and the child. Seeing she put them in danger. He doesn’t say a word. He lets Eric handle it. It’s not his place. He told her before she did this. It wasn’t a good idea. Now you live with the consequences. It was a shame that an innocent child had to deal with it though. Even William didn’t like the idea. He got to like Conner a lot. Hoping the child was ok and he could get it home safely.

Eric runs after Elena grabbing her and holding her tight. As she trembles in his arms. He sees she is falling apart.

“Elena I love you. We need to stick together on this. Its the only way we will get through it. I need you to be strong for me now.” Eric says.

Elena doesn’t say anything. Just looks up at him. ” I need you to go get some things. So we can go to the Manor. Please.” Eric states.

Elena does as she is told. Getting some things together. Leaving with Eric and William to go back to the place she hated most. The Place she tried her best to get away from. Her sadness just takes over her. Sitting in the car. Looking out the window in utter despair.

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