Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Back to square one.

Things were very quiet in the car ride back to the Manor, No one said much to the other. Elena was in her own world. Destroyed at everything taking place around her. It wasn’t only the kidnapping of her child. It was returning back to the place. She hated so much. She was so happy to break free. Now she was back. Who knows for how long. Back with the Spys and the ever ending control of William. She didn’t think, She could handle it this time. Not even with Eric being with her. This wasn’t what she wanted.

Once back at the manor, they walk in, William going to his office to call and see if anything was new. Eric beside Elena. She just looks around at the manor. Edward sitting there in his usual spot. Her mind returning to when she came here the first time. To be with William, How she was so lost. So lonely. Back to the same place she started. Knowing that one decision she made. Will haunt her for the rest of her life. She just runs upstairs into Eric’s quarters, trying to block out her memories.

“It’s nice to see you, Eric. I am sorry it's under these circumstances.” Edward states.

“Same here,” Eric replies.

“I see. She isn’t taking this very well. You know you will need to watch her. Make sure she doesn’t go back to that state she was in.” Edward responds.

“I am well aware of that. I understand, Why she is upset. Our son went missing.” Eric answers.

“I am sure being back here isn’t helping matters. This isn’t her favorite place. She did a lot to get out of here.” Edward responds.

“I am aware of that too. Not much we can do at the moment. I came to keep her and Alex safe. I can take care of myself. I don’t think, They want me anyway. Its why they went after Conner. They knew it would hurt more.” Eric states.

“It’s not only that Eric. They are scared of what he may possess. He is a half hunter, half Purebred. That is a rare combination. He will have powers from both sides. Even Stronger than you. Since he was born that way.“Edward comments.

“He is just a baby. They just don’t like me. So they went after him. Now Elena suffers.” Eric remarks.

“She knew this could happen. She did it anyway. There was no talking to her. She just had to have you and your child.” Edward states.

“Yes, and she got both of us. I am here for her. No matter what. It’s not like she killed someone. She was in love. You all make it out to be some kind of bad thing. When the bad thing was William keeping her here. When she wanted out. No one ever says anything about that.” Eric says walking out of the room. Heading to William’s office.

Eric just barges in, not even knocking.

“Did you find out anything?” Eric asks.

“The perp got in from the basement window. He broke it. No one saw anything though. There is no trace of anything. At the moment, we have no idea who took him. Or where he is. I will let you know if I find out more.” William states.

“Thank you. Someone had to see something. We live in the city. There are always people around.” Eric says

. “No one is talking. Everyone I asked knows nothing. That No-one they know Would take a child. They are all tight-lipped. Eric, there is a good chance, We may never get him back. I don’t want to sound hard. But I need you to know the truth.” William states.

" I understand. We need to do whatever we can to get him back. If we don’t. I believe we both will lose Elena this time.” Eric admits.

“I will do everything I can. I just can’t promise. I also know. What you say is true. I need for you to be with her. Do whatever you need to To keep her calm. This will be a lot on her.“William remarks.

“I will do my best. I am not telling her anything, that we said here. Let her have faith. It’s for the best.“Eric comments.

“I agree.“William remarks.

Eric walks out of William’s office. Standing there trying to catch his breath. The thought of never seeing his son again pains him deeply. Knowing its because he is who he is. It makes it so much harder. In a lot of ways, he blames himself. For letting himself go and not thinking. This was one error he made, he would have to live with the rest of his life. He may not only lose his son. He may lose the woman. He loved with all his heart.

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