Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Confrontation

Eric goes into the association going to James' Office. “Hey, I need to talk to you.” Eric states.

“Sure what can I do for you.” James answers.

” I need you to run this blood. See if this person is in the database. He stole our son.” Eric replies.

“Oh, Eric. I am so sorry. I will have them run this right now.” James replies.

“Look I need you to keep this low key. Not telling many people at all. It would be best for everyone concerned.” Eric responds.

“Anything you need. How is Elena?” James asks.

“Not good. This time I may lose her for good. She is lost. She blames herself. Not to mention we had to go back to the Manor. It’s just another thing. Added on.” Eric comments.

“I will do my best to help you both. I know this has to be hard on all of you. The mayor was just in here the other day. Saying how he couldn’t believe how you were married to the King and Queen. How crazy William was acting. Not able to imagine him letting you lay with his wife. Not to mention have a child. I am sure he is part of this.” James answers.

“I am sure he is also, But how do we prove it? Where would he take him? We know he wouldn’t do it himself. He had to hire someone. We need to find that person. I just hope when we do. We are not too late.” Eric answers.

“Same here. He is only an 8-month-old child. How could anyone be so cruel?” James says.

” He is mine. So they can be. I am a level D Vampire/ Vampire hunter. What I am. Isn’t natural. So neither is my son.” Eric says.

“Bullshit! I hate these fucking vampires! Them and this damn crap they try to pull.” James blurts out

. “I feel the same. It is just how things are. ” Eric answers.

Eric leaves the association going back to the Manor. Finding it very quiet and lonely. There wasn’t a soul around. Eric saw. How it was to live there now. Without Bubbly Elena flying around here happily. There was nothing.

Eric happens to bump into Berta on his way upstairs to his quarters. “Berta, how is Mrs.?” Eric asks.

“Sir, not doing well. She hasn’t come out of that room. She hasn’t eaten a thing. It’s like before. I don’t know. What to do.“Berta says.

“Please bring some food to our quarters. I will make sure she eats something.” Eric answers. Walking towards his quarters.

Eric knew this was going to happen. He just wasn’t going to be like William and let it. He knew. He had to take control. That he couldn’t let her fall that deep down the hole. He also knew how she felt. He felt the same way. Just doing his best not to show it. Knowing that would only make this worse.

Eric walks into his quarters, To a quiet room. He walks into the bedroom to find Elena, just laying on the bed in a fetal position.

“Babe, I need you to get up. It’s three in the afternoon. You need to eat something.” Eric says.

Elena doesn’t respond. She still is lost in her own feelings.

“Damn it, babe. I am not letting you leave me!” Eric shouts. Picking her up and shaking her.

“Stop. Just leave me be.” Elena responds.

“NO. I know your hurt. So am i. That doesn’t mean you can go back to that state and leave me all alone. You wanted me here with you. I am. I am your husband. We can get through this.“Eric snaps.

" I cant. My precious baby. They took him. God knows. What they are doing to him All because of me. Just go. You will be better off without me. I was wrong in what I did. I turned into William. Dragging you into this. Tricking you. Doing whatever it took. To have you in every way possible. Its all I learned from being with him. I didn’t think. What harm you faced. What they would do to our child. I just was selfish and thought of how badly I wanted you. I set you free. Just go. I don’t deserve you anyway. It’s better. I rot here like I am supposed to. “Elena shouts.

“That’s not true. There is nothing wrong with you. I love you just as much as you do me. I was there. I didn’t stop you.“Eric says.

” You were innocent. You didn’t know, I did. I didn’t care what it all meant. I just wanted my end goal. Just like William. You were trusting. I am not the Elena you once knew. I am tainted by my past here. There are things I have done. I shouldn’t have.” Elena states.

“We all have things in our past that we feel we shouldn’t have done. It’s life. It doesn’t make us bad. We just learn from them.” Eric replies.

“I should of let you be. William shouldn’t have ever called you. He should of let me die. That way both of you would be free. I haven’t been fair to him either. I only bring pain to the people I love most.” Elena says.

“Stop it, Elena. It’s not true.” Eric comments.

“But it is true. What kind of woman is married to a man? And dreams about sleeping with another? That when they lay together, She does things to him only because she is dreaming it was the other? William is a lot of things but I betrayed him. He has done things to me but maybe I deserved them.“Elena states.

“I don’t know all he has done. You won’t tell me. But he is a grown man. He didn’t have to call me. He chose to. He knew. What would happen and he is dealing with it. Fair? I am not sure what is fair anymore. You couldn’t help how you felt. You realized things a bit late. But so did i. That doesn’t make us bad people.” Eric responds.

“You didn’t go through all that. To just let go now. To just end it.“Eric adds.

“It would be best for us all if we did. ” Elena answers.

“Would you be able to live without me now?” Eric asks.

“No, but it doesn’t matter. If it means keeping you safe. I will do it.” Elena answers.

“You don’t need to keep me safe. I can handle myself. they didn’t go after me. They went after an innocent child who couldn’t defend themselves. “Eric Shouts.

“This isn’t the life you wanted to live. One that you share me. One that you have to be married to William. Look over your shoulder. It was all my doing. William was right. I wanted you both. ” Elena admits.

“Well, you have us both. We are not complaining. Why the hell are you? ” Eric answers.

“Because I know it’s not fair to either of you. I know you don’t believe in any of this. ” Elena states.

“You love me?” Eric asks.

Elena looking into his eyes. “More than life itself.“She answers.

“That’s all the matters. I love you the same. And as much as I hate to say it. William loves you the same as well. We are all stuck into this. But we don’t want out. IF we did we would have taken it already. I have you. I have you more than he ever has. I have you fully. Our bond is with each other. Its why I can live with this.” Eric announces.

“You are sure? We may never be able to have more children either.” Elenasays crying even harder.

“I know. I am happy with being with you. We have a son. We will get him back.” Eric states.

“And if we don’t?” Elena says. Tears rolling down her face.

“We will make it. Either way. As long as we have each other.” Eric remarks.

Walking towards her and pushing her closer to him. Elena wraps her arms around him. Balling her eyes out. He sees the pain she carries. Not only from loosing there son. But from this whole situation.

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