Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Meeting

Eric can’t sleep not even in the large comfortable bed, all he can do is think. Not knowing, if any of this is for real or just bullshit. Being played by William for his amusement. Knowing that William is the type to do this just because he can.

Eric very leary on everything now. He can’t see if any of this was true. How William would just invite him to his house If Elena really felt this way. William had a lot to worry about. When did William give into defeat? He wasn’t the type to lose any battle. Little less one that involved his personal life and most of all Let Eric win? Something wasn’t right. William hated Eric just as much as Eric hated William. These two just never got along. Never trusted one another. Why now call him?

Eric gets up and dressed, Figuring, he would head downstairs and see what is going on. Maybe go see Edward. He was the easiest to talk to. As he gets to the bottom of the staircase, he sees Edward.

“Hello, Eric, I was waiting for you to wake. I know you are up like the humans.” Edward states.

“Yes, I work the day shift and sleep at night, like normal people. I was human once.” Eric comments.

“Yes, Elena does the same. She said She was used to doing it when you two were little. She would wake when you did. Leading a life of a Human even though she was a purebred. She always had you on her mind. She is letting Alex be raised the same way.” Edward responds.

“Will I be seeing her today?” Eric asks.

“I am not sure about Elena, but you will be meeting Alex today. She should know who is watching over her. Once her mother comes out of whatever she is in. I’m sure the little girl will see you with her. She should get to know you before then.“Edward states.

“What is going on with Elena? Tell me the truth, not the bullshit line William is selling. Who wrote those letters?” Eric huffs.

“Eric, I am afraid there is no bullshit line, as you like to call it. I see William gave you those letters? That was very hard for him to read those. That hurt him deeply, to know how she really felt. He saw it, but to read it made it more real. I told him making you come here was a very bad idea. I didn’t advise it. He said it was better than watching her die.” Edward admits.

“So she really is in love with me?” Eric asks.

“More then any of us could imagine. We all saw how close she was to you, but that was normal you grew up together. William thought in time it would fade. She would forget you, build a life here with him. Except it had the opposite effect, she thought of you more. You drank from you at Greenhaven didn’t she?” Edward asks.

“Yes, She told me to. Why?” Eric says.

“Because it made a Love bond. You crave her don’t you?” Edward asks.

Eric looking all around and not at Edward.

“You can be honest Eric. I already know.” Edward states.

“Yes, I always have. Since the first time, I took her blood. There is a burning inside of me.” Eric admits.

“Well, she has the same. She burns for your blood and your body. It’s a Love bond. Did she ever get to drink from you yet?.” Edward states.

“What the hell is a blood bond? And no, she never drank from me. She was saving that for William. She never asked me to drink from me.” Eric Replies

“Its when two people fed off each other. If their feelings are true. It creates a Love bond. It’s only created when two people really love each other. It lasts forever, It can’t be broken. They are connected body and soul. You two never laid together and drank each other’s blood. If you ever do the bond will be complete. It's strange that it already started such a close bond and she didn’t even drink from you yet.“Edward admits.

“Yea, so William can kill me? That’s the real reason, he asked me here. Isn’t it? So, I can make a move on his wife, and he can kill me.” Eric states.

“Eric no matter how much William would love to kill you. He can’t. If he did, Elena would follow, but not before She killed William. I don’t see her leaving him alive after that.” Edward reveals.

“You’re crazy. She is so in love with him. He could do no wrong. She would look at him as if he was a god. She would again. He can slither out of anything.” Eric states.

“That was the old Elana. She may still love him in a way, but her love for you would exceed it.” Edward comments.

“Yea right,” Eric says. Still not believing him.

“I Guess, I should take you to meet the little girl now.“Edward states.

“Sure, why not.”

Edward takes Eric upstairs to the second floor. While on his way there Eric feels sadness in his heart. That the child he is going to meet, is William’s. Part of Elena and William. There love. Wishing it was his child. A feeling a resentment settles in his chest. He opens the door to a large room. The first room is filled with toys and a large white bookcase, with a rocking chair.

The other room attached is a little girls bedroom. A white twin bed with a canopy, pink and white floral sheets and curtains. Two white dressers and a night table with a lamp. Everything in its place. Everything a little girl would ask for.

In the front room, There is a little girl two years old. With reddish-brown long hair and brownish eyes. Small and petite. There is a nanny sitting in the rocking chair reading to her. As the little child sits on the floor playing with her blocks.

“Excuse me, Alex,” Edward says. As if he is talking to an adult.“I would like you to meet one of mommy’s friends.” He adds.

The little girl going over to him. “Hi, I’m Alex.” She says to Eric.

“Hi. I’m Eric. I use to live with your mom.” Eric says.

“I know who you are. You’re the one from her dreams. The one she misses. The one she craves.” Alex responds.

Eric just looks at this two year old in a daze. “She is a lot more advanced than a normal two year old Eric. She is a vampire child. A purebred. She was in Elena’s body. She can sense and tell what she is and was feeling.

“Whatever you say, that was creepy.” Eric states.

” To You maybe. To us vampires. She is one of a kind. ” Edward says.

The little girl goes over to Eric and pulls on his shirt. “Would you read to me?” She asks.

“Sure,” Eric says.

She takes him over to the two chairs in the first room handing him a book and sitting next to him. Watching and taking him in, liking him from the moment she laid eyes on him. Seeing why her mother felt the way she did about him. Eric stays with her for hours, reading and talking to her, taking her in.

She is delightful once he gets to know her. He can see parts of Elena in her. Fun and sweet. Then he can see parts of William in her also. Just how she holds herself, just like her father. Eric didn’t think he would like this little child because she was William’s. That he would resent her, but it was totally the opposite. She made him smile. To watch her and see Elena, made him happy.

This was part of her running around. It was amazing, It made him go back to his past. Playing in the garden with Elena. Happy and free. How close and safe they felt together. He just realized how much he missed that. This child was like no other. She was special. She was part of the woman he loved so dear. It didn’t matter she was part of William. At this moment William just didn’t matter at all.

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