Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Remorse.

Two weeks go by, there is pretty much nothing much new. Things look bleak. William and Eric keep Elena in the dark. Knowing, she is hanging on by a thread. Eric does his best to watch over her, making sure she eats. That she doesn’t do anything stupid. He knows. How she can get. He does his best to show her. That he isn't leaving her, no matter what. That he is here. He sees how sad she is. Losing a piece of herself more and more each day. That they don’t find Conner.

Eric does still knows she loves him though. Sex isn’t even a thought at the moment, but at night in bed. Elena will crawl on top of Eric , Putting her head on his chest and the rest of her body in between his legs. Holding one hand in hers and the other around him. It's like she is shielding him with her body, so no one could touch him. They would have to go through her first. He knows now that her fear of losing him is at the highest. Not that he will leave her, that someone will take him from her. The thought has her on guard always watching everything he does. No matter how sad or depressed. She still wants to protect him.

William, on the other hand, is doing his best to find out who did this. Where they are? And if Conner is still alive. He spends hours amoung hours on the phone and in meetings with people. To try to fix this mess. He is also very paranoid himself. Keeping Alex with him. Not letting her out of his sight. He knows Alex is beside herself. So he takes her himself, Even letting her sleep in his quarters in a small bed. So he is with her to watch over her. The thought of anyone touching her. Kills him. He hasn’t left the house. Any meeting or anything he needs comes to him. He has Serien and others guarding the house. Making sure no one enters. That isn’t supposed to. It's like they are on lockdown. He just wants to do everything. He can to keep them safe.

At the end of the week, Eric is called to the association. Needing to go and maybe even spend the night in the City. James Needs to talk to Eric. Letting him know the results of the tests taken on the blood. This means he will have to leave Yuki behind. Which he knows will freak her out even more. It’s just best if she stays home with William watching over her. If anyone is after Eric. He can protect himself. With her not there. He only has to worry about himself. Not her. Which makes things better for him. He is a strong very well trained Hunter. He knows what he is doing. It wouldn’t be too easy to take him down.

“Eric I don’t want you to go. Maybe its a trap?” Elena states.

“Its James it's not a trap. I will be fine. I will come home as soon as I can. I promise you. Stay here with William. He will take care of you.” Eric comments.

” Please Eric if anything happens to you. I won’t be able to go on. I need you. I lost too much as it is.” Elena says.

“I promise. Everything will be fine. I need to go into the city. I need the information. So we can get our son back.” Eric remarks.

Elena looks sadly down at the floor. “I don’t think we are getting him back,” Elena responds.

“Don’t say that. I am sure he is fine.” Eric comments.

“I know he is still alive. The bond is there. I would know if he wasn’t. That doesn’t mean we will find him.” Elena replies.

“We sure will do our best.” Eric comments.

He gathers up the things he needs. Getting ready to head out the door. Elena holds him tight, tears streaming down her face. “I love you.“Elena says.

“I love you too,” Eric replies. Opening the front door. Walking to his jeep. Driving away.

Elena just slides down the front door. Landing on her bottom. Her hands over her face, sobbing. If she loses him. It’s over. The fear just takes over her. Her want to protect him. Raging inside her. Yet, she is helpless.

William walks out into the foyer seeing her on the floor in tears. He knows what took place. He knows her fear, right off the bat.

“Elena, my love Please. He will be fine. He is a remarkable hunter. ” William states. Picking Yuki up off the floor into his arms.

“I can’t William. This is all my fault. I hurt all the people I love most. including you.” Elena states.

William just looks at her from that statement. Never thinking he would be apart of it. Seeing how torn down she is. How truthful she is at the moment. Not being the rough tough, Dark Elena like before.

“I understand what you did. I am not mad at you anymore. We need to get over our past. We both have done things, we shouldn’t of. We need to let go.” William answers.

“How? How could you forgive me? I have done things to you. That I shouldn’t be forgiven for. I betrayed you. I slept with another man and even had his child.” Elena admits.

“I had my doing in it. I am not all that innocent. I am sorry. That we had to get where we are. But we can make it better. Including Eric. I know how much you love him. I will not take him away from you. I promise you that.” William states

. “What does it matter? You won’t have to. Someone else will. They took our son. Our innocent baby. He never hurt anyone. He is paying for my sins,”

William puts her down, Standing her in front of him. Looking deeply into her eyes. Which are filled with tears, red and swollen. This tiny weak woman at her brink standing there looking back into his eyes.

“Look, I promise you. No One will take him away from you. And I will find that child. I will give your son back to you. I have done a lot of bad things in my life and I will fix this one. I love you, Elena. I want to make you happy and I realize that to do that. I have to give you Eric. I am willing. We will fix this.” William states.

“Just find him, William. Please.” Elena replies.

“I will,” William responds.

That night William has Elena come down to the table for dinner. Taking a cue from Eric. Making sure she eats. They sit down at the table as a family. William telling Edward to please eat in the kitchen. He would like to have a quiet night with his family. That it was well needed. Edward says no problem and makes himself scarce. They sit at the table the three of them. Trying to forget the things happening around them. Even if it’s just for a night. Little Alex spending time with both her parents. Happy.

After dinner, William takes them both to his Quarters. Putting Alex and Elena in his bed. Getting ready himself Making sure both of his girls were safe. Nothing would happen to either of them on his watch. He even has his familiar wolf at the end of the bed. Which Alex always gets a kick out of. William gets in bed, Alex laying on one side and Elena on the other of the large king-size bed. He pushes Elena close to him. Holding her tenderly in his arms. Kissing her head. She moves closer to him. Holding him tight. Looking up at him.

“I am sorry.” She says in a low sad tone.

William looks back and just nods.

Excepting the apology. Seeing a different side to her. The one he knew when she was a girl. Maybe he was getting her back. Maybe they could be what they were supposed to be all these years. Instead of what they have turned into. William had hope. But he knew he had to find Conner. If they didn’t in time she would just deteriorate. Like she did when she thought she lost Eric. William didn’t want that to happen again. He didn’t want to let it go as he did before. He learned from his lesson. He wanted to show her a better side of himself. Make her love him again. It looked like she was regretting a lot. Like she had some feelings for him again.

He just held her. Keeping things calm and peaceful. She falls asleep in his arms. And Alex on the other side. Out cold with the wolf. He had his family. The one true thing. He really cared about.

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