Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Remorse.

Deep in the woods, there was a cabin. It belonged to a Trueblood named Alexie. He was a doctor. Who worked for the Mayor. Anytime the Mayor asked, Alexie, to do something. He did it without a protest. This time, he didn’t really feel the same way. He thought the Mayor was overstepping. Even with Alexie being a Trueblood himself. He thought the Mayors wants were out of control. He didn’t think any of this was fair. It was just a small child. One who didn’t even know. What it did wrong. It wasn’t his fault, on what his parents did. Alexie could even see why they did. He was in love once. He knew how it went. That you didn’t choose who you fell in love with. It just happened.

Alexie was a tall, thin white-haired guy, with red eyes. He was the best of the best in his profession. Its why the Mayor had hired him. He had his head nurse who worked with him. Her name is Eleanor. She has shoulder-length brown hair, with red eyes. She was a petite woman. She stayed with Alexie in the cabin in the woods. Helping him with this job. He just took from the Mayor. Or anyone else who would hire him. He was very sought after. Everyone who was anyone knew who he was. He could fix or create anything needed. It would take him no time at all do to do what you ask. Which made it even better. Him even more wanted.

The Mayor shows up at the cabin, Walking into the small sitting room. Looking around at the warm fire in the fireplace. Small side kitchen on the other side of the room. Everything looked Normal. Quiet. Alexie comes up from the basement, which was his lab.

“May I help you?” Alexie says to the Mayor.

“I want to know. What have you found out about the child? What power does he possess?” The Mayor asks.

“As of right now, none.” Alexie states.

“What do you mean? Doesn’t he have special powers?” The Mayor asks.

” No, his lab work, Didn’t show anything. He is just a normal vampire child. I am not sure. What you are looking for, but whatever it is. This child doesn’t have it. You took him for nothing.” Alexie states.

“Well, damn it. He is of no use to us. Use him as a genie pig then. I am sure as he grows, you should find out more about him. Maybe it takes time for the power to show up. Like in puberty.” The Mayor states.

" What am I suppose to do? Raise this child? He has parents. Just give him back.” Alexie comments.

“No. they need to suffer. They need to know not to do this shit again. Mixing bloodlines. You are a Trueblood. You know. What I am meaning. “The Mayor answers.

“Yes, I do. I also know that I wouldn’t want anyone telling me who to mate with. “Alexie says looking at the Mayor.

“You wouldn’t let this child to grow up and take us all out. Would you?” The Mayor responds.

“No. But even though he is a half hunter. That doesn’t mean he will. “Alexie responds.

“We can’t take any chances. Its been a month now. That we have this child. They haven’t found us yet. They shouldn’t. William isn’t as smart as he thinks he is.” The Mayor states.

“William is a very smart evil man. I don’t think. You really know who you are up against. He will find you. When he does. I know. He will take care of you. “Alexie comments.

“He isn’t that smart. He let his wife marry that dirty level D. He lets her mate with him. William couldn’t control his own wife. He isn’t like he used to be. ” The Mayor states.

“Don’t let that fool you. He happens to love her. He doesn’t you. He will tear you to shreds.” Alexie replies.

“I highly doubt that. You take care of the child for now. If he shows no signs of anything. I can always then put him up for adoption. I can make money off of him, and torture his parents. They will think he is dead.” The Mayor replies.

“Whatever,” Alexie replies

Alexie really isn’t into this. Feeling the child should be with its real parents. Alexie already knew. What this child possessed. He just didn’t want to tell the Mayor the truth. He knew if the Mayor knew, The child would be in great danger. Him being adopted wasn’t anything. At least he would have a chance at a regular life. If the Mayor knew, How strong he was, He wouldn’t ever be let go.

Eleanor and Alexie took great care of Conner. Making sure he had everything he needed. Treating him as if he was theirs. They just didn’t let the Mayor know the truth. Alexie was a Trueblood himself. He could get rid of the Mayor, but he used him for his own purposes as well. Everything was working out very well, for each of them. Until now. Alex didn’t want the child to get in the way of that. So he just figured to protect him. At the same time as using the Mayor. What the Mayor didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

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