Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Desires.

“Are you sure?” Elena asks.

“Yes Please be yourself. Please let go. There isn’t anything you can say or do, That will turn me off.” Eric responds.

“I want to watch you Jerk off,” Elena says bluntly.

“Ok, then I want to see you touch yourself, But only after you feed. It will make it more intense also.” Eric says. Using it to his advantage. Not to mention he is excited to hear, She wants to watch. This was a new Elena, He hasn’t seen before. And he liked it. He didn’t mind her wanting to do new things. He just wishes, she felt more comfortable asking him.

Elena moves over to Eric, who is sitting on the edge of the bed. Wearing his white crisp work shirt, black tie and black vest with his black pants. His silver-white hair in his eyes. Elena moves the hair from his eyes looking deeply into them. Kneeling in front of him, she starts taking off his vest, then his tie, then his white shirt. Placing them on the floor. Eric letting her do anything, she pleases. Feeling himself rise at just the thought of her touching him. He knew He had it bad for her. In every way.

She then stands up in front of Eric, Moving her body close to his. Kissing his lips tenderly, while straddling his chest. She moves her lips down to his neck. Where she kisses and licks. Sending chills down Eric’s spine. She places light sucks marks on his neck, getting him ready for the real deal. She lightly sinks her fangs into his neck. As her hands roam through his silver-white hair. Eric’s hands are on her waist, Grabbing at her pink pale nightie. Pulling her closer to him. As she drinks, Eric feels a dry dark ache in his throat. Not able to control himself. Feeling the need for her lush crimson blood. He licks her neck and sinks his own fangs into her. Taking what he needs, Just a little though. As he wants her to get, what she needs to go on. Just taking what he needs to calm the beast inside himself. Elena licks up every last drop down his neck. Sealing and healing the two pinprick holes, She made in his neck. He licks hers as well as hers heals the minute he is done.

Eric’s heartbeat is fast and needing. He pulls her close to him. Kissing her passionately. His hands roaming her body Not able to control himself. The feeding made his desires come out. More now than before.

“Slow down there handsome. I want to watch you. I want to sit there and just watch your sexy lean body, as you touch yourself.” Elena says. Her eyes turning red with the glow of passion.

She unbuttons his belt and slides his black pants down and off his lean slender body. Eric is left in his white polka dot boxers.

“Take them off. I want to see all of you. Elena says.

Eric looks at her with his own passion and want. Doing as she asked. Eric stands up, SLiding the boxers down to his ankles and kicking them to the side of the bed.

“Is this what you want?“He asks.

“Yes. God, you are hot.” Elena replies. Standing there watching his tall, slender body in the light.

His semi-buff chest, lean legs. Not to mention his very long member. There wasn’t an inch of his body, She didn’t want.

“I don’t think this is very fair. I am totally naked. While you’re standing there in a nightie and panties.” Eric Smirks.

“I can fix that for you.” Elena answers. Standing there pulling the nightie over her head, and then pushing the panties down her legs kicking them to his boxers.

” Is this better?” She asks.”

Very.” Eric replies.

Elena sits on the floor, watching as Eric touches himself. His long member getting harder at each touch. How he starts out gentle going up and down over his head down his long shaft. Watching his face reactions, and his light moans. It drives her crazy. Just to watch him. Taking everything she has not to join him. Mostly not to touch him.

He slides his long lean fingers around his hard shaft. Going up and she sees it starting to ooze. Elena watches losing her own composer. Just at the sight of him. Her desire building as she wants to just touch him herself. Eric sees her sitting on the floor naked. Touching her very wet core. Sliding her fingers on the outer lips. It just makes him rub himself harder. They keep watching the other getting off. Which just makes their own desire burn. Eric watches as Elena’s body shudders as she climaxes in front of him. It makes him lose himself and shoot his own load. Into his hand, that is holding a tissue.

Eric gets up from the bed going over to Elena on the floor. Laying next to her.,She slides herself on top of his warm wet body.

“Did you like what you watched?” Eric asks.

“Yes. I pictured you alone in your room at home, Doing that on your bed. Wishing I could touch you, That I was with you. All those years ago. Now I got to see for myself. Did you like what you saw?” Elena asks.

“Hell Yes. God, you were so sexy laying there. It took everything I had not to just let it go.” Eric admits.

It was nice to forget about all the trouble and drama for a few. ” Elenastates.

“Yes, it was. I want you to not worry. Things will be ok. I promise you.” Eric answers.

“I trust you with my life, Eric. I love you with every fiber of my being.” Elena states.

“I feel the same way,” Eric responds.

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