Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Questions.

In the morning, Eric goes downstairs, Getting ready to sit down for some breakfast. Elena getting dressed. As Eric sits at the dining room table. William walks in.

“Eric, after breakfast can I see you in my office Alone?” William asks.

“Sure.” Eric answers.

Elena coming in and sitting next to Eric. William notices she looks a little better. Sitting down next to Eric eating her breakfast. He knew if anyone could make her alive. It would be Eric. There was something about him to her. He could make her happy, Just standing there. William was glad to see her a bit better. It was a change from the Elena she has been. She was heading back into the deep depression. It was something neither he or Eric wanted.

They sit there eating there breakfast. Little Alex there with them. Enjoying the time with all her parents at the same time. After breakfast, Elena takes Alex in the garden to pick some fresh flowers for the table centerpiece. Elena not fully herself but doing her best.

Eric heads to William’s office opening the door and taking a seat in the burgundy soft plush chair In front of William’s desk.

“What did you need?” Eric asks.

“First, whatever you did to Yuki. I am very thankful. I see she is doing a bit better. She looks a little more alive. Most of all she is even spending time with Alex. “William remarks.

” We are just going slow. I am trying to be there for her in every way. Letting her know I am not leaving.” Eric states.

“Good. Yesterday. You came to me and told me about her not taking the pill anymore. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. I just listened to what you said, And I agree, another child from either of us. Isn’t a good idea at the moment. There was just one thing, that stuck in my mind. What pill? We are vampire’s Eric. Birth control pills do not work for us. What was she taking?” William asks.

“I don’t know. She told me it was the birth control pill. The doctor at the hospital gave it to her. Maybe they found something to work for us?” Eric asks innocently.

“Eric, There isn’t anything but a condom or pulling out. Pills don’t work. We are not like Humans. Not to mention, our women don’t get pregnant as often as human women. It was rare that she got pregnant so fast with you. On your first try. You two are very compatible in that department. But there isn’t a pill. Can you do me a favor and get that pill for me? So Ryan can analyze it for us?” William asks.

“Sure. Of course. I believe she took them with her. Just never took them anymore.“Eric states.

“Good. Don’t let her take them anymore. We don’t know what they are. Something isn’t right.” William states.

“I will go upstairs now and get them, While she is outside with Alex. I don’t want her knowing anything Until we do,” Eric remarks.

“That is fine with me.“William responds

Eric goes upstairs to his quarters into the bathroom medicine cabinet and grabs the pills. Taking them downstairs to William. Who then Takes them to Ryan to check. Eric is a bit confused. Wondering what the hell, She was taking all these months. Before all this happened they were sexually active. Especially for their anniversary. If they were not the right pills, she would have been pregnant by now. Vampire or not. They had sex enough.

Eric goes down to Ryan’s lab himself.

“Hey, There.” Eric states.

“Hey. What brings you down here.” Ryan asks.

“Those pills that William gave you. I need you to run the tests and fast. I need to know what they are. Something just doesn’t seem right about them. If what William says is true.” Eric admits.

“Well, he didn’t lie to you. We don’t use pills. Its a waste of time. They are running now. I should have the results by the end of the day. I will get them to you soon as I can.” Ryan states.

“Great. Thank you.” Eric replies.

Eric goes back upstairs greeted by Elena, who has a bunch of Red roses in her hands.

“We picked these from the garden,” Elena says.

“They are very pretty. I am so glad you got out of the house a bit.” Eric responds.

“It was nice out there. What were you doing with Ryan?” Elena asks.

“Nothing much. Just seeing if he knew anything. Nothing is new though.” Eric states.

“Oh. Ok.“Elena says.

Eric sees her sad expression. “Its a beautiful day. Why don’t me you and Alex take a walk in the gardens together? Maybe even grill out for dinner tonight?” Eric asks.

“That sounds nice. Elena replies. Taking his hand in her own and walking into the garden. Alex jumping on the swings. Ready for Eric to push her.

William just looks out his office window, To see them outside. How Elena just looks at Eric, like he is the only person there. How he remembers, that she used to look like that at him. No matter how long they are together. It still eats away at William. The feeling that he lost to a common level D loser. How his plan backfired on him. Never really thinking she would fall in love with him. She wasn’t supposed to he was after screwing James over and making Eric a vampire, who would turn and die. Not this. Not standing outside, pushing his daughter and his wife. Now also Eric’s wife and daughter. How things turned so quickly into a big mess.

Eric, Elena, and Alex stay in the gardens most of the day. Having a nice time. Trying to put their relationship on the right course. Not letting anything get in the way of it. Even though, no matter how hard they tried. Their son was always on there minds. Eric started up the grill that evening, making some burgers, chicken and hot dogs. They even invite William to have some, Which he sits down at the table outside and eats with them. Keeping the peace. Enjoying the time with his daughter. Who loves when the three of them are together. To her, they all were wonderful in their own ways. They were her family. William saw how Alex looked at Eric. Like he was a god. She was just as bad as her mother. Which in a way, made William sick. Both women he loved more than anything. He had to share with Eric. For some odd reason, they both thought the moon hung and rose with him. William just sighed at the dinner table. Not letting on what he really was thinking about. Just drinking another glass of wine, To try to numb his own pain. Having them here at the house. It just made him see and realize how they truly loved each other. He knew it all the while But seeing it made it so much worse. When he would go to there house. He made sure Eric wasn’t around. He didn’t witness it as much. It was so much better. But with them here right in front of him. It was excruciating to watch. Even worse than at the beginning. When Elena was dying for Eric. Now she had him ANd yet it was even stronger.

The night ends with Kaname and Yuki putting Alex to sleep. Eric checks in on her afterward. Giving William the right to do it first. Since he is her real father. He kisses Alex on her head and tells her goodnight. They had to go into William’s quarters to do so since he won’t let Alex out of his sight. Eric understanding that. He doesn’t mind. After they say goodnight. Eric and Elena head to there own quarters. Eric wondering if Ryan found out anything. Just knowing he can’t let Elena know. So he doesn’t bother with it now. He just gets in bed with her. Acting like everything is fine. They cuddle up close, Elena kissing him good night. Eric just lays there wondering what the hell is really going on. His mind runs away with him Not letting him get any rest.

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