Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Eric’s thinking.

Eric leaves the room, once Elena falls asleep. Leaving her to get some rest. His mind filled with anger and hate. Not at Elena, but those who have done this to them. Elena said She had lost it all. Eric really had. He sat outside in the garden to get away from it all. Sitting under a large full green tree, As he used to at his old home. Just resting under it. Thinking of all he lost. His Mother, His humanness, His son and now almost The woman he loved. What more could he go through? He was doing his best to hold it all in. To keep strong for Elena, Not showing that inside He is dying. His heart was as broken as hers, if not more. He wanted this life with her more than anything. He knew He couldn’t give in. He had to stay strong. The stoic, hot-headed, nasty ass that he plays at times, He would have to keep up. He still was that but with Elena, he let go of a lot of it. Trying his best not to hide, How he felt about her. Not wanting her to ever think He didn’t care. Telling her he loved her So she knew. That was a big thing for him. He normally would close himself off, keeping all his feelings to himself. He just wanted her to know his true ones. Knowing that when he hid them from her, he lost her. He didn’t want that.

He knew to push forward He would have to put the act back on. Keeping in the feelings of all his sadness and hurt. Not showing William of all people How hurt inside he really is. William is the one who started all this. By taking his family away. All he ever knew He wasn’t going to show him, this was getting to him. What Elena almost did today was something Eric would never forget. He also knew she wanted him to kill her and set her free. He knew deep down he never could. When she was holding that gun in his hands, He was shaking. The thoughts of her leaving him for good, ran through his mind. Making him start to cry. Something he hasn’t done since before he turned into a Vampire. He was dead inside. Empty, Hurt, Yet, Elena could always bring feelings to his heart. She was the only person to make him feel whole again. He almost lost that. He just couldn’t let go of that thought. Taking his gun with him. Making sure not to leave it anywhere near Elena again. If that trigger would of went off, It would have been the end of the life he knew. He would have nothing left in this world.

Eric also saw another side of Elena, she was fighting with her inner demons. He saw her eyes glow red while talking to him. She was trying to fight her vampire side. He noticed that every time she was around him She would. Never wanting him to see her true self. What was she hiding? Was it that bad? That horrible? That she rather die than let it come through? He knew a lot had taken place at this manor between Elena and William. He just didn’t know the whole story. No one would tell him. He would just get bits and pieces. He knew he locked her up and kept her away. He also knew that Elena defied him. She learned how to turn herself into her familiar and slide out the window. Leaving the Manor, to go where she wanted. Even if it was for a short time. He wonders what else she taught herself.

He knew something had to be up anytime. Elena wanted to end her life. This wasn’t like the girl he knew. She was stubborn and never took no for answer. Following him all over the house to get what she wanted when they were young. Pressing that he would take her blood. So he would be ok. There was so much he didn’t know. He just hoped that In time she would confide in him. Show him the real her. He could except any part of her. He loved her. She took him as he was. He would do the same. Even though he knew Purebreds could be the most evil you could imagine. He never could see Elena as that.

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