Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Turning.

The next day Eric and William are in the office, Trying to see, what Victoria has found out about Thomas Deed. The man that kidnapped Conner. As they are standing there talking, The door bursts open. Elena walking in, Dressed in a knee-length black dress, her hair pulled back, with black heels Looking like a different person.

“Elena what can we do for you?” William asks.

“What you can do, Is stop treating me like a child. You never seem to learn that William. You know that is one trait about you. I can’t stand.” Elena snaps.

Eric just looking at her and her different demeanor.

“I see. She is back? It didn’t take her too long to appear. I guess in away. I am glad.” William replies.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Eric asks.

“Your dear wife Her dark side is back. The bitch She really is.” William smirks.

Elena’s eyes glowing red. “And you wonder why you never get laid,” Elena says rolling her eyes at William.

Eric trying to drink his coffee, But with the statement, it makes him Spit it out and laugh.

“I think. I like this Elena.” Zero grins.

“You just wait You will get your turn, Eric.” William states.

“I am telling you both, I am not a child. I want to know everything that is going on. No holding back. This is my life as well as both of yours. Stop treating me as a child.” Elena snaps.

“As you wish my dear. If you don’t want us treating you as a child. Then don’t act like one. You will need to take the news as we do. None of your depression.” William remarks.

” I am past that now. I want revenge.” Elena says. Eyes glowing redder.

“As you wish.” William states. “Eric please inform our wife as of what we found out,” William adds.

“We found out where the man is, That took our child. He is staying on the other side of town. In a one-room dump. Victoria found him. She is going to take him here, So we can question him.” Eric comments.

“Great, I will question him. I want him.” Elena answers.

“It might be too dangerous for you. Please, Elena.” Eric remarks.

“I will be fine. You two can watch it if you like. I know my dear William will get his kicks out of it. He likes it when I am this way.” Elena admits.

“Why yes, I won’t lie. I do. I just didn’t think, I would see her again. Eric over there had her hidden away. He tames her so well.” William remarks.

“Whatever you two are talking about. I think this is all bullshit. Tame what?” Eric snaps.

“You can’t tell that your wife Is Different? You will when she interviews him. I would prepare yourself, Eric. This isn’t the Elena you know. There is nothing innocent about her. Maybe she is right, you are too innocent for this.” William gloats.

“KNock off that innocent shit, We are not kids anymore. You make it out to be like she is this terrible tramp or something. I hate it.” Eric snaps.

“She has her moments in that department as well. You might get more than you bargain for. Now that she has changed.” William laughs.

“Oh knock it off. Dear, William, You think you can control me. You think you know me You don’t. You sit there and talk about me. Like I’m not here. You never learn.” Elena states.

“It's funny how, You will come off like that to me But you can’t even Look at your beloved Eric in the eyes now. Can you? You’re looking at me or anywhere but at him. Do you still think he is too good to see you at your best? What your true form is? You never showed him what you are in bed? Have you? I guess that’s a good thing. That was mine and only mine.” William gloats.

“SHUT UP!” Elena says. Her eyes turn red again, and her fangs come out. Walking over to William Pushing him up against the wall. “It’s easy to be rough, with the likes of you. You like pushing my buttons don’t you? Remember what I can do to you.” Elena hisses at him.

Eric was not sure what the hell he is witnessing. Never seeing Elena like this. Especially towards William. Nothing held her back She wasn’t scared of him at all. She through him up against the wall like he was a sack of potatoes. William not fighting back. Eric could see that William actually enjoyed it. Yet he also saw she wouldn’t touch him or even look at him. Just like William said. She was ashamed of her true form in front of him.

“When he gets here, You let me know. I will go to the dungeon and talk to him. I will find out what I need. You two can come if you like Or stay away. Doesn’t matter to me.” Elena comments. Walking out the door.

“What the hell was that?” Eric asks.

“That is the dark side of your wife. It comes out when she is truly pissed or hurt. I have seen it many times. It’s very exciting.” William states.

“I never have seen her like that before. She was so in control. Not scared of anything.” Eric replies.

“No, this form of her is her true purebred self. Not the sweet little girl you once knew. Eric all joking aside If she stays this way. She will ripe Thomas to shreds. You should be prepared for anything. She isn’t the Elena you know.” William responds.

“I am seeing this.” Eric answers.

Eric walks out of William’s Office, trying to find his wife. He looks all around for her. Finding her outside in the garden Admiring the red rose bush.

“I found you,” Eric says.

“Yes, You did,” Elena replies. Still not looking at him.

“Elena, I know you are going through a lot That your emotions are all mixed up. I am also glad in a way you’re not falling apart. It’s just a sudden change from last night.” Eric states.

“I am sorry Eric, I decided last night. I can’t be the weak, sad Elena. I have to take control and show the real me. I ... just hope you can love the real me.” Elena says still looking at the rose bush.

“Elena, I love all of you. I just don’t want you to do anything you that’s not really you. ” Eric states.

“Eric, there is a side of me you haven’t seen. I can be just as ruthless as William. I did everything I had to in order to get you here by my side. I was hoping, I would never have to be this person again. Just in order to make it through this, I have to be. I just hope in the end you don’t hate me.” Elena comments

. “I could never hate you. I still can’t believe how you manhandled William, And he let you. I never have seen anything like it.” Elena chuckles

“He didn’t really deserve it. I just let my anger take control. He doesn’t mind it though. It always seems to turn him on in the past.” Elena says.

“Will you please look at me. You don’t have to be ashamed of what you are. I am happy to see. You can take care of yourself. Its a lot better than you falling apart.” Eric states. Walking over to her, putting his hand on her chin pushing it towards him. “That’s better,” Eric says looking into her eyes Kissing her lips.

Elena puts her arms around him Kissing him back Melting in his arms. Even when she was changed. She still melted in his arms. He could tame her no matter what. He had this way over her that could make her the girl at she use to be. Make her want to be the innocent ad sweet. Not the purebred monster. On the other hand, With William, She was the purebred monster Showing her true form and self. Not hiding any part of her. In this form, she also knew her desires came out strongly. Not thinking she could let Eric see those, Only William.

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