Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 98

Chapter 98 Interrogation.

A few days go by, Victoria comes to the Manor Bringing Thomas to the dungeons. Then going to William’s office to let him know he is here.

“My Lord. Thomas is in the dungeon. You can interrogate him at any time.” Victoria says.

“Thank you, I will let the others know. Did anyone see you take him?” William asks.

“No, there wasn’t even anyone around. He was in the middle of nowhere Trying to keep himself hidden. It just didn’t work I found him.” Victoria states.

“I know That’s why I asked you. I knew if anyone could find him it was you. You are very good at what you do.” William answers.

“Why, Thank you, my lord. I will be going now. If you need me for anything else. Just let me know.” Victoria replies. Walking out of the office.

William goes into the dining room, Where Eric and Elena are sitting. Having some lunch.

“Sorry to disturb you both, But the person we need to talk to. Is here.” William remarks.

“Great I will be right there.” Elena states. Looking darkly at William.

William takes a deep breathe knowing what the real Elena is like. Just wondering if she will let it out in front of her dear darling Eric. Will she hold back? Or go, full bitch? William can’t wait to see. He also knows what comes with this Her deep dark desires. He knows she won’t show them to Eric. He will be expecting her visit soon.

“Eric you don’t have to come to this. You can wait here.” Elena says.

“No, this is my son also Elena. I want to be there, I want to hear what he has to say first hand.” Eric says.

“Are you sure? You are ready for anything that takes place down there?” Elena asks.

“Yes I told you, There isn’t anything you can say or do. That will make me change, How I feel about you.” Eric answers.

“Careful with that statement Eric. You haven’t seen anything yet. Just always remember, I do love you. Anything I do in this form. I can’t control all of it. Some takes over and I just follow my vampire instincts. If I do anything to hurt you. I am truly sorry.” Elena says. Walking away.

Eric standing there, a little unsure of what he is going to witness. Not really knowing, what she is going to do.

She walks in front of him, giving off a different Arora. William in the back of them, Just Smiling from ear to ear. Letting Elena take the lead. Just watching as she glides down the stairs into the dungeon. Her eyes turning red at the smell of Thomas. Locked up in a cell.

“You too, Stand there. He is mine!“Elena growls. Opening the cell door. To get a better look at Thomas, who is sitting on the floor in terror. Of the two purebreds before him. Not to mention the Vampire hunter.

“So you took my Conner?” Elena says in a cold dry voice Eyes red as fire.

Thomas not answering.

“You know you’re not answering me, Isn’t going to help you in any way. If I lose my temper. You lose your balls. I just want you to think about that Thomas.“Elena says bluntly.

Eric’s eyes widen at what he just heard. He Never thought something like that. Would come from her. He looks over at William. Who just smirks. Eric sees this is not the first time for him.

“I would do as she asks She isn’t playing with you.” William states.

“If I tell you, I die anyway. He will never make me live.” Thomas answers.

“Well, You can die smoothly or painfully. Very Very painfully for that matter.” Elena says. Pulling out one of his Teeth Then watching it as she throws it on the floor.

Zero taken back wanting to help this man, then knowing he is the one who took his child. He stands back.

“So I will ask you again. You took Conner?” Elena says.

“Yes, my lady I did.” Thomas answers.

“Who hired you?” Elena asks.

Thomas gets quiet again Not wanting to answer that one. Elena goes over to him, placing her hand on his lap.

“Do you think I am playing with you?” Elena asks.

“No, my lady.” He answers.

“Then I would wisely answer the question, Or I will do as I said,” Elena replies.

Thomas still not answering her question.

“Fine then. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Elena comments. Grabbing his balls in her hands and yanking them off. Handing them to him in his hand. “You won’t be needing them. NOW answer my question before you lose the one sitting in front of those!” Elena shouts..Blooding dripping through her fingers onto Thomas and the floor.

Eric and William both feeling a little uncomfortable, Feeling Thomas’s pain. Eric is a little scared Of Elena a the moment. Never thinking she would go this far. This really wasn’t the Elena he knew. That was a very unpleasant scene to watch. Yet Elena didn’t flicker an eyelash. William and he did But not her. She wouldn’t let up. She was fearless.

Thomas bleeding and in major shock, Never thinking she would do as she said.

“Do you want to me to remove your penis next?” Elena says without flicking an eyelash

.“No, my lady, please. The Mayor Hired me. He told me to take the child To Make sure No one was home. To bring Conner to him. I did as he said.“Thomas answers.

“Now was that so hard? That might of just saved your manhood. Even though children will never be happening in your future. The Mayor isn’t the only one, who can be in charge of that!” Elena snaps

. “Where did the Major take Conner? I would answer wisely if I were you. You’re losing a good amount of blood. You wouldn’t want to lose more. Would you?” Elena asks.

“No, my lady. He took him to a man named Alex. He is a doctor. He lives in a cabin deep in the woods. He is also a purebred.” Thomas answers. Holding himself.

“Good. I will not harm you for now. I will need to make sure all your information is true. Don’t let me find any of that was false. Or you will lose parts, piece by piece still being alive to feel each. As I remove them. DO you hear me?” Elena remarks in a sinister voice.

“Yes, my lady. I promise you. It’s all true.

“It better be,” Elena says Walking away, going up the stairs.

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