Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 99

chapter 99 Dark Side.

William and Eric following her to William’s Office. “Now William, Where is that spy you keep on standby? She will need to go find this Alex,” Elena states.

“I am on it. I will tell Victoria to find him. It may take her a bit, but I know she will do it. We should have Conner back here Soon. If what he says is the truth But at the look of it, I doubt he wants to play with you. But I sure do.” William snickers.

“I bet you do. Can you handle it? That’s the real question.” Elena says As she takes a seat.

Eric stands there not sure what the fuck just took place. Not amused to William’s reaction at all, Little less that statement, Her’s not any better.

“So is that normal for you too to, do that to a person?” Eric asks.

“Not really. We never had to do that to someone before.” William comments.

“Elena, do you think that was going too far?” Eric asks.

" No, I did what I had to, To get the answers I wanted. I am not going to waste time and play games. He had to know I was serious. Not just a weak woman standing in front of him. I told you before you went in there. You may not want to You didn’t listen to me.” Elena says. Not able to look him in the face. Calming down a little from the displeasure in Eric’s voice.

“I wish. You wouldn’t have come.” Elena says. Getting up and walking out of the room.

“What the fuck was that? You don’t think anything of it, William? What kind of monsters are you?” Eric Shouts.

“Look I warned you When she is in this state she isn’t herself. She warned you herself. You said you could handle it. obviously, you cant. She has done her best to hid this part of her from you. Knowing that you would never accept to see this violence from her. She doesn’t go around doing this every day. I want to make that clear. I have seen her dark Desires come out, but we never had to go this far before. She wasn’t letting him get away with it. You do know with her being this way. Her dark desires come out. She is scared to use them with you. So that means she will come to me, Even though she doesn’t want to. She will use me as she has in the past. She doesn’t feel comfortable doing that with you. With what you just said to her. It’s going to make her hide herself even more from you. Is that what you want?” William asks.

" NO. I don’t want her coming to you in any way. Damn it. I just didn’t except all that violence. That she would go that far. I do want her to trust me. I guess You will get what you want after all, But the Real Elena made you wait. Made you suffer. She didn’t want to hurt me.” Eric answers.

“Yes, when she is out of this. The real Elena will feel full remorse from it all. Will You leave or will you stay? That is a question you will have to ask yourself. Not to mention, you always tell her, Nothing will take you away from her. Will you keep your word? If she really does come to me, we are married. It was in the agreement. Its been over a year and she hasn’t kept it Just to keep you happy. Will you hate her for coming to me now?” William comments.

“Damn you, William. You always have to make things complicated. You just couldn’t let her go. You knew this would happen sooner or later. That her dark side would come out. That she would use you for it.“Eric shouts.

“Not really, I was hoping I would get the real Elena. The one I first met. The girl that truly wanted me. That when I touched her, she wanted more. I always seem to get your leftovers. IF she was comfortable with you She would go to you. Not me. Not like I am complaining.” William states.

“I told her she could trust me. She could open herself up She was a little. So she roughs me up a bit? I don’t care. What the hell is the big deal? She treats me as if I will break.” Eric snaps.

“It’s not that you will break. Its that you will look at her differently. Like you did after you saw what she can do in the dungeon. She isn’t going to rip you to shreds. It’s just a little rough, full of desire. Want. She is just scared you will never look at her the same. She sees you as this innocent, boy. She took care of when she was little... Not a man with wants and desires. You showing up here as a virgin didn’t help your cause any. That just made her see you even purer.“William admits.

“Well excuse me for not sleeping around. I always wished we would have shared out firsts together. It was just another fucking thing You took from me. ” Eric hisses.

“Let’s be honest we took a lot from each other. We both have things, the other would have wanted.” William answers.

“Whatever, I need to think. I am going to go to the garden and get some air.“Eric replies. ”

That’s fine. I am retiring to my quarters for the night.” William states.

Eric goes into the garden, sitting under his favorite tree. He knows Elena is upset that her rage is taking over her. He didn’t know what was worse. The rage? Or the Depression? He knows she needed the answers. They all did. He would have gone around it a bit differently. Maybe a smack here or there. Just not ripping off parts and teeth. That wasn’t really his thing. He did want his sweet loving Elena back. He hoped that after they got Conner back. She would go back to that. Leave this dark side in the past As she did before.

Would she go to William for her desires? He wished she could share them with him. Open herself up to him in that way. Then he thought about his reaction to what she did today, And also what William said. He knew it was true. He just had to get her to look at him differently. If she did sleep with William, he would have to keep his feelings to himself. First, he knew this was going to happen sooner or later. His real Elena held it off for over a year. Second, he had to show her that her desires didn’t frighten him. Maybe if he could open her up to him. She wouldn’t go back to William.

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