Her Perfect Rebound (Love and Lust #1) [Sample]

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Now available on Amazon! ♥ Find all the links at http://er-knight.awesomeauthors.org/ Link on my wall! Emily's world has always revolved around Parker. But when Parker dumps her saying that she isn't enough, Emily is heartbroken. She wants to prove him wrong. And since 'Practice makes perfect', she decides to hire a male escort. Gage, Parker's guardian, and uncle; has loved Emily from the moment he laid eyes on her the first time Parker brought her home. When he 'accidentally' finds out Emily's plan, he offers to help her. But will sex be enough to show Emily that she did and always will have his heart?

Romance / Erotica
E.R. Knight
4.7 124 reviews
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Chapter 1

Emily threw her phone on the covers of her bed. It bounced once and then lay still.

She was pissed now.

Parker hadn’t been answering her calls for the past hour. He was still monkeying around with the football team, hours after the end of their practice session.

Emily prided herself on not being the nagging and needy girlfriend, but this was taking things too far.

Parker had promised to be early today because she really didn’t want to be late for the musical this evening.

Emily was a theatre buff. She had saved up for three entire months so that she could get not one but two tickets for the musical. She had wanted to spend time with Parker.
What with all the running about due to the midterm examinations they hadn’t gone out for a long time.

She had wanted today to be special.

Just the two of them.

But it looked like Parker had other plans.

The musical would begin in exactly an hour.

Emily turned to the mirror. She had taken efforts today. Her hair was curled up in a bun at the back of her head and showcased her slim neck.
She had worn a sleeveless navy blue dress with a sweetheart neckline that showed off her curves and finished the outfit with a pair of black sandals with stiletto heels.

Her make up was minimal and consisted of a tinge of blush on her cheeks, eyeliner that highlighted her olive green eyes and a dab of lip gloss on her full lips.

She wringed her hands while she stared at her reflection.

This was the second time Parker had stood her up.

The last time it was when they had decided to go to his place to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. More like his uncle and guardian. Gage.

Parker was an only child. His parents owned their own company in Greece and lived there most of the time. Since they couldn’t be around that much for Parker, they had sent him to America to live with his mom’s brother.

Emily and he had met in college. Emily had been pursuing her medical degree in MSU and was in her second year while Parker was a third-year student.

Emily was an orphan and had grown under the care of her housekeeper who had chosen to look after her. She had lost her dad due to cancer and her mom hadn’t survived after giving birth to her.

After six months of knowing each other, Parker had proposed and they began dating.

They had been together for a year now. Emily still remembered her first kiss with him and also the day she lost her virginity.

It had been their 8th month anniversary. Parker had taken her out for dinner that day and told her that he loved her. Emily had felt like the luckiest girl.

He had dropped her off at home that evening. But when he kissed her goodnight, they had suddenly found themselves inside her dorm room, tearing each other’s clothes off.

They had slept together that night and Emily couldn’t help feeling that everything had turned out perfect for them.

The musical that she had bought the tickets for was based on a famous movie, Mamma Mia and was going to be held at the OrpheumTheatre.

Emily glanced at her phone, willing it to ring.

She couldn’t believe Parker could be so immature.

She had called him before she began to get ready to remind him to be there on time.

He had just told her off saying that she was acting like his mom and was getting on his nerves.

Emily had been hurt but she excused him thinking he was just tired and had needed a bit of time to relax with the guys.

The clock ticked by. Emily tried calling Parker a few more times.
But he wasn’t answering.

The show would begin in another hour and she was sure the theatre would be full today.

She was frustrated now.

Suddenly her phone rang.

Startled, she grabbed it expecting Parker’s face to flash on the screen.

But it wasn’t him.

Her hopes were shot down.

Trying to keep calm, she took a deep breath and answered the call.

" Hello?”


She had heard that voice before.

“Who is this?“, she asked.

" It’s Gage.”

Emily stared at the floor in confusion.

Why had Gage called her?

And where the hell was Parker?

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