The Star that Rocked my World

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He is a superstar, she is a songwriter, together they will slay! Aria Bell is a successful songwriter, she's 24 and serene by nature, everything she feels she writes it in a paper. She doesn't sing them by herself but she gives them away to her best friend Sierra Quinn which is a worldwide famous singer. Arias lyrics and songs have helped Sierra smash the top of the world's charts. Aria is an alluring beauty, but her past is an unhealed bruise, her present is remarkable climbing on its peak and she's prudent on her future plans, but what's on its way we can never stop it from coming nor can we predict, amicable or stormy, it just comes and rocks us up and down.

Cher Lemmon
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My first baby

Hello dear reader, this is one of my first work in writing, it was started some years ago but I miss some support to continue, if you read it and like it please review and let me know what you think so I might continue writing.

Thank you very much

"You can think whatever you like of, act as you wish, throw and crash things.

You can kiss and tell or the opposite, hurt yourself or others as much as you want.

You can be a multiple kinds of mean, also turn to an infernal machine.

Curse and swear but never ever say or promise that you have control over your feelings whome you can love or hate because no one in history of love has ever withheld the heart from falling in love; you are no Saint nor a Sinner!

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