Love Can't be Hidden

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Love happens irrespective of person you are falling for, situation you fall in and the time you fall for them. Hey Guys, This is Pooja, representing a Fiction with own characters. They both fall for each other from the period of their "Can't Bear You to Friends to Best Friends to Lovers."

Romance / Drama
Pooja Mishra
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Hey Guys,

This is Pooja, representing my self written story with the characters I made. So, let me introduce you to the characters below:

The main lead Hero will be Saransh, A man with a lot of dreams of becoming an actor comes to the city that fulfills Dreams, "Mumbai". He is hardworking and belongs to Delhi, graduated in architecture but that's absolutely his second choice of profession as the first and main ambition is to be an actor so he is on his way to be an actor.

The main lead Heroine will be Preksha, A lady with grace, elegance, simplicity and innocence comes to Mumbai as her work demanded her to do that. She belongs to Delhi, graduated in Technology. Her ambition is to live a peaceful, lovable life with all the people she loves.

Other characters will be introduced when their part will come.

They both fall for each other from the period of their "Can't Bear You to Friends to Best Friends to Lovers."

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