Friendly Love

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Chapter 1

June 25 2019 Monday

James' POV

Firat day of school, I woke up early and dressed my school uniform. The house was silent. I went to the dining table and saw a note. 'Breakfast is at the fridge'. I took my cereals at the fridge and ate my breakfast. 15 minutes later, the school bus arrived. I went inside and saw my bestfriend Emily.

"hey!!! over here, I saves you a seat". She said

I went to the back seat where Emily was waiting. Before we knew it, we arrived at the school.

I was about to stand up when Emily grabbed my bag and told me,

"I hope we would be classmates" She whispered to me

We went to the bulletin board to see the class we were assigned

I saw my name at the top most paper and told Emily that I was in class 1

"Awwwwwww, im in class 4" she said sadly

I felt sad but the bell rang so I said goodbye to her, she waved to me and said goodbye too.

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