BILLIONAIRE'S CUTE ANGEL (#billionaireseries)

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cute angel who wants family love care n her Prince Charming who loves her to the core. It's a story of a billionaire who is waiting for a person who loves him only as Manik and a cute angel who wants family love care n her Prince Charming who loves her to the core. Copyright © yourdreamgirl25

Romance / Drama
Nikki G
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The book is getting slowly edited, you will find mistakes so be prepared for that.plz do Support

This story is about a billionaire and a cute naughty angel.

Before starting the story I would like to mention it to u all that this is story idea is not copied one title name may match a little but the character n storyline is different n unique if any writer feels the character sketch is same do inform I will change the character. But please without reading further chapters don’t come to the conclusion

Male Protagonist :

He is born with a silver spoon he has everything in his life except love. His parents have passed away when he was 15 yrs old since then his grandfather brought him up. At an early age he handles the empire with the help of his grandfather, Now it's one number 1 company in world. He is hot dashing powerful and monstrous to the world, but for his grandfather and friends, he is a cool and happy person but still carves for love seeing his friends who are love with their partners. He hates latecomers, he values time and money a lot.

Female Protagonist :

She is a cute naughty bubbly girl. she is an orphan her parents passed in a car accident luckily she got saved before they can take her parents to the hospital they passed away. One lady who is owner orphanage saw this little child crying sitting in front of her parent's dead body picked her up decided to adopt her. She adopted her. The Girl turned into cute bubby naughty girl she plays lots of pranks n do lots of masti. There is always a smile on her face and she likes to helps everyone.

Villains of the story :

One is the envy of the personal wealth and fan following can do anything for popularity and the other is obsessed with the same person if she wants something she wants it.

Wait n see how this beautiful girl will change the world of the hero and brings happiness and love and how the hero will become the whole world to her,

And from now the target will be set but don't worry as it will start after some chapters...till then enjoy and don't forget to comment

Precap-you all think what can happen

Hope you answer them

1)are you liking the story

2)what you think about this plot

3)Are you excited for future chapters

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