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Summer Romance

By MichaelaAnneSchultz All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Hi. My Name is Scarlet Flanagan and I am seventeen years old. Now let me tell you something deeply personal about myself that you wouldn't expect. I honest to God hate summer. Winter is my play time, I honestly prefer the cold to anything else, I honestly love the way the icy breeze nips at my skin or the way my feet sink into the snow when I walk.

Sunshine, beaches, sand, well anything to do with summer, I loath more than Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. Yeah, I hate that too, not as much as summer but its a close second. Don't even get me started on that song. Picture the most irritating person with the most irritating voice on the planet and multiply by a billion. That's what I personally thought of Taylor Swift's song.

Sorry, I guess I am going off topic. Where was I, oh that's right. I hate summer and you will never guess where my mother and father are taking me and my older sister Evangeline, personally I think she is a bit of a tramp flaunting around what God gave her likes its  some worth goddamn prize for the highest bidder.

Anyway, we are going to the place where she can flaunt her body in a skimpy bikini, yeah, the beach but not just any beach. We are going to Honolulu on the Island of Hawaii. Oh how I am dreading this holiday. Not just because of my sister but because my father thought it would be a great idea to have a family vacation...

...I wouldn't call this a family vacation since my father is bringing along his fiancée, Brandy along. The woman drives me insane, that and she looked far too young to be engaged to my father. She is like twenty and my dad is like in his forties now and she is just a b-i-t-c-h that cares more about looks and what fashion brand she was going to wear next.

I groaned as I looked over at my older sister who was seated next to me, flipping her luscious blonde curls over her shoulder as she giggled at something the male flight attendant said as she flirted scandalously with him.

I put my head phones back on shortly after my sister said, "That is so funny," in such a fake tone I couldn't help but roll my eyes when I saw her helpless victim lean against his trolley, acting as if he was oh so cool as he winked at Evangeline.

I turned my head to the left and looked out the window, chewing calmly on a piece of spearmint gum as I looked below. I had to admit it was absolutely beautiful from up here, the view I enjoyed. The thought of walking down on those sandy beaches whilst Evangeline flaunted her body to attract the attention of many male suitors she couldn't wait to dig her claws into.

The sheer boredom was driving me insane as I undid my seat belt and stood up, pulling up my knee length jeans up a little as I place my head set back in its place and smiled innocently as I shifted out past my sister into the isle, purposely facing my back side at her and  leaning back towards her as I stepped out. 

I turned and fixed my white I H8 Summer hoodie and tucked my hands in my pockets and looked at my sister who was fuming and full on glaring at me as I titled my head to the side and pouted innocently, "I'm sorry," I said as I turned on the right heel of my black lace-less vans and walked through the isle of seats, and I notice that my father  is seated alone at the moment.

I grin as I plop down in the seat next to him and smile when he turns his head and sees me. "Hey there slugger, you doing alright?" My father said with a bright smile as he caught me in a head lock and started started giving me a noogie.

"Dad, quit it!" I complain as his knuckles rub against my head. After a minute he finally releases me and reached out and ruffles my blonde hair as he smiles at me. I groan playfully as I reach up and pull my hair band out of my hair and flatten out the hair on top of my hair before I tie it back in a messy ponytail and turn to my dad.

"You and your sister alright slugger?" Dad asked curiously as I turn my head to the side and look at him. My dad, Oliver Flanagan was to me, the only family I had. Evangeline never treated me as a sister, just as the thing that killed our mom. Our mom, Desiree, died giving birth to me. On countless occasions, Evangeline has told me that I should have died and not mom cause I was born severely premature but I lived but mom didn't.

"I think Van is fine considering she is preying the attention of the flight attendant. Me, hmmm, how do I feel," I say in a thoughtful tone as I cup my chin between my thumb and index finger and look to the ceiling, i can see out of the corner of my eye that my dad is rolling his eyes, "I seriously wish I was back home and not having to spend nearly six weeks getting a tan according to the Russian Barbie." I say with an eye roll.

"Slugger, can you not call her that please." My father pleaded with me as I scoffed at him and crossed my arms as I looked away from my father.  "I know you didn't wanna come but I thought-"

"-that it would be a great bonding experience and would give me a chance to get to know Brandy." I continue on for him, having got annoyed with listening to this same line over and over again as I turn my head and look at him, occasionally chewing on my flavorless piece of gum. 

"Slugger, don't look at me like that." My father pleaded as I shook my head and looked away as I laughed humorously.

"How am I supposed to look at you then? You really think that there is any chance in this world that I will ever get along with her?" I say angrily as I turn my head and look at him, shaking my head. "I will never get along with her because she is not my mother, not that I ever had a mother growing up. I just had a sister who hates my guts and a father who treats me like the son he never had instead of his daughter." I say angrily as I look away.

Yeah, I have always felt like this.


"I doubt you even know my name. I have never once heard you not call me Slugger, dad." I could see I had really hurt his feelings. "I have to get back to my seat, dad. The Russian Barbie is back." I growl in an annoyed tone as I saw the long and straight platinum blonde hair barbie with small slit like dark hazel eyes approach us, her hips shaking with a sort of seductive quality in the pair of shorts that were so tiny they looked like underwear with the see-through blouse she was wearing.

I stand up and stared Brandy in the eyes before i spun round and stormed back to my seat, Evangeline was there, her target seemed to have vanished as I climbed right over her without disturbing her  before I sat back down in my seat and did up my seat belt. With a heavy sigh, I crossed my arms and looked out the window, staring at my reflection as I basically hugged myself.

I sighed as I turned my head and saw that Evangeline was staring at me, her eye filled with mixed and hidden emotions as I spoke out, "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing," she mumbled as she looked away and proceeded to go looking through her People Magazine, practically drooling over the cover which was a picture of Chris Hemsworth who was once again, named the sexiest man alive.

I turn my head and place my head set back on, drowning out the sounds around me by laying some therapeutic music as I looked out the window once more and watched as we slowly began our decent down into my worst nightmare.

This is going to be a long six weeks.

Heaven help me.

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