Even Bikers Have Hearts

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Bikers have a heart to. People seem to think that bikers only want to stay single and fuck any and all women. That is not true. I want to have a woman who will love me for me. Not one that will judge me because I belong to an MC. We are not a gang. My club helps our community. We have rides to gather toys at Christmas for kids in foster care or who have parents of low income. Once a year we collect money at our community get together to donate to Children's Medical Center. We also will take care of things the police can't and all have respectable jobs or own our own businesses. I am a big man and most people fear me. I have a scare on my face and it makes me look dangerous. My name is knife because I carry a lot of knives and I know how to use them. I don't mess with club whores. I respect women and I am the VP of the Free Riders MC. I have a twin brother named Carbarator because he works on cars and motorcycles. We are close. He is looking for his woman too. We are both 25 years old. We have anger issues and hate it when people treat us like shit. I started to give up on finding my woman until the day she moved in next door.

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Chapter 1: Freedom Rider MC

I was working on a motor with my biological brother Carburetor when our president yelled from the clubhouse. Church in five minutes. My road name is Reaper and I belong to the Freedom Riders MC. I am also the VP.
Carburetor said. What do you think that is about? Don't know I said. I do know that he has been kind of out of it lately. I noticed Carburetor said. Like he has a lot on his mind. Did you notice that the house across the street has been sold Calibrator asked?
I did and to be honest, I am really surprised as it has sat empty for over five years. It has to be a family with a lot of kids. It has 6 bedrooms, and four bathrooms, so it has to be a family or, Oh shit please god not some college fraternity. Even though the town thinks because we are an MC we party all the time we don't.
As we walked into the clubhouse my president, Bullet said. About damn time. Let's get church over with I don't have all day. As we all walked in and sat down Bullet started pacing. He took a breath and said. As you or most of you know that I have been away on the family business. Reaper looked at Bullet and asked. Is that why you have been out of it the past week?
Bullet looked at Reaper and then the rest of his members and said. It is true that is why I have been out of it. My mother and siblings are moving in. My youngest sister, Cammy needed to leave Sidney, Ohio. My mother and brothers are going to have to take care of her. Are you sure you want to hear this? Carburetor said. Will this involve the club? It might Bullet said.
We are all ears Reaper said. As you know I am 26 years old. My brother's names and ages are as follows. B.J. 25, Jake, 24, Keith, 23, and Doug is 22. Then there is our sister Cammy, she is 17. Last year she was dating a guy who was from another MC. He became abusive so she left him.
We were informed that he had found her. He had her for a few weeks. We don't know everything he did to her but when he was finished they drove by the police station not stopping and threw her out of the van in front of two cops getting into a patrol car.
We got the call to go to the Hospital. She was on life support. Reaper watched as he saw a tear run down his president's face. No one had ever seen him cry. Bullet took a breath and continued.
My beautiful sweet, kind, fun, loving baby sister was black and blue from her head to her toes. We did not think she would live. Her face was so swollen it was the size of a basketball.
Anyway, when we all went to the police station they handed a letter to us. Somehow they knew she was connected to an MC but they did not know which one. It said. No one leaves me, not until I am finished with them. Now I am finished with her. You can have what is left of her. I made sure no other man will want her. And she will remember who owns her whenever she takes her clothes off. If she lives.

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