Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Nicole Lyons was single and loving it until her best friend met in a car accident which opened the door for her to meet Dr. Alando King who knew she was the one from the get go. They embark on a very exciting relationship but what do their exes have to say about that? Let's see.......

Romance / Erotica
Mara Xcellent
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Chapter 1 Let the roller coaster ride begin

"I can't do this anymore!" She screamed,

"So that's it... seven years and you're leaving just like that?" He asked

"YES!" She snapped...

"Oh no, they're at it again." I sighed, rolled my eyes, and stumbled out of bed.

I heard the front door slam, footsteps hurriedly going down the walkway, and tires screeching away. I looked through my window just in time to see the rear of Kimone's car driving speedily down the street. I sighed again.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I came downstairs and headed to the kitchen.

"She left and I think it's for good this time," Kyle answered as he stared blankly at the door.

"Don't worry she'll be back, she always comes back," I said trying to sound optimistic.

"Hmmm, whatever." He grumbled.

I was about to offer him coffee when I heard him go up the stairs. I sighed again.

It's crazy how two people who were head over heels in love and so much hatred for each other all of a sudden. It was really weird but I tried my best to stay out of their quarrels at all times.

Kyle and Kimone were my roommates from college days, we met in the cafeteria during my second week on campus and have remained friends ever since. We were so close that after college we decided to share an apartment so we could save some money.

But for the past year their relationship took a turn for the worse, they were always arguing, even over the pettiest things, endless bickering and malice for reasons unknown to me. I didn't know what had gone wrong, I tried asking Kimone on various occasions but she played it off each time, saying it's nothing and that they were okay. I knew she was lying, but figured she would tell me what was happening on her own time.

After cleaning the kitchen, I then made breakfast and thought about sharing some with Kyle. I knew he didn't like to eat when he was moody but decided to ask anyway.

"Kyle!" I shouted from the bottom of the stairs, "pancakes are ready!"

"No thank you,"


Well, more for me I thought and sat down at the kitchen table to eat what I prepared.

I was about to take a second bite of my pancake when my phone started ringing, I rolled my eyes upon realizing that it was upstairs.

"Oh man, can't a girl just enjoy her breakfast? whoever it is gotta call back cause I ain't getting up." I growled and continued eating.

"It's a beautiful life oh oh oh oh," echoed throughout the house, the sound of my favorite song by Ace of Base alerted me that my phone was ringing again

"Uggghhh!" I snapped.

But still decided to be stubborn and not get up, I loved the apartment but hated that the bedrooms were upstairs and I kept forgetting to take my phone with me whenever I was coming to the kitchen. After about five minutes, my plate was empty and as usual, I began reading the morning paper. But my phone was at it again, this time the sound was getting louder and coming towards me. I looked up to see Kyle downstairs with my phone in his hand.

"Thanks!" I said "really couldn't bother to get up." with a slight smile

"I know, but can you put it on silent or something? I need some peace right now." He said softly.

I gave him an 'ooh really' look and was about to start arguing but decided against it after noticing his eyes were red he had been crying.

"Are you okay?" I asked already knowing he would lie,

"Yeah, I'm fine, just having a terrible headache," he replied.

"There are some pain killers in the top drawer on your right if you need any," I told him

"Cool," he said as he sat around the other side of the table and began reading the paper.

By this, my phone was at it again...

"Oh" I gasped as I had forgotten it was in my hand.


"Hi, Good morning, this is Nurse Walters from Middlesex Hospital and I'm calling for Miss Nicole Lyons," I froze and wondered why would the hospital be calling me. Was something wrong with my mother or anyone one of my family members I wondered?

"Errr.... ummmm yes this is her, how may I help?" I tried to remain calm as I spoke.

"Calling on behalf of Miss Kimone Livermore, you were listed in her phone as BFF (best friend forever) and in her purse as next of kin."

I panicked,

"Huh?" I struggled to find my words, "what's happened?" I asked again.

"She met in an accident, how soon can you get here?"

It took a while for the words to process in my mind it was as if my brain became slow, when I finally registered what she had said all I could do was shout


I suddenly felt hot and dizzy and found it hard to breathe, I had to lean on the table for support. Then I noticed Kyle was wide-eyed and staring at me.

"What is it?" He whispered

"Okay, I'll be there soon," I said and hung up the phone.

"What's wrong?" Kyle asked.

I stood up from the table and attempted to walk but my legs wouldn't move, I needed some water.

"Nicole, what's wrong...who was that on the phone?" He asked again but I still couldn't answer, I had no words and my tongue felt tied

"God damn it Nicole what is it?"He shouted again, this time hitting the table and it snapped me out of my sudden state of shock, that was when I saw the panic in his eyes and I could feel the tears springing in my own eyes.

"It's Kimone," I whispered, "she had an accident."

And after saying that, everything went dark.

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