Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 11. Bickering

After her revelation, my mom told me she had some errands to run and she left.

Talking to my mom usually made me feel better but unfortunately for me this was not one of those times. I felt frustrated, I wanted to run away to a far far land and never return but ofcourse, that wasn't possible. So I went with my next option, correction; my only option which was to put all my personal shit aside and be there for my best friend.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth, got dressed and left for the hospital which was an easy 10 minutes drive. I drove with my windows down and my radio stuck on my Sade album. Sade was my go to music when I needed to time travel to a place before my time, a place of peace, love and adventure. Her music made me relax and allowed me to think clearly.

This is one of the things that Kimone and I shared, we both have a love for timeless music, we weren't fans of the jabbering that they made today.

I drove in the hospital's parking lot and turned down my music, it was a bit windy so I decided to pull my hair clip and let the wind have its way in my hair.

While enjoying the breeze, I noticed a silver Audi A6 pulling in the lot beside me, the car took my breath away. I always had a love for cars, when i was younger and my parents asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say a Mechanic, or own a car dealership but it was always something to do with vehicles. So it came as no surprise to my mother when I applied for and got the position of parts manager at Martin's Auto the leading auto dealership in my area. The paint job was impeccable, even the rims were the perfect shade of black that made everything alright in the world. I must've been drooling because the driver rolled down his window.

"See something you like?" He asked

I looked up to see a familar pair of green eyes staring at me.

"Holy fuck" I gasped.

It was like the universe just wouldn't keep me away from this man. I blinked as I tried to gather my thoughts...

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare" I said and began rolling up my windows.

"Its fine" he mouthed as I watched him get out of his car with his work bag and phone in his hands and walked by me as if I was this random stranger he hadn't met before.

I felt as if someone had stabbed me in my chest. How could he not even attempt to try and talk to me?

"He seemed to have so much he wanted to say last night but he was now suddenly not in the talking mood?" I thought to myself.

I was in conflict with my own self, I didnt want to talk to him but when he didn't talk to me I felt bad....

"What the hell was wrong with me?" I thought again.

What was I gonna do? I knew I couldn't continue like this, it wasn't healthy. I decided to pray about it cause this looks like I needed some serious divine intervention, so I rested my head on my steering wheel, closed my eyes and prayed.

After ten minutes of prayer, I felt renewed and focused. It was time to boss up and approach my struggles head on just like my mama taught me.

I fixed my hair, got out the car, took a deep breath, straightened my shoulders and walked into the hospital with my head held high.

Kimone's mom and Kyle were in the lobby with worry wriiten all over their faces, I hesitated for a moment but I continued walking towards them.

"Kyle, Mrs Livermore wassup?" I asked as they realised I was standing next to them.

"Hey Nicole" Kyle said while Kimone's mom flung herself at me and immediately started crying knocking me off balance. I felt my knees giving up, Mrs Livermore realizing what was happening let me go and stepped back a bit but it was too late, I was certain I was gonna fall and probably bust my ass until I felt a firm hand at the center of my back, i also felt the electricity shot through me and I immediately knew who it was.

"Careful now" he said as he steadied me on my feet.

"Thank you" I said but he ignored me, and began speaking with Kyle and Mrs Livermore.

"Hows she doing?" He asked, "i haven't gotten a chance to check in since i started my shift".

"Theres no change" Kyle said softly as he tugged on Mrs Livermore's arm.

Mrs Livermore was busy staring at Alando's face, I guess she was dumbstrucked by his beauty just as I was when I first saw him.

"Oh... hi, I'm Alegia Livermore, Kimone's mom and you are?" she said to Alando as she wiped the tear stains from her face.

"I'm Dr. Alando King, I'm a friend of Kyle's" he said

Kyle's eyes widened but he didnt say anything.

"Oooh Kyle, I didnt know you had such a handsome friend" Mrs Livermore said while looking at Alando with a smile.

I fought back the urge I suddenly felt to slap the cougar's silly grin from her face, I put my hands in my pockets just to be on the safe side. Didn't want to start a brawl and get thrown out the hospital.

"Remember why you're here" I repeated to myself And almost instantly i felt bad. My friend was fighting for her life and here I was getting jealous of her mom and the very handsome doctor who finger fucked me into another dimension.

Kyle sensed my unease and cleared his throat...

"Ummm, Mrs Livermore, I'm afraid you're outta luck, he's taken" Kyle said while looking at me. I knew he was only trying to help what was left of my ego.

Alando chuckled.....

"I gotta get to work so I'll speak to you folks later" he said while facing them and he walked off without even looking at me.

"He's hella cute .....whoooooo" Mrs Livermore said while watching as he headed down the lobby.

"Well, you recover quickly" I told her dryly

"Whatever do you mean?" She asked as if she didnt know what I was talking about.

"One minute you were crying and the next minute you are flirting with Alan.... Dr King" I snapped.

"Excuse me young lady.... are you accusing me of something?" She asked,

Her ignorance annoyed me...

"Clearly that's a trick question " I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Hey yoww..... get it together y'all..... I've had it with the bickering..... kimone is in this very same hospital with a swollen brain, we have a major decision to make and all y'all can think about is who's flirting with whom? ..... you guys make me sick" Kyle spat out. He was blazing angry.

"I'm sorry" I mumbled as I held my head down in shame.

"I'm sorry too" Mrs Livermore said and she kissed my hand.

Just then Dr. Miller came and headed into Kimone's room, I tensed as there was this sudden sense of fear that came over me. I said a soft prayer and ignored it. We all looked at each other and went in behind him.

"Dr. Miller " Kyle said. "This is Kimone's mom and you remember our friend Nicole" he said while pointing to us

"Aahhh yes, it's a pleasure to meet you" he said as he shook her hand.

"Are there any changes" Mrs Livermore asked

The Doctor frowned.

"I'm afraid not, everything's the same, have you considered and discussed the way forward?" He asked looking at all of us.

"We have not made a decision yet" Kyle replied.

"What's there to think about?" I asked in surprise. "The doctor recommended the surgery " I continued.

"I dont know, I'm not a big fan of surgeries" Mrs Livermore said "I say we wait and give it time, the swelling will go down by itself"

"WHAT??!!!" Kyle and I both shouted

"Say what?"

"Are you kidding me"

We both spoke at the same time.

"QUIET!!" Dr. Miller snapped. "You have to take it down a notch" he told us while demonstrating with his hands.

"Shes been here since yesterday and there's been no change, recovery is unpredictable and sometimes inexplicable. So my advice is whatever we can do to improve the situation it's best we do so and do it now" Dr. Miller said looking directly at Mrs. Livermore.

We all turned to look at her....

"Okay" she said softly as she wiped away the tears that sprang from her eyes.

We sighed....

"Okay.... I'll schedule her for a C.T scan, as we have to know the severity of what's going on in there first before we can do anything" he said and he immediately left the room.

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