Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 14. Spur of the moment.

"Please let go of my arm, I can find my car by myself" I told the security guard who was still holding on to me as we entered the car park

"Have a nice day ma'am" he said and went back in the hospital.

I sat in my car in total shock, I couldn't believe what had just happened. One minute I was enjoying an intimate moment with Alando and within 15 minutes he was having me thrown out.

"Wow..... just wow" i yelled as i started my engine, I looked at the beautiful car that was parked beside me, I thought about stabbing the tyres or even keying it, but the car didnt deserve such cruelty, maybe the owner did but not the car.

I didn't want to go home and I didnt want to go by my mom's either, i knew she was gonna give me a lecture on how I knew better and I wasnt raised like that etc and I couldnt deal with that right now but one thing I was certain about was that I needed a drink.

I drove to a nearby bar called 'Loaded Cups', Eyan used to drink here, he always said it was a nice lil joint to chill out. I parked my car, took my phone from my bag and headed inside.

Inside was warm and cozy with soft music playing in the background, the long black counter was filled with mostly female customers who all turned to look at me as I walked in. I chose to sit on the stool farthest away from anyone as I wasnt in the mood to to be bothered.

The bartender came over and I ordered a 'mind eraser' vodka shot, told him to make it extra strong too, hopefully it'll do just as the name said.

As i took the first shot, the liquid went oozing along, massaging my insides on it's way down, it felt soooooo good.

"Yesssssssss" I said as I felt it.... it was exactly what I needed. I ordered another.

"Someone's having a rough day" the bartender said as he delivered the second shot.

"Yeahhh" I replied as I looked at him, he was tall, dark, with thick lips, his hair was deadlocked and looked like it had been styled recently. He wasnt over the top sexy he was just a normal guy dressed in a black wife beater and jeans.

"Dont worry, you'll feel better by the time you're ready to leave" he chuckled.

I smiled....

"I hope so" I said and downed another shot.

I was about to order another when I felt my phone vibrating. I took it from my skirt pocket to see who it was. It was my mom... I stiffened, i wondered if she had gotten a vision, or if she saw my car parked outside the bar and knew that i was drinking, she hated when i drank. Although I wasnt a drunkard or anything like that, but after an incident when I was 13 years old where I drank half bottle of my dad's whiskey and had a major nose bleed that sent me to the emergency room she has been a bit over protective of me and drinking.

I sat there watching the phone ring, i thought of telling my mom what had happened earlier but decided against it. I was a single 25 year old woman with a bachelor's degree, I cant just keep running to my mom everytime I had a bad day, I had to figure this out on my own but i needed some time alone to think and sort through my life.

I didn't have the urge to drink anymore, instead I ordered two bottled water and asked for the bill.

"Leaving so soon?" The bartender asked...

"Yeah, I'm feeling better" I told him.

"That was quick..... hope to see you again" he said with a smile.

I smiled......

"Maybe....." I said and left.

I hopped in my car and just started driving, I had no idea where I was driving to but again, I knew I didnt want to go home. As I waited at the stop light, I noticed the new hotel had a 'Now Open' sign, I thought for a moment....

"Ooh why not" I said to myself as I switched my indicator on signaling my intention to turn. The light turned green and I drove off and turned unto the hotel compound.

The smell of fresh paint hit my nose as I exited my car, the bluestoned pathway was perfectly done, I stopped and inhaled the scent of the various plants that were on each side of the pathway. I noticed the garden went all the way around to the back where there was a mini fountain, it was breathtakingly beautiful. Whoever designed this deserved a medal, I sat on one of the lawn chairs that was in front of the fountain, closed my eyes and exhaled.

I felt a light hand on my shoulder shaking me, I opened my eyes to see a slim built caucasian lady staring at me.

"Shit! I said. ....ummm... I'm sorry, I came in to book a room but I went wandering, it's so beautiful and peaceful here, I must've fallen asleep admiring its beauty."

"Its okay" she said politely, I came to wake you earlier but I decided to let you rest" she told me

I noticed it was now dark ..

"How long was I asleep?" I asked her while scratching my head.

"About 3 hours" she replied looking at her watch.

"Oh no, I'm sorry" I said

"Its okay Dear, glad you found comfort here"

"Amma go check in now" I told her and walked back to the front of the building.

Inside was just as beautiful, high ceiling, lots of glass, fresh flowers and marble floors. I walked to the front desk where there was another slim built caucasian lady smiling at me, she looked a bit younger than the lady I spoke to before.

"Hi... welcome to 'The Garden of Magic' Hotel and Suites" she said showing her pearly white teeth.

"Ummmm....I'd like a single room for the night please" I said

"Being that you're one of our first 30 customers, as a gift, you're gonna be upgraded to one of our mini suites" she told me still smiling..

"Ooh Great, my luck is not all that bad after all I told her and gave her my card.

"Do you have any luggage that you'd like us to take up to the room for you?" She asked politely....

Then I remembered it was a spur of the moment stay and I didnt even have as much as a change of clothes.

"Ummmmm, I have to swing by my apartment a get some stuff" I told her

Okay.... the mini suites are on the third floor she said and handed me my room key card and bank card.

I took the elevator and entered the third floor, the designs were similar to downstairs. The walls were lined with paintings and poems, I stopped to read a few, one was from Helen Steiner - Rice called

'The magic of love.

Love is like magic, and it always will be,

For love still remains life's sweet mystery.

Love works in ways that are wondrous and strange,

And there's nothing in life that love cannot change!

Love can transform the most commonplace

Into beauty and splendour and sweetness and grace.

Love is unselfish, understanding and kind,

For it sees with its heart, and not with its mind.

Love is the answer that everyone seeks;

Love is the language that every heart speaks.

Love can't be bought, it is priceless and free.

Love, like pure magic, is life's sweet mystery!!"

It was a beautiful poem but i was yet to experience the love that it spoke about and at the rate of how my life was going right I dont think I ever would.

I reached my room and opened the door...

"Wow" was all I could say...

Same huge ceilings, marble floor, paintings, poems, flowers, chandelier, Queen sized bed, with matching bed side tables and a big tv on the wall. I opened the sliding door leading out to patio... there was another set of flowers and table for two. The bathroom was another show stopper, there was white medium sized jacuzzi in the centre of the floor, there was also a standing shower, a faucet and a walk In closet. I loved everything about it,

"If only they provided a good sexy man with all this then I would be complete" I said outloud.

My thoughts ran back to Alando, i still couldn't believe that he threw me out the hospital, how could he have done that to me? Especially for that nasty cougar. I snapped myself from the memories, I wont let nothing spoil my one night vacay, I deserved some sort of peace and quiet from all this new found turmoil.

After filling the jacuzzi I wanted to dive in so bad but I remembered that I didnt have a change of clothes, so i decided to take a quick drive back home and grab a few things. I left the hotel and drove to my apartment, the drive was longer than expected as there was a bit of traffic. When I drove up I noticed two cars in my driveway, one belonged to Kyle and I didnt recognize the other one.

"I hope Kyle didnt bring either of those bitches to my apartment" I grumbled as I searched my bag for my keys.

"Kyle .....whose car is that in the drive way?" I shouted as I made my way through the door.

I turned to see green eyes staring back at me ....

"It's mine..........

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