Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 15. Here goes nothing.

My heart skipped atleast three beats when I saw him sitting there looking so lovely, it took me a few seconds before i found my voice.

"What are you doing here?" I asked while looking for Kyle.

"We have a date remember and you're late" he said still staring at me.

"You're fucking kidding me right?.... after you let that security guard threw me out of the hospital you're gonna come up in here like all is well and I'm still to go on a date with you?..... you must be smoking the new kinda crack!" I shot the words out so fast I dont know if he heard what I said.

"Yes you're going to come on the date with me" he said calmly.

I scoffed.

"Take the nasty cougar Mrs Livermore, wasnt she the one you chose today" I yelled.

His eyes got hard and his hands tensed.

"I thought I told you not to yell at me" he said calmly,

But I knew he was far from being calm, his eyes were dark so I knew he was mad as hell but I didnt care, he had no right to be mad, I was the one who was hurt not him and I wasn't gonna let him get away with it.

"Yeah u did but as you can see I dont always do as I'm told" I replied

"Oh don't worry you will do as you're told all in due time" he said and got up from the couch.

I took a couple steps back as I thought he was coming towards me but to my surprise he ignored me and went to the kitchen.

"You're behaving as if we're an item or you live here and I need it to stop right now, as a matter of fact I need you to get out" I said pointing to the door.

He returned with a beer in hand, again he ignored me and went to sit in the couch. I felt like an idiot standing there yelling with no one listening to me.

"Alright, if you wont leave ....I will " I said and I ran upstairs and began packing my toothbrush and the few stuff that I needed for my one night vacay. Yeah I knew I was already not gonna spend the night here but he didnt know that so everything worked together perfectly, this might be a good day for me after all.

After packing my stuff and closing my door I decided to check on Kyle, I knocked.......

"Come In" he said.....

"Hey Kyle ... How did Kim's surgery go?"

"From what the doctors are saying, everthing went well.... all we can do now is wait and hope for the best" he answered,

I couldn't bare the sadness in his voice.

"I'm sorry about how I behaved today hun, I really am"

He sighed....

"Its okay Nicky, we're all an emotional wreck right now......"

"Ooh, I'm not coming in tonight, I booked a room at the new hotel on McNeish Boulevard, I'll be back tomorrow night" I told him.

His eyes widened....

"I booked it for myself so dont start getting any ideas" I told him after I saw his reaction.... "I just wanted some time alone, I have a lot to think about" i said quietly.

"Yeah, I understand " he said and he got up and gave me a hug.

"Careful now, I think Dr. King has taken a dead aim at you" he said with a grin.

"Whatever" I said as I rolled my eyes and went downstairs.

Alando was standing at the bottom of the stairs, looking as handsome as ever, I wanted to run and jump into his arms but I was determined to let him pay for what he did today.

"Get out my way" I said hastily as I came closer to him.

"Where were you today?" He asked with a curious look on his face.

"What..... thats not your concern" I snapped

"Like hell it aint..... you think I'm playing with you Nicole " he said as he blocked me from getting by him.

"Well, I'm not playing with you either.... let me pass" I told him sternly.

He chuckled and stepped aside.

I took up my purse along with my car keys and went through the door....

"And where do you think you're going?" he asked.

"I'm going out. ... I'm not sleeping here tonight " I said as I opened my car door and quickly got in.

He stood in front of my car looking even more furious than before. I revved my engines to scare him but he didnt even flinch, he was more stubborn than I was. We glared at each other like two freaking lunatics, this surely wasnt healthy but I didnt care. I put my car in reverse, backed out of my drive way and headed down the street in a jiffy... as I was backing out I caught Alando with a slight grin across his face.

"Was he enjoying it? Shit.... i hope not" I thought as I drove away.

I kept checking my rear view mirror for any signs of being followed, there were a couple of cars behind me but I wasnt sure if any of them was Alando. I turned into the hotel and parked, as I got out I saw the same vehicle that was in my drive way drove up beside me and a Mr Alando King was in the driver's seat.

"Holy shit" I shouted.....I forgot that he wasn't driving the beautiful Audi that I saw at the hospital today.

"The fucking car was 2 cars behind me all along.....uggghhhhhh" I screamed.

"Who invited you here?" He asked as he got out of his car.

"A man did......we're actually spending the night together" I said as I stared at him.

As the words left my mouth he jumped over his car bonnet and was in front of me in an instant and I barely saw him move. Next thing I knew he was grabbing my throat... I almost pissed myself from fright.

"Is everthing alright here" I heard a voice asking.

We both turned to see a security guard looking suspiciously at us, Alando cleared his throat....

"Yeah.... we good" he told him

"Miss are you okay?" The guard asked looking at me...

I nodded...

"Yes, I'm okay" and I walked off leaving both of them.

I walked as fast as I could but my legs went at zero miles per hour as i was still recovering from him grabbing my throat. As I walked by the receptionist's desk I saw her looking at me and was immediately gawking as soon as she laid eyes on him.

"I'm with her" I heard him saying from behind me.

"Ofcourse he was behind me, because his aim in life was to make my life a living hell, where else would he be?" I thought as I pressed and waited for the elevator. We rode the elevator in complete silence, we got out out on the third floor and walked to my room.

I searched my bag for the key, after my fingers fumbled around for some minutes I found it.

I said a small silent prayer as I swiped my key, the door opened and he stepped in.

I sighed.... here goes nothing .........

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