Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 16. Is this what you want?

He stepped in and immediately started checking the room.

"You ran a bubble bath?" He asked while looking at the water in the jacuzzi

"Yeah ....I did, I wanted to relax a little" I answered, I felt defeated.

I thought he would calm down but instead his gaze got even more intense.

"Take your clothes off" he said ...

I hesitated but I did as I was told, while I took my own sweet time to remove my few pieces of clothing he called room service, I heard him ordering two bottles of Merlot then I realised I hadn't eaten since breakfast.

"I'm hungry " I told him

"You want me to go get you something or you wanna order from room service" he asked...

"Room service would be nice" I replied

He went ahead and ordered for the both of us and I stood there naked watching him while he talked on the phone. As he got off the phone he realised I had been watching him.

"See something you like?" He asked and I had a flashback on when I saw him in the car this morning.

"No!... I hate you" I replied bodly

He chuckled....

"We'll be fixing that soon.... amma make you love me and there's nothing you'll be able to do about it " he said bluntly...

"Oh really.... is that a threat?" I asked

"Nope...... It's a promise" he replied assertively.

And it was at that moment I made a promise to myself that I would never love him no matter what he did.

He came forward and began going in circles around me like a lion circling his prey... my knees became weak. His hands twitched and I quivered in anticipation of his touch but he withdrew his hand.

"I'm not gonna touch you yet, we'll eat first as you'll be needing all your strength" he said in his usual calm tone.

I gasped as his words registered in my brain and I suddenly felt hot I needed to cool down and quick. I made a dash for the bathroom, I was happy that he didnt try to stop me. I stepped into the jacuzzi and slowly sat down, the water felt heavenly on my body. I rest my head back and tried to relax. I knew I had to remain calm to be able to stand up against whatever he had planned for me I didn't know what he had in mind but I wanted to be ready.

There was a knock on the door and I knew the room service had arrived. "Good evening" the waitress said and I heard her gasped... I didn't have to be there to know that she like myself and the others was taken aback by his beauty, I rolled my eyes at the thought of him strutting his stuff around confusing the lady.

"The food has arrived" he said as he handed me glass of orange juice

I looked up to see him without his shirt, a big hunk of muscles, tattoos and pure sexiness all in one package, now that explains why the poor waitress was gasping for air..

"Put your shirt on and stop trying to give the poor worker a heart attack " I told him as I stretched to take the glass .

He smiled and I immediately looked away, I didn't wanna risk falling for any of his trickery. He went back into the room and I heard the waitress' voice again.

"Will you be needing anything else Sir" she asked.

"Nope..... that's all" he said dryly.

Why was she was still here though, apparently she wanted another glimpse of the eye candy I thought. The orange juice had me feeling even more hungry so I got up and quickly went into the shower. Within five minutes I was out and eating the food he had ordered.

Chicken Alfredo pasta, a quesadilla wrap and cream of pumpkin soup with another glass of orange juice was what I chose from the multiple variations that were available. I was about to ask if he had already eaten when I realised he was on his phone.

"What is it?" I heard him ask the person on the other end, his brows knotted, he ran his hand through his beard and sighed.

I wondered briefly what the conversation was about, what if he had to leave? I felt a bit of anxiety as the thought surfaced but I ignored it.

"What are the symptoms?" He asked again.."Okay.....give her some paracetamol, she'll be fine" he said calmy and he hung up.

I had finished eating and was brushing my teeth when he came in the bathroom. I looked up to see that his back was turned to me and he dropped his pants. I closed my eyes and forced myself to not look at him. I had it all worked out, whenever I saw him doing or was about to do something thats gonna affect me I would look away or get myself out of his presence. I tightened my towel around my chest and went back to the room insearch of an underwear.

"If you put that on.... I'll tear it off just as I did the first one" he said as he came in the room with the towel wrapped around his waist. My eyes found their on his belly hair leading down to his lower waist parts and I started to wonder what he had packing down there. Luckily i caught myself slipping and quickly turned away.

"You dont have to look away" he said as I quickly took my eyes off him and stared at the floor.

"Don't flatter yourself" I told him and attemped to put on my underwear and in one quick motion he was standing in front of me, he was so near I could smell the bodywash on his skin.

He pulled my towel and it fell to the ground, he began circling me again just as he did earlier. I held my breath and closed my eyes....

"Look at me" he commanded.

My eyes shot open instantaneously.

When I opened my eyes he was on his knees in front of me...

"Wha...what are you doing?"

"Shhhhhhhhh! " he said and he began kissing my toes, my ankle, my leg and my knee and he paused. He spun me around so my back was to his front, I stood there wondering what was his next move when I felt his tongue on the back of my knee. I didnt even know having someone's tongue behind my knee could feel soo good, he continued upwards he was now at the back of my thigh and my legs started trembling.

"Relax" he said sternly.....

But my legs continued to shake..

He spun me around again and started nibbling on my hip bone and my legs gave out I fell backwards on the bed....

"Uhh uhh.... we ain't doing this on the bed" he said and placed me back on my feet.

We were now facing each other, he was staring me down and I got so nervous my breath started to hitch. He kissed my forehead, my nose tip, my jaw and then his mouth found mine and I was in heaven once again.

"Stick your tongue out" he whispered.

"What??" I asked in shock

"Are you deaf?..... stick your tongue out" he whispered while he ran his tongue along my earlobe and my neck

I sticked it out and he started sucking on it and just like that my vagina was moist and I withdrew my tongue. I needed a time out so I could try and catch my breath.

"You're tired already?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

I nodded.... thinking he would've given me a break.

"Too bad.... I'm just getting started" he told me.

He placed one of my feet on the bed, yanked my head back and started kissing me deeply I then felt his free hand massaging my clit, I moaned in his mouth.

"Yesssss're soooo wettttt, just how I like it" he whispered against my jaw, I could jus fuck you right now "

And out of nowhere I heard myself saying

"Yes baby.... please fuck me"

"Okay" he replied and he slid in his finger.

Not exactly what I was expecting but I didn't have time to complain as I felt the familiar feeling in no time....I let out another loud moan....

"Ooohhhh..... fucckkkkkkkkk" I yelled

My legs began shaking double time and as usual the motherfucker stopped and I lost it

"What the fuck is your problem? .... I've had it with you and your finger fucking and all this stopping mid way.... give me some dick and let me go sleep" I yelled.

He froze and his eyes got dark.

He let his towel fall to the ground.

"Is this what you want?" He asked and I looked down.... my mouth popped open almost touching the floor .

"Ohhhh myyyy gaawwdddd" I shrieked.

"Come get it then"....

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