Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 19. He was gone.

The silence between us was unbearable, he hasn't said a word to me since this morning when I told him I wasnt ready for a relationship. It was now almost check out time and I dont think I can take this any longer. I had to try and talk to him, but what was I to say ?

I knew I was gifted to make matters worse and I didnt want to hurt him anymore than i already have.

As I sat there thinking, he got up from the bed and went into the bathroom, I heard the shower running and decided to join him.

I opened the shower door to see him with his head on the wall with the water running down his body, I took the shower gel and began rubbing his back, his neck, shoulders...I spun him around, and did the same thing to his chest, deliberately squeezing his nipples as I went along.

My hands drifted down his waist, below his navel and landed on his magic stick, my hands began to tremble but i kept on massaging it, I looked up to see him watching me his expression unreadable.

I reached up and kissed him but he didnt respond, instead he stepped back and I withdrew my hands. He rinsed himself off and stepped out, leaving me in speechless in the bath tub.

I stood there with the water running for a while. I felt like a load of crap as visions of his unreadable expression kept on playing over and over in my mind. I wish I knew what he was thinking so I could fix things. I had started to get cold, so I took my shower and returned to the room.

He was gone.

His clothes were no longer on the floor, the place where his shoes had been was empty and his phone was not on the table where it had been since we got here. I was heartbroken. I took up the pillow that he slept on, the 'Gucci Guilty' cologne he wore was still heavy even on the sheets. I sat there with the pillow in my arms while the tears ran down my face.

My phone alarmed, signaling it was five minutes to check out time and i got dressed, packed my stuff and left.

"Did you enjoy your stay?" The receptionist asked me as I returned my key...

"Yes I did, it was lovely thank you " I told her politely.

"Please do come again" she said with a bright smile.

As I walked to my car I thought of the fountain and decided i need another view before I left. I sat at the same spot I did when I first came and watched the fishes eating and playing or doing whatever it was that they did.

The sound of the water helped me to relax and not think of my problems for the few minutes I sat there and I was grateful, as I needed a clear head to drive home.

As I drove up to my apartment I realised I haven't heard from Kyle or my mom all day, i sighed as that only meant Kimone's situation remained the same and nothing had changed. The familiar feeling of disappointment began to creep up to me I cringed as I realized how often I'm being in dismay lately.

"Maybe it was my new best friend" i thought as no matter how good something started it always ended up being a disappointment for me.

It was 6:45pm when I walked into my kitchen trying to decide what to cook, I ran through the cupboards and refrigerator searching for something quick and easy to prepare, but there was nothing in the house except for some beef ravioli that my mom had brought a while back.

"Tomorrow I definitely need to go grocery shopping" I said outloud as my tummy growled

After preparing my impromptu dinner I decided to scroll through social media a bit, check my messages and see what the world has been up to since the weekend.

I viewed Facebook, liked a couple pics, laughed at a few jokes, the same for Instagram, got three work related emails which I would respond to in the morning then went to WhatsApp.

I had a few messages from mom, work and three messages from an unsaved number. I clicked on the latter, but the messages were deleted.

I tapped on the display picture it was the cover of a book called 'White Coat' and I remembered the story Alando had told me earlier, my heart skipped a beat knowing it was him. I quickly stored the number to my phonebook and contemplated if I should call him or not, I decided not to and called my mom instead.

"Hello Dear" my mother said in her usual soothing voice "I came by the house but Kyle told me you went out with the nice doctor" she said sounding a bit too chirpy for my comfort.

"Hey mom, I didn't go out with him.... although we did spend the night together.....that makes no sense......what am I saying.....uuggghhh" I said as I tried to explain

My mother giggled and sounds of her giggling in turn made me smile..

My mom went quiet......

"Mom.....are you there? I asked..

"I sense your spirit is in turmoil honey, is everything okay?" She asked...

"Far, far from okay mother dearest" I told her with a sigh....I told him I wasn't ready for a relationship and he hasn't spoken to me since, he left without saying a word"

"So if you weren't ready why did you spend the night with him?" She asked

My mother's question slapped me like a wet brick...

"I dont know mom... I'm afraid of getting hurt again" I told her

And that was the truth, I couldn't handle going through another heartbreak.

"Honey, if you allow your past mistakes to hold back your future you will never be happy, you gotta go out on limbs, you have to take chances." She told me

I felt the tears prickling my eyes,

"How do I fix this mom?" I asked as I wipe away the tears that began streaming down.

She sighed.....

"This one is all on you honey...... think it through, I know you'll do the right thing" she said calmly like only mother could

"Okay....I'll do my best" I said...

"Anything new with Kimone?" She asked..

"No, as a matter of fact, I'm not sure I haven't spoken to Kyle all day" I told her

"So you didnt go to the hospital today?" She ask with her voice filled with curiosity.

"No. .... I got kicked out yesterday" I said quickly...

"You did what??!! .... Nicole Diana-Mae Lyons, I am certain I raised you better than that!" She exclaimed....

Her tone reminded me of when I was younger and she would scold me for misbehaving, the memory made me burst out in laughter....

"I'm glad you find it funny Nicole, I on the other hand, am not amused" she said dryly.

"I'm sorry mom, it jus reminded me of when I was younger and you were scolding me" I giggled...... "I'm sorry for laughing"

"Stop trying to change the topic.... why did you get kicked out of the hospital?" I heard the seriousness in her voice.

"Ummm...I.... I uhhhhh.....I dragged Mrs. Livermore to the ground" I said softly.

"Ooohh my Lord....!!" Mom gave out....

"Mom, let me explain, she's a nasty cougar, shes been after Alando since she first laid eyes on him..... I dont know what came over me, she said something I didnt like and i grabbed her" I explained.

Mom sighed......

"That's no excuse Nicole, you were raised better than that" she sounded so disappointed.

I rolled my eyes at the phone.

"Yes mom, I know, I'm sorry" I said apologetically.

"I hope for your sake the ban is not permanent" she muttered.

"Yeah I hope so too" I agreed.

Just then an idea popped in my head....

"Mom, I gotta go, I'll call you tomorrow... love you " I said quickly and hung up, grabbing my keys as I ran through the door.

It took me less than ten minutes to arrive at the hospital's parking lot, I drove with a bit of speed but I was sure to be careful. I began searching for either one of Alando's cars, I circled the lot twice but still no sign of him nor his cars.

I took my phone and dialled his number, no one answered, I checked WhatsApp and saw that he was online..

"Yaaay" I said outloud

I called him using WhatsApp, no answer.

"Lord, I need to see him.... please God, I need to see him" I whispered.

I dialled the number again and still no answer so I gave up.

Just as I was about to leave, I saw him coming through the hospital's main door, my heart almost fell out my chest.

He was on his phone talking to someone, I pulled my seatbelt and opened my car door but before I could get out I noticed someone behind him, It was a woman.

I paused.....

At first I thought it was a random person, a nurse maybe..........

Just then a taxi drove by me and stopped at the hospital's entrance and Alando and the mystery woman came clearer into view.

He walked quickly to the vehicle with the woman closely behind him.

Wait... I knew that walk, the body frame and I definitely knew that hair..... I got out my car and walked closer....

I knew that woman.....

"Thats Kimone's mom".... I gasped

........It was Mrs Livermore.

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