Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 2 Life can be cruel sometimes

I woke up to bright lights, soft voices, and a beautiful man with pretty green eyes looking at me while shining a light in my eye.

"Oh my!" I blurted out.

"Look who's awake?" He said and smiled the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

"Nicole ..... baby are you okay?" I heard my mom saying. I turned to see her getting up and coming towards me, she leaned over my bed and kissed my forehead.

"Mom?" I said feeling confused, "where am I?" I asked while looking around

"You are in the hospital baby... Kyle brought you in, you fainted, don't you remember?" She asked.

I thought for a moment, trying to focus to see if something would drag my memory but nothing worked. I couldn't get past the alluring face I woke up to. I turned again to see him staring at me which had me suddenly felt hot under his gaze.

"Miss Lyons, I'm Dr. King, are you feeling okay? your friend took you in, he said your friend had an accident...."


I shrieked as the memory of what happened came rushing in,

"Oh my God, Kimone, is she alright? I have to get to her." I said while trying to get out the bed,

"Miss Lyons, I'm afraid you'll not be able to see your friend right now," the doctor said softly

"W-What?! ...why not?" I was now shouting, "Mom.... where's Kimone?" I asked without looking at her. But I heard her sniffling, so I knew she was crying.

"Miss Lyons, you have to calm down before you raise your blood pressure higher than it already is. I know you're worried but you gotta take care of yourself first." He said while rubbing my hand.

Something about his voice soothed me, made me feel calm, but I was a bit weirded out as to why he was having such an effect on me. I was about to ask the doctor a question when Kyle walked in.

"Hey Nicole, you're awake, it feels good that at least one of you are," he said while running his hand through his hair.

He looked so sad, I knew something was wrong with Kimone. I sighed and took a deep breath, telling myself to remain calm or else they would never tell me the truth.

"Kyle," I said softly "is Kimone dead?"

Something flashed across his face as soon as the words left my mouth, but I couldn't read what it was.

"No," he replied

When he answered, I heard myself let out a loud breath that I didn't realize I had been holding.

"Thank God," I said using my hands to cover my face as the tears came again but decided to not let them fall.

"She is in a coma though... her brain is swollen." he continued

"What the fuck?!" I shrieked again in an unusually high-pitched voice and my mom was at my side in an instant.

"She'll pull through honey, she's strong and we're gonna send up special prayers for her all day and night." my mom said as she hugged me and kissed my face to keep me calm. I laid there motionless, couldn't move, my body froze and my brain began working overtime trying to process all that had happened in the past year. It was like a roller coaster ride that just wouldn't end.

I remembered the first time we met in the cafeteria when I accidentally knocked over her lunch tray

"Ooh my bad, I'm sorry I'm such a klutz sometimes,"

"Don't worry we all are." She said with a smile and I bent to pick up her tray.

"It's okay. it's okay...I'll just go get another," she said reassuringly...

I remember looking at her and saying wow, nice people still exist. Yesterday she was happy and smiling, now today she's in a coma.

Damn! Life can be so cruel at times.

As I laid there remembering the good times a wave of emotions began to wash over me, making me unable to hold back the tears anymore and they flowed freely down my face. and the questions that ran through my mind gave me the chills. How do I move forward from a situation like this? How do I accept the fact that there's a chance of never hearing her voice or seeing her play basketball again?

How do I cope with the fact that I may lose one of my best friends?

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