Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 20. Pandora's Box.

"THAT BITCH!"..... I growled..

"keep calm Nicole, you were raised better than this... think, think, think" I kept on repeating to myself...

I didnt want to create another scene on the hospital compound as surely I would be banned forever and getting permanently banned from the local hospital was definitely not apart of the plan.

"But what was my plan though, how would I fix this?" I thought as the cab began driving away.

I jumped back into my car and decided to follow them, I could see the cougar cozying up to him, his hand was at his face with a light so I knew he was still on his phone. I was careful not to be seen by remaining two cars behind as I planned to find out what was going on between them tonight.

Their cab made a left turn unto Bombay Street and my heart sank. It was an area known for its variety of hotels and guest houses.

The car stopped at the fourth hotel called "PANDORA'S BOX" it was a fairly new guest house that had 3.8 rating on Expedia, It wasn't as beautiful as the one I stayed in but it looked okay.

There was a number of parking spots available along the road so I chose the one closest to cab where I would be able to watch them and not be seen.

Alando got out and the cougar was quickly in tow, I sat up and put my phone to video record as I didnt want to miss anyting.

He opened the hotel door and the cougar stepped inside but he didnt go in, my breath hitched, she turned around and reached out for him but he stepped back and shook his head.

"Thank you God, Thank you God" I whispered, I was so relieved.

He turned around and headed back to the cab, as he was about to open the door I flew out my car and started running towards him...

"Alando...... " I called out

He stopped and looked in the direction my voice was coming from, his eyes widened with what looked like shock when he saw me coming towards him.

"What the hell...... are you nuts.... how did you know where I am?" He asked with his eyes still wide....

I stopped to catch my breath...

"I uhhhhh, I trailed you here" I told him

"WHAT?!" he responded...

"I wanted to talk to you, I called but you didn't answer so I came by the hospital to look for you then I saw you and Lady Cougar leaving together" I told him.

His face relaxed a little but the unreadable expression was in his eyes again.

"Talk about what Nicole, you said all you needed to say this morning" he snapped.

"Please, you gotta let me explain" I begged

"Explain huh... naah its kool, you dont need to explain" he said dryly and went in the cab.

"Alando... wait.... please dont leave" I cried out, my voice was thick with emotion

He didnt even look at me....

"Let's go" he told the driver and they drove off.

I stood there looking at the car going down the street and a strange feeling came over me. A feeling of loss, like I was losing out on something great.

"Haahaa... ooh honey, looks like the cougar is who he wants" I heard Mrs Livermore saying from behind me...

I turned to see her looking at me with a dirty smirk on her face

"You're such a bitch, I cant believe my best friend came from a dirtbag of a mother like wonder she hates your guts" I spat the words out at her.

She laughed....

"My daughter and I are fine, she knows I like younger men, she's gotten over it" she bragged.

"I'll be sure to tell Mr. Livermore of your likings too" I assured her

"Ohh honey, that ship has sailed a long time ago " she said and rolled her eyes.

I hated this woman, I wanted to slap her into next year.

"Now, where did Alando go?.... let me call him I need some company tonight " she said as she stood looking in the direction the car went.

I felt my palms twitch

"Lord me not to kill this woman " I said out loud.

"If you touch me again I'll call the police, I'll be sure to have you arrested and a restraining order will be taken out against you.... I already got you banned from the hospital, so just try me missy" she said while pointing her finger at me

"Oohhh this bitch has a plan"....I thought

"Okay then, please let even a fraction of your finger touch my face and then we'll see if you're gonna live to carry out all those threats" I said menacingly.

She immediately dropped her hand.

"Yeah, that's what i thought" I said....

"What the hell is going on here?"

We both turned around to see Alando getting out the cab and coming towards us..

"You .....get in your car and wait for me" he said pointing to me, "you, go to your room" he said to Mrs. Livermore

Her mouth flew open and she started screaming some incoherent threats at me but I didnt focus on her, I did as I was told and walked as quickly as I could back to my car and waited for him.

He escorted Mrs Livermore to the door and went back to the cab I thought he was gonna leave but he paid the driver and the cab drove off.

"I'll drive" he said as he opened my door, I didn't argue I scooted over into the passenger seat.

We drove in silence which I hated but was too afraid to say anything.

"Nicole" he said breaking the silence.

I looked at him......

"Please stay away from Mrs. Livermore"

"I didnt trouble her, I swear I didnt, I was there watching you driving out of my life when she came up behind me with her chattering" I told him...

He chuckled....

"Watching me drive outta your life huh?" He said while smiling....

"There's the smile that I miss so much" i told him as i caressed his jaw but he didn't react.

"Where are we going?" I asked ....

"I thought you would recognize the way to your apartment " he said

"And I thought we would go to your place" I whispered.

We were now turning into my driveway

He parked and turned to look at me,

"Listen to me, I dont fuck around with my emotions and with my heart so if you're looking for someone to fuck you or just to give you orgasms and nothing else, then I am not the one!" He said bitterly.

"I'm sorry.... can we talk about this inside?" I asked, hoping he would say yes.

"No!" He snapped...

"Why not?" I asked

"What do you want Nicole?.... please tell me, you said you're not ready for a relationship and yet here you are inviting me inside..... what do you want?"

I sighed......

"See, you don't even know what is it that you want.... I dont have time for this bullshit" he said and got out the car....

"Wait....where are you going?" I asked and got out after him

"I'm gonna call an Uber"....he replied.

"Please dont leave" I begged...... "stay with me tonight"

I grabbed his arm and stopped him from walking away.

"Let go off my arm Nicole" he commanded

"No!" I said....and I tried to get him to take a step towards the house.

"I'm gonna ask you one more time.... what do you want ?" He said sternly..

I paused, trying to find the right words to say....

Then I looked straight into his eyes.....

"You..... I want you"........

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