Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 22. The awakening.

I had no words to describe the feeling that came over me when I saw her laying there with her eyes opened, I just stood there looking at her while she blinked rapidly.

"Kim honey...." I called to her,

She immediately looked at me but she didnt speak..

"Things like her speech, body movement and such will take a while" the doctor said while shining a light in her eyes.

"Miss Livermore I'm Dr. Miller, if you can hear me blink twice for no and three times for yes" he told her.

She blinked three times.

"Good Job" the doctor told her...

"I'm gonna touch your feet, if you can feel it, blink twice for no and three times for yes " he repeated.

He used the back of his pen to run along the bottom of her feet and to our horror she didnt blink....

My heart sank, I could hear Kyle's heavy breathing behind me as we both looked on .

"Is she paralyzed?" Kyle asked the doctor.

"Looks that way," "I'll give her another day to see her progress, she's still not out of the woods yet " he continued.

Kyle went directly over her started kissing her face, I can tell he was happy to see her awake. She stared at him, I wondered if she remembered anything that had happened.

Just then the door opened and Mrs Livermore walked in..

"Oh my God, Kimmy.... my baby.... you're awake" she said happily.

I felt uncomfortable with her there, but I promised myself to focus on only kimone so I ignored the hatred i felt for this cougar.

"Kimmy, baby can you talk.....?" Her mom asked....

"Uhhhh, no, she can't talk and we're not able say to if she will anytime soon" the doctor told her.

"Kim..... talk to me please" her mother begged.

But kimone kept staring at her as if she was seeing her for the first time, she then started to look at all of us, rapidly blinking her eyes as if she was trying to tell us something.

"I think thats enough for today, we should not push her too much right now, let's give her some time to come around" the doctor told us.

Kyle leaned over and pressed his forehead against hers as he kissed her gently on her lips.

"I love you so much baby, thank you for coming back to me" he told her and kissed her again.

I gently rubbed the back of her hand as i sat beside her. I wanted to run and tell the world how happy I was right now. She was awake and that's all that mattered, i didnt want to focus on the possibility that she may never walk or talk again, today was for positive vibes only.

I wanted to call my mom to give her the good news so I excused myself and went to the lobby. I came out to see Alando and the red headed nurse heading towards the cafeteria, their backs were turned to me so they didn't know I was behind them. I contemplated going back into Kimone's room as I felt jealousy popping up its head in my mind. I walked behind them quietly trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"So pick you up at eight then?" I heard him asking her.

"Yeah.... I'll be waiting " the red head responded.

I went numb. Son of a bitch! I cannot believe he was gonna take her out. I knew there was something between them the moment I saw them talking at the nurses station on Sunday. I wanted to smack him hard across his head and call it a day from there but i knew the repercussions wouldn't be in my favor so decided against it and opted for my other option which was arguing.

I cleared my throat and they both turned around, I looked at her like an insect that needed to be exterminated quickly.

"I'll see you later Nurse Ramirez" he told her signaling an end to their conversation.

"How may I help you Miss Lyons" he asked looking at his watch

"So this is how you wanna act?" I asked fiercely.

He sighed....

"What is your issue now Nicole?" He sounded exasperated.

"You fucked me yesterday, apparently tonight's her night and I'm guessing it'll be Mrs Livermore's turn tomorrow"

His face hardened....

"What the fuck is your problem little girl?" He growled through his teeth.

"Excuse me.... who are you calling a little girl?" I asked angrily.

"That's exactly how you're acting.... you were the one who said no strings attached remember? So that means I'm free to fuck whosoever I damn well please" he said icily. "You know what let me get back to work before u say something else and I have to break your motherfucking neck" and he started to walk away.

Even a blind man could've seen how angry he was, but me being my usual stubborn self didn't plan on giving him the last say.

"You're nothing but a God damn whore!" I shot at him...

"Indeed....but I still fucked you and made you cum though" he said dryly as he continued walking.

I stood there with my mouth open and looking like a damn fool as my brain worked overtime trying to find a come back, but I couldn't, I was cleaned bowled, I had no answer for that one. He was so right he did fuck me, did it real good too. My mind flashed back to yesterday's events when he told me he wanted a relationship and I said no, but yet here I was getting jealous and giving him a hard time when he decides to see someone else. As I stood there thinking, i realised how selfish I was for wanting to have my cake and also eat it at the same time. It wasnt fair to him, I was the one who made the choice so I had to live with the consequences.

As i stood there alone with my thoughts the red head appeared out of nowhere and was walking towards me and i found myself staring at her. She was a short little Mexican looking thing maybe about 5ft 4 inches or there about couldnt be older than 30 years old, medium built with big lips, she was pretty too. She noticed I was looking at her and smiled at me. I glared back at her, I was in no mood to smile especially with her, she walked by me and I spun around still watching her. She had an apple shaped butt, it wasnt as big as mine but she had her own thing going on, enough to spark Alando's attention and it made me jealous.

She stopped to speak with a nurse who came from one of the rooms she was passing, poor thing didnt even know how to gossip correctly as It was obvious that I was the topic as the nurse glimpsed at me and giggled like a small child.

I ignored them as I didnt want to cause another brawl in the hospital and get banned permanently but I needed something to distract myself so i decided to call my mom, although that was the original reason I had came out here in the first place.

The phone rang without an answer,

"That's odd", I thought, mom always picks up, I called again.

"Hello?" A male voice answered.

I looked at the number on the phone just to be sure I didnt dial a wrong number, there was no mistake, this was my mom's number

"Ummm, who is this?" I asked

"Your mom's in the kitchen, I'll go get her" the voice said.

"Hello Dear" my mom said as she came on the line.

"Mommy?..... you have some explaining to do" I told her as I heard her famous giggle.

"Ohhhhhh, that's Mr. Whitman, he's a friend from church.. he just came over to fix my pipes, I had a leak" she said trying to sound convincing...

"Riiiiiiiighhtttt..... whatever you say mother, I didn't even know your pipes still worked" I said jokingly. ..

She bursted out in laughter..

"You wanted something honey?" she asked and I remembered the reason I had called.

"Kimone's awake mom" I told her in my happy voice

"Hallelujah....Glory to God" she shouted out immediately, that was always her response whenever we got something that we were praying for.

"She's not talking though, and it looks like she's paralyzed " I continued.

"God is able to do way more than we can even think to ask " she said and I heard Mr. Whitman sending out an amen in the background.

"Amen" as I said In agreement.

"I'll come down to the hospital in

"Ohh okay.... nice, and how are things with you and Dr. King?" I knew she only meant well by asking but I couldnt resist the urge to roll my eyes at the phone.

"Things are so much worse.." I said regrettably...

"How so? " she asked..

I paused.....

"He's seeing someone else isn't he?" She asked...

I wasn't surprised that she got it right, she's always spot on with these things...

"Yeah...... did you see something else in another vision" I asked curiously.

"No honey, this one was pure instinct" she replied.

"I just dont know what to do as everytime I see him I tend to make matters worse" I told her.

"Well.... you need to stop making it worse and start fixing it".... she said

I heard Mr. Whitman say something in the background....

"What's he saying?" I asked trying to listen some more....

"I gotta go honey, I'll call you later " and she hung up.

Well that was really weird, she never hangs up on me, looks like mom's finally moving on. It was about time, She has been single since my dad died. But why didn't she tell me though? She didnt need to hide.

I went back to Kimone's room and saw Kyle sleeping in a chair beside the bed, her eyes were also closed. I walked quietly towards them and touched her hand, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. Tears instantly sprang into my eyes, I leant over and kissed her forehead,

"I missed you so much" I told her

She smiled again, I gently took her hand into mine and she squeezed my hand...

"I know you'll be okay soon hun, I'm looking forward to filling you in on everything you've missed" I told her with a smile.

"O-o-kay" she whispered.

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