Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 23. I completely lost it.

Was I dreaming or was my mind playing tricks on me?

She squeezed my hand again,

"Kim, did you just.....?" I stopped as even I couldn't believe what I was asking her.

She blinked three times and I gasped....

"You just spoke to me" I whispered in disbelief

"She did what?" I heard Kyle asking....

I looked at him and then back at her....

"She spoke to me Kyle.... she said okay " I told him

"Really?..... but the doctor said she wouldn't be able to start speaking so soon"

"Well she did" I told him confidently but I knew he didnt believe me.

"Kim are you okay?" He asked but she didnt speak she only blinked three times and he laughed at me.

"See, your mind is playing tricks on you Nicole " he told me but I didn't respond because I knew what I heard and I didn't want him to be stressing her right now.

She slowly closed her eyes and I knew she was tired, Kyle realised it too so he didn't question her any further.

I kissed Kimone and told Kyle I needed money for his part of the groceries he didnt hesitate as he already knew the bills routine.

I went to the parking lot looking for my car then I remembered Alando had my keys.... I sighed and rubbed my forehead when I realised I had to face him after our little fiesty match up this morning

"Uugghhhh" I growled and stomped my feet, two ladies who had just exited their cars were giving me the crazy eye but I paid them no attention.

I made the dreaded walk back to the hospital lobby and looked around if I saw the bearded green eye beauty but he was nowhere to be found.

I walked up to the nurses station to see an elderly woman drinking coffee...

"Excuse me, is Dr King here?" I asked politely...

She looked at me with knitted eyebrows

"Are you a patient?" She asked.....

"Errrrr, yes...." I said. ..

She placed the coffee on the table and stared at me....

"Well..... which is it?" She asked again

"Does it matter?" I asked her, I counted from one to ten in my mind in an effort to keep my cool as she was really starting to annoy me.

"Well?"..... She said waiting for my answer

"He's a family friend " I told her ...

She went on the phone and dialed a number..

"Excuse me Dr King there's a young lady at the nurse's station looking for you..... what's your name ma'am?" She asked looking at me

"Nicole Lyons" I told her and rolled my eyes.

"Extensive rolling of the eyes causes pressure to build up and eventually some pain development in the brain and the eyes too.... so you may wanna think twice the next time you decide to roll your eyes at someone" she told me as she hung up the phone..... "Dr. King is in his office, 6th door on your left" and continued drinking her coffee

"Ooh shit.... these doctors and nurses are a bunch of savages " I grumbled to myself as I walked off.

I walked up to his office door and knocked

"Come in" he snapped...

"How may I help you ma'am?" He asked while looking at an xray chart....

"Wow.......I didnt know you actually did work here, I thought you only fucked ex-patients and co workers" I quipped.

But he ignored me and kept staring at the x- ray chart with a focused look on his face, I stood there staring at the chart too as if I knew exactly what t I was looking at...

"What are you looking for?" I finally asked...

"Pneumothorax" he said dryly...

"Pneumo- what?" I asked....

"A pneumothorax is a collapsed lung "

"How does a person even get that?" I asked again....

"A pneumothorax occurs when air leaks into the space between your lung and chest wall. This air pushes on the outside of your lung and makes it collapse." He told me as he made the demonstrations on the chart with his finger.

"Oh shit....." I said and sat down on the chair in front of him.

"Do you enjoy being a doctor?" I dont know why I felt the need to ask him these questions.

"Yep..... It's the only thing I've ever wanted to do" he replied

"Ohh.... yeah... from you read that book right?".... I told him

"You remembered...." he said as he smiled his beautiful smile that mesmerized my mind and body.

I don't know what came over me but I got up from the chair and went to sit in his lap, I held his head between my hands and kissed him deeply.

"I'm sorry for being such an ass all the time" I told him as I paused to take a breath "I promise I'll be good, just please dont go out with her, I cant stand the thought of you being with another woman".

He didnt respond, instead he grabbed my head and kissed me again.

As I sat there with his lips on mine, I felt at peace, like nothing or no one could harm me, this is where I wanted to be, this was where I belonged.

"If you weren't wearing these tight ass jeans I would fuck you so hard right now" he grumbled against my lips

"I thought we couldn't fuck in the hospital" I giggled....

"Oh yeah, I forgot.... can't have you screaming in here" he said and kissed me again.

He leaned back in the chair and I rested my head on his chest as he continued looking at the chart. I could stay here all day and just watch him work.

There was a knock but before I could get up from his lap the door opened and the elderly nurse that I spoke to at the nurse's station walked in...

"Excuse me Dr. King, Dr Miller sent me for the xray chart" she said as she stared at me. She did well to keep her expression guarded as I was not able to read her face. I got up instantly and went back to sit in the chair that was in front of his desk.

"Tell him I'll be with him shortly to discuss the way forward" he said as he handed the chart to her.

"Okay" she said and walked out...

"I hope I didn't get you into trouble" I told him after she left

"Get In trouble with whom?" He asked...

"Are we even allowed to date?..... I mean I was your patient, isn't there a law somewhere that forbids us" I asked

"Key word...... 'Was" he said " you are no longer my patient so its fine"

"Okay, I was just checking..... can I have my car keys please?" I asked politely

" What for?" ....he asked dryly

"Like seriously? ...Dude.... remember it's my car" I reminded him

"So?" He was now staring dead at me..

I sighed.....

"Okay, okay I'm not even gonna argue with you.... I'll just call an uber"

"Okay, great".....he said and smiled again

"Call me okay" I told him and I left.

Something about the nurse's facial expression didnt sit well with me, why would she be guarding her expression? I kept thinking about it on my way to and during my grocery shopping. I also remembered that when I asked him not to go out with the red head he didn't respond and he refused to give me my car.

I sighed.... "if this man thinks he was gonna take that bitch out in my car he really didnt know how crazy I am." I thought as I threw the body wash and tampons in the cart.

The lines at the supermarket were extremely long, it seemed as if everyone waited until today to do their shopping.

It was 5:15 pm when I got home and i immediately started preparing dinner, wasn't in the 'Chef Bouyardee' mood so I did a simple macaroni pie.

By the next hour I was full, bathed and feeling rejuvenated but I kept thinking about Arlando and the red head, I had to know if he still took her out especially after I asked him not to.

"But how was I gonna do that when I didn't where they were going" I thought

Then i remembered i had a tracker on my car, I quickly took my phone and checked the tracking system. The car was at a well known diner that my mom and I used to go to on Corcho Boulevard, it was about 45 mins from my apartment. I got dressed, put my hair in a bun, grabbed my eighteen inches mini baseball bat and waited on my uber to arrive.

As we drove to the destination I kept checking the tracker for any movement and thankfully there was none, I sat and tapped my fingers on the bat as I anxiously waited on the driver to his thing.

I spotted my car the moment we drove to the front of the diner, it was parked in between a Chrysler and a Hyundai. I was so glad my uber driver was a patient man who spoke only when he told me good evening when I had just gotten into the car.

Just then I saw the red head got out of the Hyundai and tapped on my car window, the car door opened, Alando stepped out and I completely lost it.........

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