Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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24.. The broken pipe.

After he got out they both went and sat in the red head's car, I knew if i was gonna make my move it would have to be now just in case they were gonna drive away.

My breathing became heavy and my nostrils flared so I took a minute to calm myself dowm.

"Wait here" I told my driver and I got out, I could see his eyes widened but he nodded and didn't say anything.

I went and stood at the front of the car with the bat in my hand, when they saw me, they froze. I could see the panic in the red head's eyes as she looked at me.

He took out his phone and dialled, then my phone began ringing, I looked at it to see who it was.

"WHAT?!" I snapped

"Let's talk about this" he said calmly

"Ooh so now you wanna talk? I asked you not to do this Alando.... I told you not to come see this bitch tonight"

"I dont like to break my promises" he replied

"Ooh really?....And you had the nerve to drive my fucking car here too" I seethed

"Dont do anything you'll regret Nicole" he said while staring at me

"Oh I already did, the very day I met you" and I hung up.

I didnt want to hear another word from him, my anger was boiling over at this point and I had to get it out. I held the bat firmly in my hand and I smashed one of her headlights....

Alando looked like he couldn't believe what he was seeing... I walked over and smashed the other headlight and she started to scream.

He got out and tried to approach me but I ran to the back of the vehicle where I smashed one of her tail lights...

"You fucking psychopath" Alando yelled as he came after me..

"Yeah.... now you know" I shouted back.

By this people had started to stare but i didnt care, I focused on getting back to my uber as fast as I could but I couldn't outrun him.

He grabbed my arm and took the bat from me...

"Nicole Lyons, I swear to God I could just kill you right now for this crazy stunt u just pulled" he growled...

I glared at him....

"Stunt? .... you think this was a fucking stunt? Alright..... let me go, so I can show you its definitely some real life shit..." I told him lively

He gripped me harder and I began kicking and hitting him, just then my uber driver came over to where we were....

"Come on now, break it up" he said as he tried to separate us....

"Give me my car keys" I yelled at him

"The key's in the car " he replied as he held the bat behind him...

"Fuck you and fuck your bitch... I'm done with this shit".... I said as I headed to my car.

My uber driver walked closely behind me,

"Are you okay?" he asked

I paused to catch my breath,

"Yes I'll be fine, thank you..." I told him, then I remembered I haven't paid my bill.

"Ummm, what's my total?" I asked ...

"$35 but Its fine dear, you just need get home safely" he replied

"Nooo, I wanna pay you.... it's the right thing to do" I told him and took $50 from my pocket and handed it to him

Alando scoffed.....

"Its funny, I didnt know you knew the difference between right and wrong " he said as he glared at me

"Kiss my ass Alando" I nipped at him

"Your crazy ass will be hearing from my lawyer " i heard the red head yelling...

I looked to see her inspecting the damages that were done to her car,

"You're suddenly making a lot a noise sweetheart, but I got something for your ass, my bat connecting to your face... it has a reputation for silencing bitches" I told her

She gasped.....

"You truly are crazy" Alando grumbled

"Let's not get violent here.... come on now, I think it's time for you to go home" my uber driver said..

"I agree" Alando replied...

I looked at him in disgust as I started my engine, the uber driver nodded to me and I drove off.

"He could never be the one for me" I said outloud as I drove home, "how could he drive my car to meet up with his chick?" I continued.... one thing I knew for sure, I was done with him, whatever I thought I felt for him was gone now and I was gonna stay as far away from him as possible. I knew it meant me not going back to the hospital to see Kimone and I would now have to video call her daily on Kyle's phone but it didnt matter, Infact I was prepared to whatever it took to make me not see that bastard again.

I was never more happier to see my home, I parked and began checking the contents of the car, I looked on the backseat and saw it was filled with Alando's stuff, his I.D card, laptop, coat, some notes and a bottle of cologne. I shook my head in disbelief

"Great.... just great!" I said and threw my hands in the air.

No matter how hard I tried there was just no getting rid of him, I felt tired and defeated. I didn't even bother to remove his stuff from the vehicle, I left everything and went Inside. My bed looked so inviting, I stripped down to my underwear and went straight to sleep.

I was enjoying a peaceful sleep until I felt my bed sank, I stiffened as a familiar scent mixed with alcohol hit my nose.

"Alando.... what are you doing here?" I asked in a groggy voice.

I waited for an answer but he didnt respond, next thing I knew his mouth was on my nipple,

"Boy if you don't get your ass outta here......"

He suddenly grabbed my two arms and held them above my head......

"What..... What you gonna do?" He asked...

"I'm gonna scream..." I shot at him

"Okay.... we can fix that" he replied and forced his mouth on mine trying to push his tongue in my mouth and I bit him.

"aarrrggh" he cried out... "okay you wanna play rough, you know I can be rough"...

My vagina instantly got wet and I hated myself for it, I was such a dumb ass. After all he did, I still couldn't resist him, even if my mind wanted to my body said something completely different.

"Another one...." he said as he tore my underwear...

"Okay DJ Khaled....its not funny" I said angrily..... "get off me!!!"

He wiggled himself between my legs and inserted a finger into my vagina.

"Oohhhh..... someone's ready for me" he whispered....

And with one quick moment his shaft was forcing its way into me, I tried to shift but he held my hips firmly in place and started his movements.

I came in an instant!

I felt betrayed by my own body but I couldn't help myself, I started moving around trying to find an escape but he followed, fucking me wherever I went and i came every single time, over and over again.

He lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist, he placed his hands under my but cheeks and moved me up and down on his tool ...

It felt so erotic.

"Look at me" he commanded.

I looked at him and saw that he was in his element, his skin was wet from all the sweat that was dripping down his body, he looked at ease and comfortable like he was doing his regular morning workout.

I felt a sudden friction in the core of my tummy, I gasped and grabbed on to his arms and felt his muscles flexed with every movement, i rested my head on his shoulder trying to catch my breath as the feeling got more intense with every stroke. It travelled further down to my vagina, I tried to steady myself as I started to shiver slightly but he went deeper and harder, then, a feeling that I've never felt before came over me and I began to shake violently I thought I was having a seizure and I urgently needed to pee,

"I - wa-nna pee" I told him in between breaths

"Do it here" he said...

"No....Nooo... I can't " I cried...

He widened his legs a bit, gripped my ass tighter and began pounding me harder....

And just like that...... the pipe broke and the water came running......

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