Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 25. Water everywhere.

"Yesssss baby, squirt for me..... oohhh fuck yeah....." he groaned and as usual my body did exactly as he told it to, the more he spoke, the more water I produced.

"Splash, splash, splash" was all I heard as he drained me of my liquid.

He placed me on the bed and hovered over me, I tensed and squealed as his thrusts became more painful and his breathing became heavy, I could still smell the alchohol on his breath as he ran his tongue down my nose bridge. He then found my mouth and kissed me deeply, I sucked on his tongue and he went wild. He groaned loudly and I was grateful he was about to cum because I was way too weak to endure this agony much longer.

He stffened and growled.....

"Fuuucccckkkkkk" he yelled! As he emptied all he had into me....

"Are you guys gonna be done anytime soon, y'all been at it since forever and I really need to sleep" I heard Kyle saying from outside my door.

Alando tried to chuckle while catching his breath and ended up choking...

I giggled....

"Yeah, I think we're done " I replied...

"Oh Thank God.." he shot back.

He still had his forehead against with his pretty green eyes boring into me....

"You are officially mine" he said.... "I don't care if you're not ready for a relationship, you'll grow into it"

"What?" I asked surprised

"You heard me..." he said sternly

I thought about it for a minute....

"We'll see how it goes" I responded

He placed a wet kiss on my lips and removed his penis from my vagina..

"Ouucchhh.... damn it Alando" I cried out in pain...

"I'm sorry baby.... don't worry, I'll give you some time to heal" he said while reaching for his pants...

"You're leaving?" I asked as I rolled over unto my side watching him.

"No, just reaching for my phone.... and I need to talk to you " he said sounding serious.

I sighed as i knew what he wanted to talk about.

"I'm tired, can we talk tomorrow?"

He glared at me..

"No ma'am, we have to discuss this tonight"

I sat up and glared back at him..

"Okay.... let's talk"

"Nurse Ramirez is planning on going to cops" he told me...

"That bitch!" I snapped....

"Listen to me.... this dirty mouthpiece of yours has to be controlled, all these profanities have to stop.... it's not lady like"

My mouth fell open...

"Are you being serious right now?" I asked..

"As a heart attack " he replied.

I hung my head as I felt a little embarrassed, I knew my mouth needed some sort of filter, if my mom was here she would slap me upside my head .

"I apologize...." I said softly.

"As I was saying, she's planning on going to the cops, I have to try and convince her not to..... so stay away from the hospital for a bit okay, i think she seeing you right now is only gonna make things worse"

I sighed.....

"Well, I was planning on doing that anyways" I told him...

"Okay, glad that's settled, I'll take care of the repairs to her car" he said as he ran through his phone.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked...

He looked up briefly,

"What is it?" He asked

"What's going on between you and her?"

He rested his phone on the night stand and sat beside me, I straightened in anticipation of his response.

"We dated for a while" he told me

"For how long?" I asked

"For about 4 months... I had broken things off with her 3 weeks before I met you"

I sighed and got up but he grabbed my arm and forced me to sit down.

"She would text me begging for another chance and all that, I would always shut her down but when I asked you for a relationship and you turned me down I said fuck it and agreed to going for a couple drinks with her"

"Why did you break it off in the first place?" I asked again.

He massaged his forehead with two of his fingers as if he was a bit stressed..

"She wasn't what I was looking for" he said simply... "dont get me wrong, she's a great person but I didnt feel her on a deep level.... I didnt get the buzz...that electricity"

As I sat there listening to him, I realised how all of this could've been avoided if I had just agreed to the relationship from the get go, all that happened tonight turned out to be my fault..

He noticed I was distracted.

"Penny for your thoughts" he told me as he lifted my chin to face him.

I looked up and his eyes met mine....

"I'm just thinking that I could've avoided all of this.... this mess is all on me" I told him honestly.

He hugged me and kissed my forehead .

"I'll fix things, don't worry your pretty little head about it" he said.

He got up from the bed and went into my closet....

"I need a towel" ....

He looked so at ease in my room, it was as if he was coming here for years.

"Second row on your left" I told him....

"Let's go take a shower" he said and yanked me up from the bed.

"Do you guys share bathroom?" He asked...

I raised a brow and wondered why he would be asking about that.

"No, we dont, ... why?"

"Just wanted to know if I should expect him to come knocking again" He said....

I froze when i realised what he had said..

"I cant go another round Alando, I'm too sore.." I cried.

He laughed.....

I pouted...

"What about giving me time to heal?" I asked him

"I'll try my best not to give you any trouble" he said with a sheepish grin.

I took another towel for myself and we went to the bathroom together....

"Whooooo, a lot of space, I like it" he said as he entered...

I loved my bathroom too, it had all the space I needed, it was filled with light, airy and to top it off everything was white. From the tiles, the towels to my toothbrush.

I brushed my teeth as we waited for the warm water to kick in and I looked at him through the mirror and saw him watching me. He dropped his towel to the floor and my breath hitched. He body was so sexy and well toned, the way he stood with his legs apart brought back memories of our sex session earlier and it made me flush. I felt a sudden burst of electricity in the air and I tingled with excitement, he immediately looked at me as if my body had called out to him, I tried to look away but his eyes held me captive. I cleared my throat in an effort to regain some sort of self control. I bent over to rinse my mouth and there he was fingering me and rubbing my clit. I held on to the faucet for support....

"Alando please...." I begged "I cant endure another segment"

He gripped my bun and dragged my head backwards

"I'll be gentle..... I promise " he whispered against my neck as he entered me slowly...

He began sucking on my neck and I moaned, he lifted my right leg and placed it on the faucet while using his shaft to stroke my insides as gently as was possible with his size.

"Open your eyes" he commanded,

I didnt realise that my eyes were closed, until he said it, he was watching me through the mirror again.

"See how sexy you look, you're like a fucking Goddess" he said as he continued sucking on my neck and I had to admit, we did look hot!

He started to massage my breasts, pinching my nipples and I lost control of myself. I squirted until there was water everywhere while screaming so loudly he had to cover my mouth with his hand.

"Shhhhhhhh" He said as he picked up his pace a bit, he grabbed my throat and began growling in his throat, he shivered and bit my shoulder signaling his climax.

I had no strength left in me, everything felt numb. My knees began to shake as he placed me in the shower.

He held me against his body and kissed me deeply as the water ran on us.

"You are amazing " he whispered in my ears and kissed me again..

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