Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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26. I miss you Nicky.

The heat of the sun coming through my window made me hot and miserable so I was forced to wake up. I looked over to the spot where Alando slept and it was empty. I sighed as I read the note that was left on the pillow.

"Hello Gorgeous,

Left for work, will call you later"

There was an unusual buzzing sound and I looked around to see where it was coming from, there on my night stand was his Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I stared at it as I noticed there was an incoming call from "Maria Ramirez"

As I stood there wrestling with my thoughts on whether or not i should answer his phone, I remembered the conversation we had last night with him asking me to stay away from the hospital and from her so I guessed it proved answering the phone was a bad idea.

It stopped ringing, I quickly took it up and swiped. Surprisingly, there was no code on so I went straight to WhatsApp.

There were unread messages from


"Doctors R Us"




I was about to click on the message from Maria when she called again.

And without thinking, I answered,


"Who is this?" She asked

"Who wants to know?" I shot back

"Where's Alando?" She asked again....

"Obviously he's not here or I wouldn't be answering his phone"

She started shouting in Spanish...

"Realmente espero que no haya pasado la noche en la casa de esa perra" ( I really hope he didn't spend the night at this Bitch's house")

I gasped,

"¿A quién demonios llamas perra? (Who the hell are you calling a bitch?)

"Yeah, I bet you didnt know I spoke Spanish too huh?" I replied

She paused for a moment...

"Is he there?" She asked again...

"You know for a nurse you ask alot of stupid questions, I just told you that he wasnt here, are you deaf?" I yelled

"I don't know what Alando see's in you when you're nothing but a crazy person, I'll make sure you end up in jail where you belong" and she hung up.

"Oh lord! Why didnt I leave his phone alone?" I said as I placed it back on the nightstand.

I took my phone from my purse and called my mom.....

"Hello, mom are you home?"

"Hey honey, no I'm not home right now I'm headed to the museum with Mr Whitman" she said...

I frowned, i wasnt liking Mr. Whitman at all, as this was the second time I needed my mom and she was busy with him.

"When will you be back?" I asked

"Later this afternoon" she said is everything alright?"

I sighed...

"No, I may be arrested soon" I told her

"What??!!!..... what for?"

"Malicious destruction of property" I think....

She sighed....

"Nicole.... what on earth caused you to destroy someone's property?"

"Looooong story mom, I think it'll be best I tell you when you get back from the museum" I told her.

"Okay, call me if you need me before then, I love you and please stay out of trouble"

"Love you too and I'll try my best" I told her.

I made my bed, took a shower and went downstairs, Kyle had already left for the hospital, he left a note on the refrigerator saying breakfast was in the microwave.

I ate the omelette he made and reheated the remaining macaroni pie that was left from last night and I washed them down with some orange juice and I was ready to take on the day.

It was now 11 am and I was bored out of my mind. I checked and responded to my emails, ran through every social media app I had twice, called Kyle on video chat and checked on Kimone. Not before explaining why I couldnt come to the hospital and receiving a thorough word lashing from him about how I've gotten out of control and how much my 'sexcapade' disturbed his sleep last night.

I was not used to staying home not doing anything so decided to go to work as I couldnt bare staying in the house another minute, I got dressed and headed out.

Everyone was happy yet surprised to see me..

"I thought you had the week off" my secretary Kathryn asked with a surprised look on her face.

I smiled as I realised how much I missed her, she was my right hand, the only person next to kimone who kept me on track. Although it was rough when she first started working with us as I am not the easiest person to deal with when it comes on to my job, i am a perfectionist, everything had to be on point but she didnt quit, she dug her heels in and got the job done everytime.

"I got tired of staying home" I told her....

"Wait... what?!..... I've never heard anybody say that before"

"Well you know me, I ain't like everyone else" I told her

"I know that's right" she said ..... "hey how's Kimone doing?"

"She did the surgery and she's slowly coming along"

"Slow progress is better than no progress" she added, I nodded in agreement

Just then my boss walked into my office.....

"Heeeyyyy, I heard you were here, is everything okay?" He asked looking a bit concerned.

"Yeah, I'm good, as I was telling Kathryn here I'm tired of staying home" i said with a small smile....

"Okay Great, this place has not been the same without you anyway" he said, "I'll check back with you as soon as you get settled" and he left.

I took my shoes off and went to sit around my desk, took a deep breath and cracked my knuckles and got to work.

The day went by smoothly, I dealt with a few customers, checked the inventory, re ordered stock and corrected a couple mistakes that the lady who was sitting in for me had made. It felt good being back at work, I enjoyed my job and my co-workers and I got along great.

It was now 5:00pm and I was on a call with a supplier negotiating terms to minimize costs and improve profitability when there was a knock on my door.

I looked up to see Eyan standing there and I froze.

"Mr Schimdt, something's come up, i have to call you back tomorrow" i told the supplier and hung up

"Why are you here?" I asked Eyan immediately.

"Good Evening to you too" he said with a smile

I leant back in my chair,

"It was a great evening until five seconds ago" I told him dryly.

"I heard Kimone's in the hospital"...

I cut him off...

"Key Word...Hospital"... I told him as I put my shoes on and started throwing my stuff in my bag.

"You look good Nicky" he said as I stood up

"Thank you" I replied and my phone rang.


"Where are you?" The voice said....

I knew that voice anywhere... it was Alando

"Hey babe, I'm at work" I said while staring at Eyan.

"Work??" He asked.... "didnt you get the week off?"

"yeah, but I didnt want to stay home any longer.... where are you?" I asked

"I'm at your apartment" he said

"Okay, I'll be there soon" and I hung up.

"Is that your boyfriend?" Eyan asked...

I looked at him and scoffed...

"I'm leaving now so I suggest you do the same" as said as I walked by him and stood by the door.

Just then I saw a slight look of disappointment flashed across his face and I frowned.

He came and stood in front of me, it was obvious he wanted to say something but I was not interested in anything he had to say

"Boy, stop wasting my time and get out already " I told him.

He sighed.......

And in one breath he blurted out

"I miss you Nicky....."

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