Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 27. The unwanted visitor

"Haa haa haa very funny, you got jokes huh" I replied as I walked away. "There's an unwanted visitor in my office, please escort him outside" I told the security on my way out and he immediately got up from his post and went in the direction of my office.

I was sitting in my car taking the clip from my hair when I saw Eyan being roughed up by the security guard aka "The Rock". We called him 'The Rock' because of his uncanny resemblance to the famous wrestler and actor. It was obvious that skinny little Eyan was no match for him but as usual he chose to learn the hard way. I burst out in laughter as I saw Eyan being thrown out of the building, he so deserved that and a whole lot more for all the shit he had put me through. I wanted to stay and watch but I was anxious to get home to Alando, he was waiting for me and I didnt want to keep him waiting.

The traffic was awful, apparently everyone wanted to get home at the same time and it was pure chaos. It was now minutes to eight and I was still a good distance away from home. As I sat there in the traffic, I began thinking about Eyan and I started to get an off feeling in my gut. It was kinda weird how he came by my office the same day I made an impromptu return to work, something was not right and I vowed to myself to find out what was going on.

The traffic began to move more freely and I was thankful as I was tired and needed to pee real bad. I played my Sade CD and started singing in an attempt to distract my bladder, I promised myself that I wont be using Glenfiddich Highway this late in the evening ever again, it was the shorter route but if I had taken Zorrow Boulevard I would've been home in forty five minutes to an hour tops.

Finally I reached my beloved 'Robyns Way',

"Home at last" I said as I pulled into my driveway.

I arrived with the expectation of seeing Alando there waiting on me but there was no sign of his car, I also noticed a note stucked to my door,

"What is it with him and notes?" I asked outloud.

I grabbed my bag, got out the car and quickly removed the note .

"Had an emergency at work, don't wait up for me..."

I sighed as I felt the jab of disappointment in my chest..

"Just great" I hissed and headed inside.

I sprinted up the stairs as my bladder was about the explode any minute now.....

"Ahhhhhhhh" I gave out as I relieved myself of the excess water i was holding. My regular routine was to use always use the bathroom before I left work but Eyan's visit threw me off track.

"That's all he was good for, messing up everything" I thought as I took my clothes off and hopped in the shower.

As usual the water was heavenly, if I wasn't careful my water bill would go through the roof every month because I had to force myself to stop showering most times. I got out and wrapped myself in the towel, just then I heard a car pull up, which meant Kyle's home or Alando came back.

I threw on a night dress and my underwear and went downstairs to see Eyan sitting in my couch watching tv.

I stopped on the bottom of the stairs and began looking around..

"What are you looking for? No one else is here" he said still looking at the tv.

"I'm looking to see who's house this is cause apparently I'm in the wrong house" I snapped at him.

He laughed heartily.

"Look, I dont have time for you and your crap I need you to leave " I told him

"What you don't want your boyfriend to come see me here?" He asked staring dead at me.

"Exactly.... so get the hell out!" I yelled

He got up from the couch and began coming towards me..

"We need to talk" he said calmy..

"I have nothing to say to you Eyan"

"But I have lots i need to say to you" he replied while attempting to touch my face

I quickly stepped away,

"How did you get in here?" I asked

"The door was open, so I made myself at home".

"You are not welcome here anymore Eyan.... get out" I told him again

"I'd like to change that..... I miss you Nicky, I really do miss you" he said as he moved closer to me.

I scoffed at him...

"Are you on drugs?" I had to ask because clearly this man was definitely on something.

"Why do you think that?" He asked looking all surprised

"Like seriously? ... this is a total waste of time.....get out Eyan!"

He saw that I was serious and his countenance changed....

He grabbed me and forced his lips on mine

"Eeewwwww.... what the fuck is wrong with you " I screamed as I pushed him away and headed for the kitchen.

"You dont like me anymore Nicole?"

"Is that a trick question?.... I fucking hate you!"

He began coming toward me again and I took up a knife.

"Whoa whoa..... calm down Nicky, you know I wont hurt you"

"FYI ass-hole, you already did.... GET OUT!"

"Okay, okay.... I'll leave" he said but he was still standing there...

I used the knife and pointed towards the door and he spun around.

I walked behind him to the door, just as he opened it I saw Alando's Audi drove up and parked next to Eyan's car. His eyes immediately focused on Eyan and my heart began beating so fast and loud that I was almost sure Eyan heard it.

"Shit!" I muttered under my breath....

Eyan turned to look at me...

"Is that him?" He asked

"Yeah" I replied and I saw

Alando was watching us intently.

He then got out and leaned on his car still watching us, I could feel his eyes burning through me.

"Eyan.... you need to leave now" I whispered.

He chuckled and got into his car, he took one last look at Alando, then at me.

"See you soon" he mouthed and drove away.

Alando didn't say anything, he jus stood there with his arms folded and stared at me, I couldn't look at him so I began counting the bricks on my driveway.

He took his work bag from the car and went into the house leaving me standing there.

I went inside to see him in the kitchen drinking a beer.

"Have you eaten, do you want me to cook you something?" I asked

He took a gulp of his beer and didnt answer.

"Babe, I can't deal with the silent treatment right now, please say something " I begged.

"Imagine you coming by my house, seeing me semi naked with a woman, how would you work that out?" He asked

"Just let me explain, I promise it'll make sense" I told him quickly

"Who was that man?" He asked and he spun around to look at me. I knew it was because he wanted to see my reaction and facial expression.

I hesistated as I wondered if I should be truthful or not.

"And dont lie to me" he said as if he heard what I was thinking.

"That was Eyan, my ummmm, my ex" I told him.

He folded his arms and his eyes got dark with an emotion that looked like jealousy.

"Ooh really?" He asked

"Its not what you think, if you would just let me explain "

"I'm listening" he said dryly as he took another gulp of his beer.

I paused and tried to gather my thoughts as I suddenly felt nervous.

"Shortly before you called me this evening he walked into my office...."

"What was his reason for coming?" He asked cutting me off...

"Ummm, he heard Kim was in the hospital....I had the security throw him out and I left"

"So what was he doing here?" He asked

I sighed,

"I dont know, apparently I left the door open when I went upstairs to pee and shower and when I came back down he was in the sofa watching tv" ...I told him to leave and he tried to kiss me and I went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife. He decided to leave and that's when u saw us coming out the door".

He placed the beer bottle on the counter and slowly began coming towards me. Something about his facial expression made me afraid and I began to step back, he took two huge steps and was quickly Infront of me.

Suddenly he grabbed my neck and pinned me to the wall, his face had anger written all over it .

"If I ever get the slightest idea that there is someone else, make no mistake Nicole....I will fucking kill you"

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