Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 28 That's not your decision to make.

I was so frightened, even my words failed me I could only nod in agreement.

He sniffed my face and wrinkled his nose,

"Go take another shower, I can smell him on you" the disgust was heavy in his voice.

He released me but I couldnt move, my legs were shaking so bad, I had to brace on the wall for support. I got my breathing under control and steadied myself, taking my time as I slowly headed up the stairs. As I opened the bathroom door i felt his hands pushing me forward and ripping my night dress off in the same breath.

"Why do you insist on destroying my clothes?" I asked as he led me into the shower, but as usual he ignored me.

He placed his phone on the floor and stepped out of his pants, I couldn't help but stare at his sexy legs.

"Clearly God spent a little more time on you" I whispered.

He gave me a half smile, he was still mad at me, I could feel it in his touch.

He turned the shower on and gave me a proper scrub down, he washed my hair and every inch of my body. My vagina was moist from the moment he touched me, I needed a cum really bad and he washed my vagina without even inserting a finger, leaving me extremely disappointed.

"Make me cum please? " I sounded pathetic but I didn't care.

"No" he replied without hesitating.

"Why not?" I was soooo shocked at his response,

"You made another man touch and kiss you, you dont deserve anything tonight or even tomorrow for that matter "

"Wait.... what?"

"You heard me" he said as he spun me around and washed my ass.

I pouted like a small child but didnt bother to argue as I knew there was no winning him. He lifted me from the shower and carried me to my bedroom where he looked after me like we were married with kids. He knew just what to do. He moved around my apartment with ease as if he lived here for years. I heard my mama's voice in the back of my head "He's the one Nicole". I shook my head as if I was trying to shake away the voice.

"Are you cold?" He asked as he dried between my toes.

"A little" I whispered, I didnt want to say no and make him suspicious as to why I was trembling.

"Have you eaten?" He asked again.

"No...... I was planning on cooking something" I replied as I watched him going through my drawers looking for something for me to put on. He came up with a cotton dress my mom had bought for me when I just moved to the apartment

"That one is fine, as long as you dont plan on ripping it to pieces" I said sternly... "you know it's okay to smile a bit, why so serious?" I was trying to lighten his mood.

"I'm mad at you Nicole!" He yelled

"What?...... why are you mad at me, I didn't do anything" I yelled back.

He made a step towards me and I moved back, he paused and ran his hand over his face in an effort to calm down.

"Let's go get pizza" he finally said

"Why can't we just call in and order?" I asked as I put my dress on.

"I need some air" he said quietly.

He went back to the bathroom and within five minutes he was standing in my bedroom wet and naked and my body was in an instant heat, I grabbed him and pushed him on the bed. I immediately got on top of him and saw his face hardened when I attempted to kiss him. This was so not the reaction I was hoping for.

"You dont believe me huh?"

"I just need some air" he said quietly.

"Okay!" I said in defeat.

I changed into something more fitting for a drive out and he dressed in the Jean's and T shirt he had in his car. We were on our way out when Kyle drove up.

"Hey you two!" He said as he quickly came around and stood by his passenger door.

"Hey wassup Kyle, you're moving fast, are you rushing to get back to the hospital, is there anything new?" I asked anxiously

"Naah, pretty much the same" he replied as he shifted uncomfortably.

I caught a look between him and Alando and just as I was about to ask what was that Alando grabbed my arm and motioned me to his car. I got in and was Instantly distracted by the Audi's beauty. The white leather interior made me gasp, everything was so beautiful. I ran my fingers over the Audi sign on the steering wheel as I inhaled deeply taking in the mixture of leather and cologne that was like magic in my nostrils.

"WOW!" I whispered, based on my knowledge and experience of the car industry I knew this car was hella expensive. How could he afford all of this on a doctor's salary though? I would be sure to ask him when he was in a lighter mood. I looked and saw he and Kyle having what looked like a conversation, Kyle was still looking uncomfortable as he shifted from time to time. Suddenly I saw a figure move in Kyle's passenger seat, I blinked just to make sure my imagination wasn't running wild . I squinted my eyes and pressed my face against the window and I saw the figure move again.

"Wait a minute, was Kyle bringing another woman to the apartment?.... ooooh hell no" I said outloud.

I got out the car and attempted to open his door but he used his arm to block me.

"Who's that in the car Kyle?" I tried my best to be as calm as possible because I knew Alando hated ratchet behavior.

"Its none of your business Nicole, he's a grown man" Alando called out from behind me.

"Put a sock in it Alando King" I blurted out as I glared at him in anger

He widened his eyes in shock and Kyle let out a loud sigh.

"It's Samantha" he said quietly.

"Kyle, this is not right. Kimone lives here too, you can't bring your side chick / baby mama here. .. I won't allow it" I felt the tears welling up in my eyes

"Her house burned down, she has nowhere to go " he replied...

I gasped ....

"Oh my, I'm sooo sorry to hear that, but she cannot stay here".....

"That's not your decision to make" Kyle shouted at me.

I stepped back as the words came out of his mouth like sharp daggers. I didnt want to fight with him over this, I was tired and emotionally drained from all that has been happening recently. From Kim's accident, Alando's sexual encounters, dealing with the women in his life to Eyan's sudden return, I simply couldnt add another one to the list.

"Okay fine, do whatever you want but I wont be apart of this, this is all on you" I told him as I turned to go back in Alando's car.

"What do you mean?" He asked....

I wiped the single tear that escaped from my eye....

"I'm moving out".

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