Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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29.. Oh shit!

"Are you serious?" Kyle asked with a dumb look on his face.

"Serious as a heart attack " I replied

"Damn that's real" Alando muttered

"How are we gonna tell Kimone?"

"WE? How are WE gonna tell her... are you being serious right now?" I really couldn't believe the question he asked. As I told you before Kyle, this one is all on you. I will have no part in it" I continued.

The car door opened and Samantha came out, I felt Alando behind me as if he was anticipating me attacking her.

"I thought I told you to stay in the car" Kyle snapped at her

She stared at me and I stared back.

"I'm so sorry for all the problems my baby and I have caused " she said regretfully.

I didnt answer, I stared at her and then at Kyle.

She was short, dark and a bit chubby, her hair was tousled and her eyes were red. She wore a dress that hung loosely from her body, hiding her curves. I remembered the first time I met her when I brought Kyle's driver's license to his work place as a favor to kimone as he had forgotten it at home and Kim wasnt feeling well. Samantha was his supervisor at "Sizzling Taste Buds" a local restaurant where they both worked. She was anxious to meet me and was extra polite, her name came up in quite a few conversations at home too as she came to pick him up for work when his car was down. But I thought nothing extra of it as I didnt expect him to be such an arse and cheat on my best friend who loved him with everything.

They both looked at me expecting a response but I remained silent. I had nothing more to say to him, I had a lot that I wanted to say to her though but I held my tongue. I went and sat in the car where I waited for Alando, he came in after quickly saying something to Kyle.

We drove to "Pizza Heaven" in silence and I was grateful for the peace and quiet as I needed the silence to think about my next move. I knew for certain I wasn't gonna stay in the same house Kyle's side chick slept in, I felt as if I was betraying Kimone.

I still couldn't believe he brought her to the house, regardless of whatever happened. He could've taken her to a hotel. I now had to find an apartment in an area that i liked and would also fit my budget, I thought about moving back in with my mom but quickly threw that out the window as my newly revived sex life wouldnt be feasible in my mother's house.

I was so deep in thought that i didnt even realise our order was ready. He opened the box and the car was filled with a delicious aroma that made my mouth watered. It was a large full house along with fruit juices and that was more than enough for the both of us. I said grace and dug in, I thought he was gonna go in the parking lot but he continued driving East. I fed him three slices of pizza and juice alternately teasing him every now and then, biting off a piece and feeding him the rest which made him smile a couple times.

We exited the highway and turned into an area called "Cassidy Heights" also known as the land of the rich and famous. Every driveway had a posh vehicle from Ferraris, to Mercedes Benz to Audis. The houses were huge ,with high marbled walls and fancy gateways. He drove up to a huge white gate and rolled down his window, an elderly security guard approached us as the automatic gate slowly opened.

"Good Night Young King.....and Errr.... Ma'am" he said as he greeted us smiling politely"

Alando nodded and I waved shyly.

We drove up a brick drive way that had a variety of fruit trees on either sides, upon approaching the huge house I saw five cars and two bikes parked at the front. I recognized one of the cars, It was the car Alando drove the night he followed me to the hotel. Then it dawned on me, we were at his house.

My mouth flew open and I gasped.

"What's wrong?" He asked...

"Is.... ummmm is this your house?"

He smiled....

"Well, not entirely, half belongs to me and the other half belong to my parents in accordance to my grandfather's last will and testament." He chuckled when my jaw fell open even wider.

"Your parents live here too?"

"Yes along with my younger brother" he replied still smiling at me.

He got out and came around to open my door. But i hesistated,

"What?" He asked as I placed my leg back in the vehicle.

"Your parents live here" I said in a panicked whisper.

"Yeah, I just told you that" he replied as he took my hands and helped me from the car

"I ummm, Alando...I dont think I'm ready to meet them"

"When are you ever ready for anything Nicole?" He asked as he took the box with the remaining pizzas from the vehicle. "My parents are not monsters Nicole, you'll be fine" he continued as he handed me the pizza so he could carry the beverages.

We walked up to door and he entered a code, there was a buzzing sound and the huge door popped open

I followed behind him closely while praying that we wouldn't encounter with either of his parents tonight as I really wasnt ready for that.

"Ooh hello son, I wondered if you were coming home tonight" I heard a voice said and I froze dead in my steps.

"Hello mother, yes, I went to grab a pizza and pick up my girl" Alando replied.

I held my breath and he grabbed my arm pulling me forward.

I saw a tall African American woman with beautiful skin who's eyes lit up when she saw me.

"Breathe my dear" his mother chuckled as she approached us and gave me a hug that made me relax a little and slowly I released the breath that I had been holding.

"My name is Anastasia King and you must be Nicole"

"Ummm, yes I am Nicole, Nicole Lyons" I replied nervously.

"Its a pleasure to finally meet you" she said as she kissed my cheek, she had a lovely cinnamon and honey fragrance that made me wonder if it was something she used in her hair or on her skin.

"Finally meet me?" I asked in surprise and raised my eyebrow at Alando

"Yes Dear, my son has told me alot about you"

"Ooh Jeeze mother" he said playfully

I blushed as Alando smiled and kissed my forehead.

"So can I get you something to drink... water, a smoothie, juice or tea" she asked

"Ummm, water is fine" I whispered

"You dont have to be shy with me honey" Mrs King said reassuringly "how about a cup of chamomile tea to calm your nerves"

"That would be lovely, thanks" I replied

"Great, I'll have Sofiya make a pot"

Alando ushered me to sit in the beautiful leather couch and he headed into the kitchen behind his mother.

The house was beyond beautiful. Decorated in brown and white with twin wooden staircases and the biggest chandelier I have ever seen hanging in the center. Brown bricks like the ones on the pathway outside were perfectly placed on the floor between the two staircases. There were also orchids and natural plants in tall vases near the stairs. Looking straight ahead i could see a wooden dining table, cateracterum palm plants on both sides of the tall glass windows that gave you the perfect view of outside. I got up from the couch and looked at the pictures that lined the walls, there were pics of Alando as a baby, I knew it was him because of the green eyes, gosh he was born handsome. Pictures of Alando and a another male who was of a darker complexion, I suspected it was his brother as there was a strong resemblance between them. I came upon a picture with four persons and I had to do a double take, it had 3 males and one female. The tall caucasian man with grey eyes, the strong black woman with her long platted natural hair standing next to him and their two sons was beautific to look at I felt as if I was looking at a royal family.

"Tea's ready" Mrs. King called from the kitchen.

I walked straight ahead and turned left at the dining table which took me to the kitchen of the century. Silver made everything glisten like diamonds in here.

I felt overwhelmed, I really needed this tea to calm myself down. I sat around the big white island that was in the middle of the kitchen and an elderly mexican looking woman served me my tea.

"Thank you " I whispered as I looked up at her. She looked so familiar but i couldn't remember where I knew her from or was it that she resembled someone I knew I was thinking about it when her voice invaded my thoughts.

"Would you like some tea Mr Alando" she asked politely.

"No thank you Mrs. Ramirez"

I almost choked when I heard the name.

I looked at him, then at her and he nodded answering my question and suddenly everything made sense...

Mrs Ramirez, she was Maria's mom

Oh shit......

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