Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 3 The beginning or the end

"Miss Lyons, if you continue to cry this much afraid I'm gonna have to give you something to cry about." I heard the doctor said while taking my blood pressure. I looked wide-eyed at him, he grinned at me showing those beautiful teeth again and it made me smile back at him.

"Yes... there's what I've been waiting to see all afternoon," he smirked

"Are you always this nice to your patients?" I asked him while trying not to blush too much as he looked up from scribbling on the pad he took from his pocket.

"Yep, it's my job to help the patient get better.... and getting better always starts with smiling." He said as he gently pinched my cheeks.

But when his fingers touched my skin, there was a sudden surge that rushed through me and I stiffened. He must've felt it too because he quickly removed his hand.

"I'm sorry Miss Lyons," he whispered

"It's fine," I replied "Ummm Dr. King... do you think can go visit my friend now?" Hoping to change the subject.

He scowled,

"With all that crying? I think not!" He said in a stern voice.

"W-w-wait, please, what if I promise not to cry, I can be strong, my last name is Lyons for heaven's sake. I am a strong African American woman!" I told him in one long breath.

"Oh really?" He said folding his arms "Okay then, I'll get your mom to go with you." He said while heading towards the door...

"Wait... Dr. King....."

"Yes, Miss Lyons?"

"Thank you," I whispered

"No worries love." And he flashed his heart-melting smile again and went through the door.

I didn't even notice that my mom and Kyle weren't in my room anymore, they must've left during my crying episode. Which didn't surprise me because I knew how much they both hated when I was like this. As I sat up waiting for my mom to come and take me to Kimone's room, I realized that I didn't know the details of her accident. If anyone else was involved etc. So I made up my mind to find out everything possible and to contact her family if Kyle hadn't already done so.

"Where's Dr. King? " I asked after noticing that he did not come back with them.

"He had another patient," Kyle replied.

"Oh," I said while feeling a jab of disappointment in my chest. Wait, what the hell is wrong with me? I wondered. This is not the time for this. 'Get it together Lyons!' I scolded myself inwardly.

My expression must've given something away because my mother was watching me intently.

"Are you alright Nicole?" She asked while not removing her eyes from my face.

I was never able to hide anything from her because she noticed everything. She would pick up on even the slightest change in my mood and she always said it's the mother-daughter bond. But at times I hated it, and this was one of those times.

"Yeah, I'm fine Mom," but I knew she did not believe me.

Kyle put my slippers on and I held firmly to him as he helped me to stand and take the first couple of steps. I told him I was fine, but he insisted on making sure that I could walk on my own. He was cool to have around, didn't talk much and nothing seemed to bother him. Like me, he was of Jamaican descent, we both were tall, with bright eyes and smooth dark skin. His was darker than mine but we had some bit of resemblance, so much that even strangers thought we were brother and sister. We would joke around and say maybe our parents had messed around in the past. Even though our parents did not find it funny.

We passed six rooms and upon approaching the seventh door, Kyle's demeanor changed completely and I knew where we were.

He opened the door and I walked in................


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