Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 31. Don't lie to me.

Was I seeing correctly or was my imagination wild? I blinked my eyes excessively just to be sure. Yes, he was there with his head between my legs staring at me through his long lashes, he started kissing my inner thigh and I stiffened.

"Relax" he commanded.

He then kissed my sex making my back arch involuntarily, and just like magic he began swirling his tongue over my vagina sending me wild and I came in an instant.

He then layed me on my back and dove in, licking, sucking and nibbling making me moan, scream, cry, curse and yell. After the fifth orgasm I went numb, losing my sense of feeling everywhere as I squirted on him right here on the poolside

I must've been screaming too loud as the next thing I knew he had his hand over my mouth.

"I'll never get enough of you" he whispered and entered me again.

"Are you trying to fuck me to death?" I asked.

"No baby, its just too fucking good for me not to want to fuck"

I gave him a weak smile.

He drew me back into the water and wrapped my legs around him while bracing his back against the edge of the pool so my face was towards the house. He used his hands to move me up and down his tool as I moaned in his neck, then I saw something moving in the corner of my vision and I turned just in time to see Mrs Ramirez watching us through one of the glass doors and I tensed but Alando was too busy ripping my insides to notice.

And then an idea popped in my head, since she wanted to watch us having sex I would give her a nice little show. With a sudden burst of new found strength, I started going wild on his shaft moaning loudly but not removing my eyes from where she stood. Her mouth popped open clearly from shock of my boldness and I smirked. Using my hands to tilt his head back and ran my tongue around his lips followed by a deep and sensual kiss. I looked up to see Mrs Ramirez scowling with hatred in her eyes, I knew this meant war but right now I didnt care as he was loving every minute of it.

Alando grabbed my breast with his mouth and started to suck on it so hard I was forced to let out a loud cry but I didnt stop him as i wanted to give our viewer a show to remember. He started to growl and tremble so I knew that his ship had docked.

"I'm sure someone saw us" I whispered in his ear.

He grinned.

"Naah, my parents are asleep by now or maybe doing a performance of their own" he chuckled.

"What about Mrs. Ramirez?" I asked.

"Naah, she knows better"...he replied

I looked in the direction where she was and saw that she was gone.

He wrapped me in the towel and carried me in his arms back to the bedroom, I was grateful that I was spared the task of walking as I wasnt sure if I would've made it. Once in bed, I curled up under the comforter with Alando's chest placed firmly behind me, I felt safe and for the first in such along time I felt happy and with that, I drifted off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

I turned, stretched and yawned. Feeling like I slept on clouds, my body was renewed and well rested. I layed there smiling to myself remembering last night's shenanigans and how perfect it was.

"A girl could get used to this" I whispered to myself and flung the covers over my head. I was about to fall asleep again when I suddenly remembered my impromptu return to work yesterday.

I jumped out of bed and dashed in the shower, I didnt have time to admire the beauty of the monster bathroom but one thing I knew for sure it was stunning. The warm water and his body wash revived and awoken my senses, the chocolate mint smell was everything and I was almost certain that it was homemade. It was rich, thick and looked like actual chocolate making my skin extra soft and smooth, I loved it.

After my shower, I realised I had to go back to my apartment for my clothes as I had nothing here. I sighed in annoyance, I had no clothes, no car, no phone and Alando was nowhere to be found. Then I remembered seeing a phone in the kitchen last night, so I got dressed in one of his shorts and t shirt and headed downstairs.

Just as I had suspected, the house was empty with the exception of Mrs. Ramirez.

I dialed Kyle's number.


'Hey Kyle, Good morning, are you at the hospital?"

"Where are you?.... we need to talk!" He answered.

"Not right now Kyle, are you at the hospital? I need to speak with Alando" I said quickly.

"Yes I am there, Kim's been asking for you"

"What do you mean Kim's asking for me.... is she talking now?"

"She said your name, will you be coming to see her?" He asked

I sighed.....

"Yeah, I'll come see her, Damn it Kyle you still have not told me if you've seen Alando and I need to get to work" I yelled at him!

"Yes he's here, I saw him at the nurse's station talking to the Mexican thing" he replied

I knew what he was doing but I didn't have time to focus on that

"Okay tell him to call me at his house please, asap cause I need to get to work and I'm already late" and I hung up.

I sat at the kitchen table tapping my fingers on the counter waiting for the phone to ring when Mrs Ramirez walked in humming like she didn't have a care in the world. She pretended as if she didnt see me and I did the same. I sat there looking at the clock and wondering why the phone wasn't ringing. I had a gut feeling something wasn't right so I decided to call Kyle back. I took up the phone to make the call but there was no dial tone,

"What the hell?" I said at I hung up and took it up again but to no avail.

Mrs Ramirez's nasty grin got wider as she pretended to be looking for something in the cupboard

"What did you do to the phone?" I asked.

She turned to look at me still smirking.

"I don't know what you're talking about, you seem to be good at destroying things so go ahead and add this to your list"

"Mrs Ramirez, I am late for work and I need to use the phone " I told her.

"How unfortunate" she said softly and walked away leaving me feeling helpless.

I felt my tears making it's way to the front of my eyes but I fought them back, I couldn't allow her to make me cry. I closed my eyes, took breaths and started counting. After reaching sixty I felt myself becoming calm and I started to relax. Just then a car drove up and shortly after the house was filled with the sweet smell of cinnamon and honey, that could only mean one thing, Mrs King was home.

She entered the house calling Mrs Ramirez.

"Helloooo, Sofiya, where are you?" She called out but no answer.

"Ooh, hello my dear, have you seen Sofiya?" She asked me.

"Yes, she was just here" I replied.

"Oh, then why isn't she answering me.... that's odd" she said again. Looking around, She noticed the phone was off the hook and looked at me suspiciously.

"Why's the phone off the hook?"

"Its not working, I'm here trying to call Alando back and nothing " I said sadly.

She took it up and placed it to her ear and just as i said, there was no sound. She placed her bag and cell phone on the counter and walked into the dining room.

"Nicole? " she called out

"Yes Mrs. King"

"Did Mrs Ramirez plug the phone out" she asked.

I hesitated.

"Ummmm, I dont know, I had called my friend at the hospital asking him to tell Alando to call me back and after that the phone went dead " I told her.

She frowned.

"The line is disconnected from here" she told me, I got up and saw her in the dining room reconnecting the cord.

Just then Mrs Ramirez came swiftly down the stairs..

"He-hello Mrs king, I didn't expect you back so soon" she stammered, almost tripping over her own two legs.

Mrs King stared at her with the phone still in her hand.

"What happened here?" Mrs King asked.

"I uhhhh, ummm, I don't know" Mrs Ramirez answered while looking Mrs King dead in the eye.

"Don't lie to me Sofiya" Mrs King warned.

"I am not lying" she answered back quickly

I gasped at how easy it was for her to lie to her boss, it was obvious this woman was a pathological liar but I didn't say anything.

Surprisingly Mrs. King ended the conversation and walked back to the kitchen. Mrs Ramirez looked at me and scowled but again, I said nothing.

I returned to the kitchen to see Mrs King on the phone which she handed it to me as I walked in.


"Babe, I tried calling the house but no one answered, what happened?"

"Long story" I told him with a sigh.

"What do you need?" He asked.

"I need to go by my apartment to get some clothes for work and my phone"

"Okay, take my car, my mom will show you where the keys are" he replied.

"Okay Thank you" I was about to hang up when I remembered something.

"Ummmm Alando?"

"Yeah..... sup?"

"Can I come by the hospital today?.... its Kimone...... she's asking for me".

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