Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 32. Something was wrong.

He was silent.

"Hello, Alando.... are you still there?"

I heard him sigh,

"Yeah, I'm here"

"So what's your answer?" I asked

"I still dont think it's a good time for you to come here as Maria is still on edge about what you did" he said quietly.

"Hmmmm, okay" I said and hung up.

I handed the phone back to his mother who was watching me intently.

"You have to ask permission to visit him at the hospital?" I could see that she was confused

I took a deep sigh..

"Yeah, ita a long story " I told her and began walking out the kitchen

"Summarize it quickly" she said stopping me in my tracks

I rolled my eyes before turning around to face her. I glanced quickly to see if Mrs. Ramirez was around, thankfully she wasnt.

"Ummmm, Alando ummm, he drove my car to go see Maria, I followed them and used a baseball bat to smash her car lights" I spoke the words slowly and softly.

Her mouth fell open,

"He did what?!" she said aloud.

I looked at her confused, did she hear me correctly? how could she be more concerned about what he did?

"Did you hear what I said I did?" I asked her

"Yes i did, but i would've done the same thing" she replied, and I was even more confused.

"Wait, what?" I gasped

"What you thought because he's my son I would've agreed with what he did?" She asked with a wide grin.

I stared at the floor,

"Yeah.... kinda" I replied.

"My dear, every action causes a reaction..any woman with feelings would've done what you did, or maybe worse" she said calmly

"So now, Maria's threatening to press charges against me, so ummm, he suggested that I stay away from the hospital until he convince her to do otherwise" I continued

"Ooh really?.... if I know Maria, she's not gonna let this go easily, but dont worry, I'll handle it" she told as she went back on the phone.

"Oh okay" was all I managed to say.

What was she going to do? How would she take care of it? Were some of the questions that ran through my mind as I stood there waiting for her finish her call so I could ask her where Alando's keys were kept. I anxiously tapped my fingers on the counter as I waited, I really needed to get to work but she was taking forever on the phone. The tapping seemed to annoy her as she came over and gently slapped my hand so I stopped. I used to the opportunity to mouth the words 'car keys' to her, she immediately walked over to a small door in the wall that looked like a cupboard, placed her finger on the red knob and a tray filled with various car keys came out.

"Which one?" She asked

Oh wow, I had a choice? My subconscious flat lined.

"The Audi" I said with glee.

She took out the small black and silver thing and threw it to me. The tray closed as soon as she removed her hand and she closed the cupboard door.

"Drive carefully now " she warned

"Thank you, I most definitely will" I replied and headed through the door.

Once outside, I pressed the button and the beautiful beast identified herself. I hopped in and with another press of the button the engine purred to life .

"Yessssssssss" I squealed.

"Vroom, Vroom, Vroom" it yelled as I revved the engine... my hands shook a little bit with excitement. I slowly reversed and drove down the pathway to the gate. A young African American security guard approached the car, he didnt looked older than twenty three. I rolled down the window;

"Good Morning" I chirped

He was so frightened, he spat his chocolate milk all over his shirt.

"Sorry I startled you"

"Oh no, it's fine, ummmm, I was just expecting Dr. King" he said as he pressed the button to open the gate.

"I understand" I said with a bright smile.

The gate opened and I drove out, boy, this car is sooo smooth only thing I needed was some music, I wondered what kind of music he was listening to so I pulled over to the side and touched radio the screen and his playlist came up.

The better Life - 3 Doors Down

Bee Gees Greatest Hits

All Eyez On Me -Tupac

In My Lifetime. VOL 1 - Jay Z

The Diamond Life - Sade

My eyes widened in disbelief, he has my favorite album in his playlist. I screamed with delight as I pressed play and Sade's beautiful voice came through the speakers.

I sang along word for word to "smooth operator" as I drove 60 mph on the highway feeling happy and free, forgetting the world and all its troubles until I got caught in a long line of traffic. I glimpsed at the clock, it was now minutes to eleven and I knew I so very late for work, I should've called in on Alando's house phone and told Mr Martin of my sudden troubles but unfortunately I didnt even think of that until now.

I sat in the traffic still singing along to the songs and beamed as the other motorists gawked at the car. I didnt blame them, I remembered how I felt when I first saw the car pulling up beside me in the parking lot at the hospital. After another fifteen minutes of honking horns and curse words, the traffic finally began to flow freely and I was thankful as the worms in my tummy felt like they were having a karate session.

I arrived at my apartment at exactly 11:30 am, I parked carefully and used the spare key hidden at our secret spot to open the door. I made sure I bolted it behind me just in case Eyan decided to stop by again. I quickly got dressed, grabbed my phone to see eighteen missed calls,

six from Eyan

Nine from My office

One from my mom

And the other from Kyle.

I decided I would call them (except Eyan) back as soon as I settled into work.

It was 12:45 pm when I walked into my office, thank goodness my boss was called into an all day meeting. My assistant greeted me with a long 'Things to do / people to call list' and I grimaced as I felt the headache coming back.

"What's wrong Miss Lyons?" She asked.

"Headache!" I replied as I scanned the list.

"Can i get you anything?"

"Yeah, some food and two panadol would fix me up "

"I'm right on it" she said quickly and left.

I tried working but I couldnt focus as my head was throbbing with pain, my assistant came back with fried chicken, biscuits, ginger ale and panadols.

I looked at the food then at her,

"Is this your lunch?" I asked

"Umm, yeah, there's nothing in the lunch room and you need it more than I do right now"

I hesistated,

"So if I eat this , what are you gonna have for lunch?"

"Dont worry about, I'll find something in the cafeteria to snack on until work is over"

"Thank you " I said humbly.

"No worries!" She said with a smile and left.

I ate everything and took the pill afterwards. The chicken was well seasoned and tasted divine, reminded me of my mom's cooking. Then I remembered I was to call my mom back.

"Hey honey, where have you been?"

I smiled when I heard her voice.

Hey mother dearest, I've missed you"

" I miss you too love, where were you? I called last night but you didnt pick up"

"Oh, I left my phone at home, I spent the night at Alando's, met his parents and all" I proudly told her.

"Awww, that's great honey, seems like everything is finally falling into place but I need to see you though"

My heart skipped a beat...

"Did you have another vision?" I asked trying to hide the fear in my voice.

"Do I have to get a vision to want to see my only child?"

I relaxed a bit...

" Haha ha, good one mom, ofcourse you can come see me, you can come by my work, we have lots to talk about" I told her excitedly.

"Okay love, see you soon" and she hung up.

I layed back in my chair and swallowed hard as there was a sudden bile in my throat. I knew my mother well enough to know that this wouldnt be just a random visit, she wanted to read my face and test my spirit.

I also knew her well enough to know that whenever she would feel the need to do all these things it only meant one thing....

Something was wrong!

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