Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 33. The Ladder

My headache began to fade and I started working on the long to do list my assistant had given me and in no time I was totally engulfed in my duties. Determined to do all I could today as I didnt like the idea of putting things off, I was so focused that I didnt realise my mom came into my office.

"Your spirit is so calm right now, its amazing" she whispered.

My eyes shot up from my desk and I saw her with her eyes closed, palms outstretched and her legs folded beneath her. I made no sound. Instead, I watched her and tried to remain as relaxed as possible so she could do her thing. I saw a slight worried look flashed across her face but it quickly disappeared and was replaced with her beautiful smile.

She opened her eyes and my breath hitched.

"Hello daughter"

"Mother" I greeted back

"Its so good to see you" she said as she stared into my eyes. I knew she was still reading me so I stared back and tried to limit my blinking to as few times as possible.

"What did you see?" I asked

She looked away and hesitated,

"Come on mom, tell me, whatever it is I can handle it."

"I saw you climbing a ladder, there were also some other stuff that I dont understand well enough to explain to explain to you right now" she replied and continued to stare in my eyes again.

"Ahem" a voice interrupted.

"Hi Mr Martin" mom called out

"Good day Mrs Lyons" he greeted my mother and then looked at me "Uhhhhh, Nicole can I see you in my office for a moment?"

"Sure, I'll be right there" .

I gave no thought as to what it was that he could've wanted because he would take me from my office to have long discussions about the simplest thing on a regular. So I got up from my desk and followed him to his office where there were two other persons seated and apparently waiting for us.

I recognized the gentleman closest to me as Mr Hawthorne, he was our Fixed Operations Director but I didn't know who the other gentleman was.

Mr Martin motioned for me to sit and I sat facing Mr. Hawthorne, and Mr. Martin in his usual style, got straight to the point.

"So Nicole, this is the new general manager Mr. Bradford, he came on while you were on leave and you already know Mr Hawthorne..." he said.

I smiled, nodded and greeted the gentlemen as he spoke their names.

"So Mr Hawthorne here is retiring soon and I'd like to give you the job as our new Fixed Ops Director"

My mouth fell open, I was shell shocked.

"Huh?" Was all I could manage to get out.

All three men burst out in laughter.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes Miss Lyons" Mr Hawthorn answered. " we've looked at all your records and we believe you'd do a great job" he added.

"Thank you" I whispered.

"Mr Hawthorne is leaving today, so we need you to begin working in this new position starting Monday" Mr. Bradford chipped in.

"You'll be moving to a bigger office, with a bigger salary ofcourse and more benefits" Mr Martin hurriedly threw that in and I smiled as I saw his desperation.

I thought about it for a minute and my mother's vision sprung to my mind.

"The ladder, so this is what it meant, I'm climbing up the ladder.... way to go mom" I whispered softly to myself. I could see the men straining to hear what I was saying.

"Thank you for the offer and I'll gracefully accept under one condition" I said

"And that is?" Mr Martin asked

"I get to keep my assistant"

They all looked at each other.

"Sure!" Mr Martin and Mr Bradford replied in unison.

"Glad that's settled, I'll have your new contract ready by Monday" Mr. Martin said as he got up from the table, we shook hands and I returned to my office.

My mom was still sitting in the couch but her legs were no longer folded, she was on the phone speaking with a gentleman. Based on her body language I knew it was Mr Whitman. I sat in my chair and watched her, the way how her eyes lit up as she spoke to him, I haven't seen that look in years since my father. Then it hit me, and I knew my mother was in love.

"You love him" I told her as she hung up the phone.

"Who?" She asked looking silly

"Dont play coy with me Joanna Marie Lyons" I said with a smile "you love Mr. Whitman don't you?"

She giggled, I think I do but I'm worried it's too soon after daddy, do you think so?" I knew it was just nervousness and the idea of being in love again that cause her to be overthinking the situation.

"Mom, daddy has been gone for more than ten years, you're waaayyy overdue" I told her.

She took in a long breath and slowly exhaled, it felt weird seeing her like this, she was always strong and calm throughout every situation, but I guess love is one of the things that can change a person. I remembered when I was in love with Eyan, I would get butterflies in my stomach if someone did as much as mentioned his name, at one point I even thought I couldn't live without him and when he left I was devastated with sleepless nights and suicidal thoughts.

My mom snapped her fingers and brought me back to the present moment.

"What was the meeting about?" She asked, then I realised I hadn't given her the good news.

"Ooh nothing, except i got a promotion, you're looking at the new 'Fixed Operations Director' of the leading car dealership in this region" I told her while grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh my gosh, my vision, the ladder!" She exclaimed as she jumped from the couch and dashed over to where I was giving me one of the tightest hugs ever.

"I am so proud of you Nicky" she said with tears in her eyes.

"Thanks mom, you know that all I want to do in this life is to make you proud" I replied as I hugged her back. "Although I've been a bit crazy lately"

She smiled,

"Its okay, although you still haven't told me what really happened"

I knew she was referring to the incident I had told her about.

She released me and we both went and sat in the couch, I took a deep breath and told her everything.

"Oh my word, this sounds like a soap opera series" she exclaimed.

"Right?" I replied and we both laughed.

"Well, his mother said she would take care of it so let's see what she does" mom replied and I nodded in agreement.

"But I wanna see Kimone, I haven't seen her in days and it feels like forever, I need to sesee her mom" I said sadly.

"Let's do a group visit, we could try to get Mr. Martin to come along with, that way the attention wont be on you"

I thought about what she said and it made sense, so without hesitation I went looking for Mr. Martin. He was in his office signing some cheques when I knocked.

"Hey, Miss Lyons, I hope you're not here to tell me you've changed your mind" he said...

I laughed,

"No, not at all, my mom and I was gonna visit Kimone after work, you coming?"

"Ooh yes, most definitely, I had meant to visit her but because you weren't here I kept forgetting... please call me on my cell when you're getting ready to leave "

"Okay great" I told him and headed back to my office.

It was 5:30 pm when I pulled up in the hospital's parking lot, mom and I got out and waited for Mr Martin to park in the empty lot beside us.

"Nice ride Lyons, when did you get the upgrade?" Mr Martin asked.

"Its not mine, it belongs to a friend" I told hom quickly hoping he would not start with the interrogation

"Oh okay, looks like thats a very special friend " he said and playfully gave me an elbow, I rolled my eyes and ignored his last statement. My mother held my hand as we walked in the hospital together, Mr. Martin opted to walk behind us as he had no idea where he was going. It was a busy day at the hospital as the lobby was filled with Nurses, doctors and interns, I swept the area quickly with my eyes looking for Maria Ramirez or Alando, thankfully I saw neither of them. I hurriedly made my way to Kimone's room and we went in.

Kyle was fast asleep in a chair next to her bed, I could tell he was tired as his mouth was opened and drool was running down on his face. I walked over to the bed side and Kimone eyes lit up when she saw me, my heart almost leapt from my chest. She was so happy to see me. Mr Martin squeezed her hand and she looked at him with knotted brows.

"Hey Kim, do you remember my boss and our friend Mr Martin?" I asked her sensing her unease.

She looked at me and blinked twice.

I sighed....

"That means no" I told him

"Its fine, although maybe if i did one of my infamous dance moves she'd remember " he said with a smirk and we all started laughing.

Kyle woke up from his sleep and looked surprised to see us, I signalled to him that his face needed cleaning, he grinned and used his shirt to remove the drool mark. Kyle filled us in on all that we had missed, her progress, her asking for me and medications she was receiving. I felt relieved that she was not as bad as before, I kissed her forehead and she smiled.

"I missed you" she whispered to me

Tears instantly fell from my eyes.

"Oohhh Kimmy, I missed you too" I replied as I rubbed my forehead against hers. Then the room door opened and I turned my head to see the person glaring at me with eyes filled with fury and I froze.

"What the hell are you doing here?"

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