Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 35. I knew all along.

The next three weeks went by quickly. I settled in my new position at work, rented a studio apartment which I could now afford to do on my own thanks to my new and improved salary. Kimone was doing much better, her speech came back but her memory wasn't a hundred percent and she was learning to walk all over again. I haven't spoken to Alando since I told him to leave me alone, although we saw each other at the hospital every now and then. The red head resigned from the hospital and was now working at the children's clinic across town or so I heard. So my life was slowly coming back to normal, the only stress I had was Eyan's unwelcomed visits from time to time in the parking lot at work, I had planned to take out a restraining order against him as I literally felt sick to my stomach every time I saw his face. Kyle and Samantha broke off their relationship when he did a DNA test and found out the baby wasnt his, he also resigned from his job and I assisted him in obtaining a food truck. So he was now providing lunches for the dealership and other surrounding businesses.

"What should we order for lunch today Kathryn?" I asked my assistant as we sat in my office going over the menu list Kyle had emailed us.

"How about the Penne cheesy chicken pasta?" She asked

I thought about it for a minute,

"Yeah, that could work, with some fried chicken" I added....

"You've been eating alot lately and its showing too, no disrespect but your ass has gotten out of control, even your breasts look bigger " she said with a weird look on her face

"Right? they are so tender I'm afraid to touch them sometimes and i've realised a lot of my clothes no longer fits either and it's really annoying, I gotta start going back to the gym"

"When do you want to start? I know a very good trainer, I could set the appointment for you " she said quickly.

"After my period I'll think about it, I've been getting some serious cramps lately so I guess it's on it's way" I said as i checked my period app on my phone but for some reason it wouldn't open..

I scowled...

"What's wrong?" Kathryn asked

"The damn period app wont open and I wanna check something " I told her.

"Well, check it the ancient way, when was your last period?"

I tried to think back but I couldnt remember, I had everything on the period app and for the life of me the darn thing wouldn't open.

"I'll try again later, let's order food, I'm starved".

We ordered our food via email and received them ten minutes after, I began eating immediately as my stomach was on E. Half an hour later we were full and back at work when I started feeling queasy.

"Miss Lyons remember your meeting at 2:30" Kathryn came in and reminded me

"You dont look so good" she said as she came to my side and touched my forehead.

"Its nothing a little pepto bismol cant fix" I told her.

In the blink of an eye the feeling got worse, I was forced to throw up the chewed contents of my stomach in the small dust bin at the side of my desk.

"Oh my, if I didnt know better I'd say you were pregnant" Kathryn whispered

"You have to have sex to be pregnant Kathryn and I'm single" I reminded her.

Then all the memories of my shortly lived sexcapades with Alando sprung to the forefront of my mind and I quinged.

"Oh my God!" I cried out as I restarted my phone and waited for the apps to load, I had to check the period app, I need to see what it had to say about all of this. I waited and tapped my fingers impatiently for the app to load.

"Finally!" I said as the app opened. I checked and realised my period was due two weeks ago.

"Fuck!" I said again

"What is it?" Kathryn asked looking at the phone.

"My period is two weeks late" I replied

"Omg, you're pregnant" she said excitedly.

I scoffed at her,

"Dont get ahead of yourself, my period can be late for a number of reasons "

"Apart from being pregnant?" She asked

"Yes!" I snapped

"Like what?"

"Like... uhhhh" I thought for a moment, like stress... Yesss! Stress can cause changes in your cycle and believe me I have been stressed" I told her as convincingly as I could.

"We could solve the big mystery with a pregnancy test " she said calmy.

"No way.... I'm not taking a pregnancy test"

"Then how will you know? Are you gonna wait until the baby pops out suddenly?"

"I'm pretty sure it doesn't work like that " I joked

She was right, It would calm my nerves and put an end to all her speculations. I was grateful for her though, she was my blessing that came all the way from South Africa and I dont know how I would've manage without her, she was my new right hand as my original right hand was in the hospital fighting to get her life back.

"Okay fine.... I'll piss on the stick!"

"I'll be right back" she said with a big grin and ran out my office.

For such a short person she sure could move, she was quick with everything, her hands, brain, feet, eyes. She would always say that being a twenty eight year old wife and mom of two will keep you sharp and I guess she was right.

Fifteen minutes after I was sitting on the toilet seat staring at the plus sign on the stick.

"Well what's the result " she asked poking her head inside the bathroom.

I handed her the stick and she squealed with delight.

"I'll schedule a meeting with the best Obgyn in town" she told me while still staring at the stick

"Cancel all my meetings for the rest of the day, I need to get outta here" .

I grabbed my bag and headed straight for home.

I am pregnant!

I repeated the words over and over trying to convince myself that they were true as I layed in my bed. Another human being was being created inside of me, oh wow! I sat up and took my clothes off and began googling the symptoms of early pregnancy.

▫️Tender, swollen breasts. Your breasts may provide one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. ...

▫️Fatigue. ...

▫️Slight bleeding or cramping. ...

▫️Nausea with or without vomiting. ...

▫️Food aversions or cravings. ...

▫️Headaches. ...

▫️Constipation. ...

▫️Mood swings.

▫️Faintness and dizziness

▫️Raised body temperature

▫️Missed period.

I sighed as I realised i had all but one symptom, what was I going to do?

I called my mom......

"Mom, are you home?"

"Yes I am honey are you coming over?"

"Yeah I am"

"Okay, see you soon"

The drive to my mom's house was a good one, I needed the fresh air and the scenery. Driving through my old neighborhood brought back sweet memories of my dad, everything I looked at revived a memory and it made me realise how much I missed him. He was my hero, the man who understood and always knew just what to say to make me feel better. I wish he was alive to see all that I've accomplished and more so now, I wish he was here for me to tell him about my pregnancy. Speaking of fathers, I would have to tell Alando about my pregnancy as well, but how was I going to do that as we were no longer communicating. I thought about telling his mother since we would text at least twice per week just to check up on each other and quickly decided against it. I had to be the one to tell him and If I should do it, it would be in person and not over the phone.

I parked and looked around my surroundings, all the houses were the same with the exception of a few minor changes. Mom made a few changes as well, she painted the house in blue and white changing it from the full white it once once was. Her lawn was freshly cut and her garden was beautiful, wow, Mr. Whitman has been doing a very good job taking care of my mom and the house too. I met him officially when I invited he and my mom over for dinner when I first moved in my studio apartment. Their love was evident, the way how he couldn't stop watching her as she moved around my apartment fixing stuff here and there while giving me a few ideas. The way she blushed each time their eyes met, they looked like two teenagers who were in love and it warmed my heart to see my mom happy and living her best life once again.

I got out the car and walked into the garden, the scents from the Roses, wisterias and chocolate cosmos stood out above all the other plants making the perfect blend of fragrances. I didn't notice how lovely these smelt until now and I loved it.

I spent another ten minutes in the garden just inhaling the different aromas from the various flowers.

"Are you gonna come inside or are you and your baby gonna sniff all the scents from my garden?" My mother called out from behind me.

"Wait .... what??" I asked as I spun around to see her standing at the door.

"Yes honey, I knew all along".

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