Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 37 Best decision for whom?

I knew there was no point in arguing with him about this. What I found out from a few past experiences was that the people in his family always get what they wanted. I knew I would be well taken care of but that wasn't the life I desired, I wanted to be in control of my own decisions, I needed to have a say in everything regarding my life. Now it was even more complicated as a child is now involved. I subconsciously touched my tummy and the tears came flowing down again.

"Alando, I think you're being a little to possessive at the moment " his mother said.

He looked at me and touched my cheek

"I'm sorry you both see it that way but we all know it's the best decision "

"Best decision for whom?" I asked

"For all of us obviously!" He replied

"You think because you live in a mansion with everything that you could possibly need you have the answers to everything?" I shot the question at him.

"Yes! And so much more..." he shot back "I know how the world works Nicole, I may have been born into a wealthy family but I have worked very hard for my own achievements and I'll be damned if my child grows up not experiencing the life that I'm able to provide"

"I understand your views but what about me.... don't I get a say?, it's my child too"

"She's right son" his mother intervened "it's only right she get a say, have you even asked her what she wants?"

"No he has never!" I answered quickly.

"Yes I have, but in totally different situation" he said with a slight smile and I instantly remembered that specific conversation.

His mother rolled her eyes as if she knew what he meant.

"Okay" he sighed, "what is it that you want Nicole?" He asked me.

I was about to answer when Kyle walked in.

"Good night" he greeted everyone.

"Hey Nicole, your mom just called me, what's wrong?" He asked looking at the three of us.

"I ummm, i.... i... I hesitated.

"She's pregnant!" Alando answered.

Kyle's eyes widened and I shook my head in disbelief....

"Oooohhh, wow... nice... congratulations sis, I'm so happy for you, umm I mean the both of you" I said, he hugged me and shook Alando's hand.

"Daang, I cant believe I'm gonna be a uncle... whoooo" he cheered.

"He's your brother?" Mrs King asked

"Not by blood but by friendship" I replied

"You sure?..... you both share a striking resemblance" she said as she looked at the two of us.....

"Yeah, we get that alot" Kyle told her.

"How's kim doing?" I asked

"She's coming along, asking for you as usual, you gonna tell her about the baby?"

I thought of saying no, but I knew I would have a question and answer session with Alando afterwards and as usual I was not in the mood so I went with the easiest decision.

"Yes I will, most definitely " I replied with a smile trying to sound as convincing as possible.

Kyle smiled as he knew exactly what I meant.

I wish Kimone was here with me right now, she's the only one who understood me a hundred percent. Apart from my mom, she was my go to person when I needed strength and encouragement.

"I'm gonna go back to Kimone's room, I'll retur check on you in the morning" Kyle said, he planted a kiss on my forehead and left.

I watched Alando from the corner of my eye and saw him cringe. This dude had serious issues, if my best friend wasnt allowed to give me a friendly kiss then I was in for some serious problems. It was things like these that scared me into not wanting to move in with him, I would lose my freedom.

I looked up to see his mother studying my face

"Are you alright my love?" She asked

"Yeah I'm fine, just feeling tired" I replied.

"Yeah, you look tired... I'll be back to in the morning" she said as she hugged me.

"You coming son?" She asked him

"Go ahead mother, I think I'll stay here" he said and rubbed my hand.

"You don't have to, I'll be fine " I tried to reassure him but as usual he was apathetic to my words.

He kissed his mother and she left.

"I'll be right back" he said and was long gone before I could ask him where he was going.

I sighed, this is definitely not what I had envisioned for myself at any stage of my life. Being single and pregnant with a married man's child, how was I going to fix this? I truly didnt want to move in with him, there were just too many people involved in this situation and I needed my own space to live my own life.

He came back with a bottle of mouth wash and I laughed out loud.

"Is this your way of telling me that my breath stinks"

He smiled,

"I'm longing to kiss you but you've been vomiting all day, so yeah, I'm sure you get what I'm tryna do here"

I took the bottle and gargled then he gave me a foam cup to spit in.

"Again!" He commanded and I obliged.

"That's more like it" he said and began kissing me turning my entire body to butter.

I became breathless and he stopped.

"These past three weeks without you were the worst" he whispered in my ear.

I looked up at him confused as to why he would say that.


"I wouldn't have said it if it weren't so and I'm not one to lie"

He scooted over and laid beside me on the bed.

"Are we allowed to do this?" I asked

"You're always worrying about the wrong things" he replied

"Okay, then what are the right things for me to worry about?"

"Nothing, you don't have to worry about anything, just bring forth my baby and be mine, I'll do the rest"

And I knew where the conversation was headed,

"I'm just not ready to share my space with a man right now, I tried it once with Eyan and it ended badly, I just need some more time to think about this" I told him

"Stop comparing me with that bastard, he only wanted pussy, I want all of you, he and I are not the same" I heard the intensity in his voice.

I had no rebuttal to what he had just said, so instead of trying to argue, I rested my head on his chest and listened to his breathing.

I was awoken by various voices. I layed still and listen to what they were saying, I recognised that the female's voice belonged to my mom, Alando's voice was barely a whisper and I didnt know who the other voice belonged to.

"I know you're excited but it's way to early for an ultrasound" the voice said

"The gestational sac is usually the first sign of pregnancy on an ultrasound and may be seen as early as 3 weeks so a transvaginal ultrasound is much more accurate than an abdominal ultrasound" Alando replied

"Yes, but not until the yolk sac is around six weeks old does it becomes visible inside the gestational sac" the voice said again

I opened my eyes and saw that the voice belonged to another doctor.

"What's going on?" I asked

They all turned and looked at me and my mom greeted me with a hug.

"Baby Girl, Good morning, this is Liam Pietersen, the best obstetrician in this hospital, we were just discussing a few details about the pregnancy"

"Shouldn't you have woken me so I could be apart of the conversation too" I asked

"I'm sure he mean't no harm honey" my mom said as she rubbed my shoulders.

"Mom, Doctor Pietersen could you give us a moment please?"

They didn't ask any questions, the doctor nodded and my mom pinched my cheek and they both left.

I glared at him.

"I've had it with you and your bossy ways Alando King, I am the mother of this child that's growing inside of my body and you are not gonna bully me into doing things your way and your way only. Any decision pertaining to my body and this baby will be made together. Meaning you and me, me and you, you got that?"

He stared at me clearly in awe but he didnt say anything. I myself was surprised with the way I spoke to him, but I ain't gonna lie, I felt liberated!

He walked over to the side of the bed where I layed and kissed my forehead.

"There's only one way that I will ever agree to those terms" he said...

"And that is?" I asked

He gently took my face in his hand forcing me to look into his beautiful green eyes and I was instantly mesmerized.

"Agree to moving in with me"

And without thinking, my mouth moved and I heard my own voice replied


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