Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 39. BANG!!

"Is that the proper way to greet your wife?" She asked him while staring at me.

"Whatever, how the hell did you get in here by the way?" He asked her

"Mrs Ramirez let me in"

"She did what!?" Alando asked as he spun around to look at her "are you outta your God damn mind woman?"

"She's your wife so I'm sorry I didn't know it would've been a problem". Mrs Ramirez responded

"Woman, I'm begging you please dont play coy with me, you wont be able to manage the repercussions and this is your last warning" he spoke softly but his words were heavy and somehow all three of us knew how serious he was.

"Who's this young lady?" The wife asked pointing to me

"She's my future" he replied "with that said I need you to sign these papers. He took an envelope from one of the drawers on the kitchen table and handed it to her.

"As I told you before I got out, I'm not signing!" She rose her voice and his eyes darkened.

"Like hell you wont" he took a pen from the same draw and handed it to her.

Without a thought she hit the pen from his hand and slapped him across his face. The sound echoed through the kitchen startling Mrs. Ramirez and I.

"Big mistake!" He said.

She used her hands to block her face clearly she was anticipating him hitting her but he didnt. He chuckled shocking all of us. I felt like I was watching a soap opera unfold before my eyes.

"You thought I was gonna hit you? Naah hun, I'm gonna do something even worse" he told her.

He took his phone from his pocket and dialed a number, Mrs. Ramirez and I both looked at each other with questioning looks on our faces.

"Hello, this is Dr. Alando King, calling from Lot 559 Mount Edith Drive. Cassidy Heights. I've just been assaulted by a convicted felon in my home, please send officers asap"

His wife's eyes widened....

"You fucking bastard!" She yelled and attempted to hit him again but he quickly moved out the way.

"I'm not even gonna touch you, you disgust me, all you've ever done was make my life a living hell"

"I'm sorry baby, I'm really sorry, just give me a chance to make things right between us" she begged with tears streaming down her face.

"Who's working at the gate today?" He asked looking at Mrs. Ramirez

She hesitated for a moment while trying to think.

"Mr Anderson" she said in a low voice.

He walked away from where he stood, took up the house phone and dialed again.

"Mr. Anderson, I'm expecting some police officers, when they arrive please to let them in" and he hung up.

"Alando, Please dont do this they'll take me back to prison for breaking my parole" she begged.

He looked fixedly at her with his arms folded but said nothing.

"Please baby, I'm begging you" she moaned

"Sign the papers!" He finally told her

She stared at him looking completely perplexed.

"Its very simple Camilla, sign the divorce papers and I'll make all this go away" he told her again, this time he took the pen from the floor and handed it to her.

"Camilla, where did I see that name before?" I thought to myself, I thought hard, then I remembered when he had spent the night at my apartment and accidentally left his phone. I saw her name in an unread message in his phone.

I sat there looking at her, she was tall and thin with huge breasts, no curves or anything special, maybe she lost weight from spending all that time in prison. Her long blond hair was brittle and looked in need of a proper washing.

"I dont wanna lose you Alando there has to be another way" she cried.

There was a knock on the door and I held my breath.

"Last chance" he said still holding the pen out to her.

But she stood there looking as defiant as a three year old who has mastered the art of saying no.

"Okay, you've made your choice" he said and he walked over and opened the door.

The officers identified themselves and Alando let them in. Suddenly Camilla was at my side holding a knife to my neck.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I yelled at her

"Shut up you bitch" she shouted back at me,

Mrs Ramirez saw what was happening and ran over to where Alando was and started screaming. One of the officers pulled his gun and pointed it at us scaring the crap out of me

"Put down the knife Camilla" Alando told her,

"Dont come any closer, if you do I swear to God I'll slit her throat from ear to ear" she warned.

She then pressed the knife closer to my throat and I could feel the blade piercing my skin as she began dragging me backward.

"Put the gun down or I'll kill her" she commanded and I felt the tears began building in my eyes

"I'm afraid I cant do that" the officer holding the gun said.

"We are all adults here, I'm sure there's an amicable solution for all of this" the second officer added.

"Nicole, Baby, it'll be okay, just stay calm" Alando said to me.

"I am your wife, your fucking wife and you're here being more concerned for this bitch's safety than my own?" She asked and began pressing the knife harder at my neck.

"Put the knife down Camilla" he said again

"I could just kill her right now" she said. Upon hearing that I let out a loud cry as I felt the blood running down my neck.

"Stay calm baby, stay as calm as you can" Alando told me as he tried to come closer to us.

But the closer he came was the further she dragged me backwards. I've never been in a situation like this before, it was all new to me. Stuff like this I only saw on television. There were times while watching a movie, I would say if this should happen to me I wouldnt panic, I would find some way to get out on the winning side. But here I was being held with a knife to my throat and I had no idea what to do. Goes to show that you'll only know when you've experienced it for yourself.

I thought of the embryo growing inside of me, my baby, Alando's baby who's life was also at stake because if I died there would be no saving him or her and my baby didn't deserve that. My baby deserved to live so he or she can grow up to becoming someone of importance in this world. I also thought of my mother and what she would do in a situation like this, most naturally she would pray and remain calm but I also knew my death would devastate her. She too didnt deserve to suffer with another major loss, she has already been through too much. Even if I deserved to die right here, right now it would've been what I deserved. When I thought about it, it was my decisions that brought me here, I made the choice to have sex with and get pregnant by a married man who had a crazy wife and to make matters worst, I was the one who agreed to move in with him and I knew better. So maybe I did deserve it but it was unfair that others would suffer because of the bad choices I made.

I felt my knees getting weak beneath me and I knew I had to get out of this situation and soon.

"Alando do something!" I called out to him.

"Shut up bitch" Camilla yelled in my ear.

The second officer radioed in the situation.

"This is officer Scott Dobson radio number 2208, here on location at Lot 559 Mount Edith Drive in Cassidy Heights where there's a 2-4-5 in progress, please send back up"

The person on the radio responded and told him that back up was on the way. I tried to remain calm and prayed for it to be over quickly.

"Why are there police cars in the drive way" his father asked as he walked in "oh my, what the hell is going on here?" His father asked.

His facial expression quickly turned from shock to anger when he looked and saw Camilla.

"Why does she have a knife at the young lady's neck?" His father asked again

"Long story Dad" Alando said....

"I'm sorry Mr King, it's my fault, I was the one who told the guard at the gate to let her in, but she wasn't supposed to do this, this wasn't supposed to happen" Mrs Ramirez told King Snr through her tears

"Why would you even think to let her in the house Mrs. Ramirez you know better!" He snapped at her.

"I'm sorry Mr King, I'm so sorry" she wailed.

"Shut ya mouth you old frog" Camilla shouted at Mrs. Ramirez

There were lights flashing outside and we heard chattering and footsteps so we knew the other officers had arrived.

The lady on the radio spoke again.

"This is base to 2208, what's the situation?"

"2208 to base, suspect is armed with a knife and has one female hostage" the officer replied.

"Do we know who the suspect is?" The voice on the radio asked again.

Alando quickly typed something on his phone and gave it to the officer who read it out loud in response to the voice on the radio

"Suspect is Camilla Lewis- King, aged 31 years old, recently released from Drysdale State Penitentiary for women"

After hearing her information being given out on the radio, Camilla completely lost it. She grabbed my hair and held my head to the side exposing my bare neck. So here I was bleeding through one side and was about to have the other side cut opened as well. All I could do was allow the tears to run freely from my eyes.

"She's going to kill her, you have to do something" I heard Mr King Snr saying.

"Destroy the papers Alando" Camilla said to him

"Not on your life" he replied

Slash, I felt a sharp pain and the warm liquid started running down the side of my neck. I looked and saw my blood dripping on the floor.

"Nooooo, please don't hurt her" Alando begged.

"So now you want to beg huh? But you didnt want to listen when I was begging you earlier" she replied.

"I'm gonna kill this bitch and let whatever happens happen, if I can't have you she wont either" and she lifted her hand with the knife in the air.

In an instant my life flashed before my eyes, this was it, I was going to die, I touched my tummy and closed my eyes. I wanted to use the few moments I had left to think about my baby and all the things I could've given him or her if only we had gotten a chance to live and experience this beautiful thing called life together.


And I fell to the floor.

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