Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 40. The Plot

"Bang!" I heard again.

The loud sounds echoed in my ear as I fell to the floor. I layed there confused and motionless as I listened to the voices around me..

"Shots fired, two possible victims" one of the officers said

"Oh fuck, she's dead" I heard Mr. King Snr shouted....

I could hear Mrs Ramirez crying loudly

"Dad get my first aid bag quick" Alando shouted "Oh baby please be alive, I can't lose you" he said as he checked my pulse. I felt a few water droplets falling on my face so I knew he was crying. He lifted me up and placed me on the kitchen counter. He turned my neck to better allow him to inspect the wound and I saw Camilla's body on the floor in a pool of blood with one of the officers standing over her. I could also see the bullet wound at the side of her head and one in her arm.....She was dead!

Alando frantically searched his first aid bag for something to put on my neck to stop the bleeding.

"Do we have to take her to the hospital?" The officer asked

"No, the wounds are not deep, I can take care of her here" Alando replied

"I gotta go call my wife, she's never gonna believe this shit" Mr King Snr said and he walked away.

Mrs Ramirez was shaking and crying.

"I'm sorry Miss Nicole, I'm so so sorry" she said as she looked at me. "It wasn't supposed to turn out like this" she kept on repeating.

"What do you mean it wasn't supposed to turn out like this?" The other officer asked her.

"She didn't stick to the plan, she went rogue and did her own thing" Mrs Ramirez replied

"What?!" Alando asked

"Dr King do you mind if I ask your housekeeper some questions?" The officer asked

"Be my guest" he replied.

I tried to hear the questions but I couldnt focus as the officers from outside began coming in and there was way to much noise.

"Are you okay Nicole, look at me baby" Alando said as he placed bandages on my neck. "I'm sorry you had to endure all of that just now"

"Its okay, I'm fine now" I replied and he hugged me, kissing my hair in the process.

"Awww baby you're shaking like a leaf "

"I'll be fine, I'm just glad it's over" I replied as I hugged him tighter.

The wonderful scent of cinnamon and honey hit my nose and I smiled

"What's so funny?" He asked

"Your mom's home" I told him

He knotted his brows in curiosity,

"How do you know that?" He asked.

Just then he heard his mom's voice.

"Oh dear God, is everybody alright?"she asked as she ran to our side and inspected my neck.

"We are okay" Alando replied.

"How did Camilla get in here?"she asked and Alando pointed her to Mrs. Ramirez.

Mrs King rolled her eyes.

"Lord have mercy, what did she do now?"

"Its best you ask her, she have the answer to all your questions" Alando told her.

"I really hope its fixable" she said as she headed over to where Mrs. Ramirez and the officer were.

My tummy growled and I realised I haven't eaten anything all morning.

"Babe, I'm starving" I told him.

"Right, we didn't get a chance to have breakfast" he recalled.

"What do you want to eat, the kitchen is invaded with officers and a dead body so cooking is out of the question right now"

"Just some fruit juice and I'll be fine" I told him and he went ahead a got it for me.

The juice was so refreshing, I gobbled up two glasses in quick succession.

"Hey hey, slow down, remember you're to drink in moderation to prevent the nausea." He reminded me.

"Oh yeah, I forgot" I said with a smile, he took my glass and poured himself some juice. He removed me from the counter and we went to sit in the living room and I stared at him.

"What?" He asked when he realised I was staring at him.

"Tell me something Alando, how are you so calm right now?"

"What do you mean?" He asked

"Your wife's lifeless body is lying in the kitchen right now and you're as cool as a cucumber here with me drinking juice"

He smiled and shook his head,

"If you had been through half of the shit that woman put my family and I through, you would've been glad she's dead too"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yup Im glad she's dead and I say it with no apology" he replied.

"No matter what she did, she was still your wife, she was a human being, there must've been something she had done that would make her deserving of even an ounce of pity"

He scoffed.

"Was there ever a time that you loved her?" I asked

"Why are you so concerned about the person who almost killed you a few moments ago?" He asked, I could tell he was getting irritated.

"I'm just trying to understand what she could've done for you to hate her so, a life was lost here today, I'm sorry if I dont hate her like you do" my voice was heavy with emotion and my eyes were filled with tears.

He held my hands and kissed my knuckles,

"That woman you see lying in her own blood right now, had three abortions behind my back, the last one nearly killed her, she ran off with some guy who she claimed was her cousin and robbed a bank, killing 2 persons bringing down shame and disgrace on my family's name"

"Wait, what?!" I asked

"Yes, its twenty first century and she was pulling off some Bonnie and Clyde shit!"

I sighed,

"Wow! I think she needed help" I said

"You're starting to sound like my mom, she believes everyone can be fixed"

"I share the same sentiments"

"He scoffed again.

"That woman lying in my mom's kitchen is testament that not everyone can change, my mom tried everything to help her even when I gave up, but to no avail. See, she ended up in prison and the first thing she does when she comes back was try to kill you, change my ass".

"Maybe it's my hormones that not allowing me to think clearly" I said as I sat there thinking over all the things he had told me. "I just can't understand why she would do all those evil things".

"Because she was a damn evil person that why" his dad replied from behind us.

"He hated her too huh?" I asked Alando

He chuckled.

"Yeah, hated her real bad"

"Shit.... that's sad" I said with a sigh

"I told you before, you worry about the wrong things " he replied and kissed my knuckles again.

"I'm sorry Mrs. King, I truly didnt mean for any of this to happen"

"Sofiya, I really don't wanna hear your voice right now" Mrs King responded and attempted to get up from beside Mrs Ramirez.

"Please, dont leave me, I need you right now" Mrs Ramirez begged grabbing on to Mrs King's hand.

She instantly dragged her hand away

"What you need Mrs Ramirez, is a good lawyer" Mrs King replied to her and walked away.

Alando and I stared at each other and then at them

"Mom what's wrong?" He asked her just as she was walking by.

"I need to speak with your father, where is he?"

Alando looked around,

"He was just here, I'm not sure where he went"

Just then, we saw him coming from upstairs.

"Xander I need to speak with you" Mrs king called out to him.

"What's the matter Dear?" He asked as he walked up to her.

She walked directly up to him and began speaking, her voice was barely a whisper and try as I may, I heard nothing.

Alando got frustrated with trying to eavesdrop and asked his parents directly.

"Mom, Dad, what the heck is going on, what did Mrs Ramirez do?"

She looked at him for a moment and hesitated, but she no longer spoke quietly only loud enough so I could hear as well.

"So apparently this was all part of a plot that Mrs. Ramirez, Maria and Camilla cooked up"

"What kind of plot?" Alando asked.

She hesitated again but Mr. King continued with the story.

"The were planning on kidnapping the both of you"

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