Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 44. Anita Baker.

I sat there with my mouth opened as what he said sank into my brain.

"I can't let you do that" I told him

"And why the hell not?"

"I just cant, that's too much"

"So what do you suggest I do Nicole?" He asked sounding annoyed "you don't want to live here but yet you don't want me to buy you a house"

"I just cant allow it" I replied

"Why not? Why cant you accept me and all that I'm trying to do here?"

I sighed, even I was annoyed with myself, this man was trying to do everything he could to make me happy but for some strange reason I wouldn't let him. I knew I was holding back but I didn't know why.

"I think I am in need of a psychiatric evaluation" I told him.

He looked at me in disbelief

"Why would you think that?" He asked

"Don't you see I'm acting like a crazy person?"

"No baby, I think you're just overwhelmed with being pregnant and all, your hormones are all over the place and I understand that" he replied.

I sat there looking at him, his face was stressed and his beard was in need of grooming but he was still so beautiful. He turned and stared back at me and there was something in his eyes that I've never seen in them before. They were filled with pain. I felt so bad because I knew I was the cause of his hurt. He didnt deserve all this pain, I had to fix it.

"Let's check into a hotel for the night, I'd like to go back to the one we went to last month" I said to him and reached over and kissed his temple

"You sure?" He asked

"Yes, and I would love for you to buy me that house" I whispered in his ear making him smile.

"I'll go pack our stuff and switch cars so we can get going" he said and headed into the house

I felt a little better seeing him smile but I felt that wasn't enough I had to do more. Then I had an idea. I googled the hotel and quickly dialed the number, after four rings a woman answered. I requested a master suite and explained all that I needed to be done and she excitedly said yes. I got out the car and ran up the stairs to his bedroom, he was on his phone talking to someone but I didn't stop to listen. I headed to the closet insearch of a lingerie that I had. I found it and quickly stuffed it in my handbag.

"What are you doing?" He asked from behind, startling me.

"Nothing, just looking for something to sleep in" I replied

"Yeah, ummmm about tonight, they're a bit short staffed at work and I got called in"

"Really?" I was awashed with disappointment. "What time does your shift end?

"2:00 am" he responded.

I sighed..

"Okay...I'll wait up" and I hugged him

"Let's go, I don't wanna be late"

We switch back to the Audi and started our journey to the hotel listening to a variety of love songs from an album on his thumb drive. Then "Giving you the best that I've got" by Miss. Anita Baker came on, I listened to every word of the song and it spoke to me.

"Ain't there something I can give you In exchange for everything you give to me.

Read my mind and make me feel just fine. When I think my peace of mind is out of reach.

The scales are sometimes unbalanced

And you bear the weight of all that has to be

I hope you see that you can lean on me

And together we can calm a stormy sea

We love so strong and so unselfishly

And I tell you now that I made a vow

I'm giving you the best that I got, baby

Yes I tell you now, that I made a vow

I'm giving you the best that I got, honey

Everybody's got opinions

About the way they think our story's gonna end

Some folks feel it's just a superficial thrill

Everybody's gonna have to think again

We love so strong and so unselfishly

They don't bother me so I'm gonna keep on

Giving you the best that I got, baby

They don't bother me, said I'm gonna keep on

Giving you the best that I got, listen baby

Somebody understands me

Somebody gave his heart to me

I stumbled my whole life long

Always on my own, now I'm home

My weary mind is rested

And I feel as if my home is in your arms

Fears are all gone, I like the sound of your song

And I think I want to sing it forever

We love so strong and so unselfishly

And I made a vow so I tell you now

I'm giving you the best that I got, baby

I bet everything on my wedding ring

I'm giving you the best that I got,

Givin' it to you baby

I looked at the man beside me, the man who was willing to do all that he could for me. He deserved so much more, he truly deserved my best. I was so caught up that I didnt realize tears had begun running down my face and I let out a sniffle.

"You okay?" He asked taking small glances at me.

"Yeah, I'm fine, it's just that this song has made me realise alot of things just now."

"Care to share your findings with me?"

I smiled.

"It made me realise that you deserve more from this relationship, from me" I told him

"Awww babe, I've already gotten all I need I got a baby on the way and I've got you"

I frowned.

"What, did I say something wrong?" He asked as he noticed the frown on my face.

"That's just it, you don't have all of me yet"

He drew his brows together wrinkling his forehead as he listened.

"But I'm working on changing that though" I tried to assure him.

He his focus remained on the road as he drove but his silence bothered me. The song ended but to my surprise he pressed replay and turned up the volume.

"I want to hear the words again" he replied answering the question that I asked in my mind.

The song finished and he pulled over to the side of the road,

"What are you doing?"I asked as I looked around.

"I'm searching for a song" he replied

He skipped through the playlist then he stopped on another Anita Baker song. "Body and Soul "

"Listen to the words of this one" he told me and he sang along as the song played.

"What have you done to me

I can't eat, I cannot sleep

And I'm not the same anymore, no, no

I don't know what to do cause all of me wants all of you

Do I stand alone at the shore?

Now once I could turn away

From everything I feel today

But now I wanna walk through your door

But I've got to know, oh, body and soul

That you've got no doubt, inside and out

We are whole, ho, body and soul

Don't leave me out in the cold

Just love me body and soul

Do you hear me, baby

I've wasted too much time

Livin' for what wasn't mine

And then came the day I found you

And now I want nothing less

I've found a love that Is truly blessed

And I wanna make dreams come true

But I've got to know, oh, body and soul

That you've got no doubt, inside and out

We are whole, ho, body and soul

Don't leave me out in the cold

Just love me body and soul

Every day is getting better

The more I trust I feel stronger, stronger

Every kiss brings me closer

It feels good to let you inside

I've got to know, oh

Is there any doubt in your mind, oh, yeah

Oh, baby, ho, ho, body and soul)

Don't leave me out in this cold

Just love me body and soul"

I listened to the words keenly and I got the message clear as day.

"It's a beautiful song " I whispered as he began driving again

"Yeah it is, one of my favorites from Miss. Baker."

"Yeah, it speaks to our situation perfectly

"So are we both gonna be doing as the songs say?" He asked

"Yes most definitely" I answered and I gave him an honest smile.

He reached over and kissed me and I kissed back causing him to stop suddenly in the road. We were lost in the moment even as the cars behind us began honking and the drivers were yelling.

"Oh shit, weve made alot of people angry" he said and he both giggled like teenagers.

We arrived at the hotel and I hurriedly went to the front desk to speak with the receptionist and paid my bill. She signalled that everything was ready and in order so I collected the room key and dashed to the elevator before Alando came inside. I reached the room, opened the door and I was blown away, they did it even better than I could've imagined. There were candles and rose petals everywhere. Everything in me hoped that he would love it as much as I did and not think of it as too corny, I contemplated with the idea at first as i wasn't sure if he liked these things but I decided to go out on a limb and do it anyway.

There was a knock on the door, I said a quick prayer hoping he would love it as my ego couldnt survive the humiliation if he didnt. I took one last glance at the room, counted to three and then opened the door.

He stepped in and I held my breath, I watched as his green eyes lit up as he realised what I had done.

He smiled and shook his head and my heart almost leapt from my chest.

"Well, since we're in the mood for surprises and nice things, I got one of my own" he said.

I was befuddled at his statement, I was ready to sink into the ground when I saw him remove something from his pocket and got down on one knee infront of me.

My eyes widened in horror, is he doing what I think he's doing? I thought to myself.

"I've been walking around with this since I found out you were pregnant, from the first time I saw you in the hospital eveything in me told me you were the one" he said as his green eyes focus on me and only me.

He opened the box and I saw the ring of a lifetime which made me gasp. He reached out and took my hand.

"Miss Nicole Lyons, will you make me the happiest man on this earth by agreeing to becoming my wife?"

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