Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 45. Emerald and Carats

I stood there with my mouth opened and my mind blank as I couldn't believe all that was unfolding infront of me. He then began singing a verse from his preferred Anita Baker song that he played for me earlier in the car

"I've wasted too much time

Livin' for what wasn't mine

And then came the day I found you

And now I want nothing less

I've found a love that Is truly blessed

And I wanna make dreams come true

But I've got to know, oh, body and soul

That you've got no doubt, inside and out

We are whole, ho, body and soul

Don't leave me out in the cold

Just love me body and soul,"

His voice, his face, his body actions. Everthing about him felt right, but was it what I truly wanted I asked myself. I knew I did not love him so was it right for me to take his ring? I was unsure of what to do but I alo knew that hurting him was out of the question. So I decided to do what I've been doing alot of recently which was to go out on a limb in regards to my decisions making.

"Yes I most definitely will " I answered. I said it as confidently as possible.

He then placed the biggest diamond ring I've ever seen on my finger and kissed it, afterwards he drew me down on the floor where he was and kissed me passionately.

"You've made me the happiest person alive right now Mrs. King to be"

"Happiness Suits you Mr. King" I replied boldly

He touched my tummy and stared into my eyes making me blush.

"You and the little one is way more than I deserve" he whispered while using his foot to slam the door shut and started kissing me again.

Upon remembering the plans I had prior to his surprise I tingled with excitement. The aroma, candles and soft music set the mood for all I had in mind and I was now more determined to make him see that he too was deserving of special treatments and pampering.

We layed there in each other's arms and I listened to the beating of his heart. Mindlessly, I started to tap my fingers to the rhythm while sinking my face in his chest and inhaled. His scent made me aroused and inspired at the same time.

I snuggled myself on top of him and popped his shirt open, trailing tiny kisses from his neck down to his nipples while using my tongue to lick and play with them one by one making him moan with delight. I tugged on his pants as I went further down to his navel using my lips to play with the strands of curly hairs that led down to his promise land. I signaled for him to lift his weight slightly to make my getting rid of his clothes easier. Within seconds his bottom was bare and his tool was throbbing in my hands.

The diamond ring sparkled on my finger as I massaged his magic stick, I looked up at him, his eyes were burning with desire that made my vagina dripping wet.

Without hesitating, I kissed the tip of his tool and he hissed showing his approval and that was all I needed. I continued with the wet kisses but it was when I ran my tongue around his Corona that made him wild with excitement. I was about to stop but he held my head in place and pushed his penis deep inside my mouth making me gag.

He sprang to his feet and motioned for me to kneel infront of him, I did as he commanded and suddenly he was in total control fucking me in my mouth. This was definitely not what I had planned but I loved it nonetheless, it made me so wet, I was a hundred percent turned on.

"Wider" he ordered as he made his way to back of my throat and I gagged again.

"Relax baby" he commanded as he went deeper.

I opened my eyes and all I saw was pure muscles towering over me and my vagina got even wetter. God, if he continued making me feel this way I was certain the hotel room would be flooded soon.

I relaxed and let him have his way with my mouth as I was determined to please him.

"Yes Baby, just like that" he moaned as he began to pick up speed and I found myself playing with my clit.

Oral sex wasn't something that I enjoyed doing in the past but here I was willing him to go as far into my mouth as was possible. Eyan and I tried it a few but times but those experiences were nothing compared to this. Everything I did sexually before Alando was mediocre and boring, nothing stood out or could even be compared.

He pushed his shank at the back of my throat one last time making me gargle then he pulled out and a load of my saliva came out with him leaving me breathless.

"You okay baby?" He asked and I nodded in response.

Still on my knees, he bent me over and began fingering me, everytime his fingers went in the circular motion there was a tightening in my tummy. I tensed as I tried not to cum so soon but all my efforts were in vain as he had me screaming and squirting in no time.

I stared in awe at the water gushing heavily between my legs as I still was not used to this aspect of myself just yet. My legs were shaking as one last load of liquid spewed to the ground. He knelt behind me and I was preparing myself for the onslaught but to my surprise he did the complete opposite.

He gently made his entry and slowly but sweetly he built a rhythm, round and round his stick went rubbing on my g-spot over and over. It was impossible for me not to ejaculate again, my legs shook and my breath hitched as the feeling intensified but he didn't stop and the water came running once more.

I tried to move away but his hands held me firmly in place.

"Don't fucking move!" He grumbled and I stood still as his movements got faster and deeper.

"Of fuck wifey, this pussy is so good" he said loudly.

Upon hearing the word 'wifey' visions of Camilla's lifeless body rushed to my mind and I stiffened but he slapped my ass making me jump in fright. I was grateful that the sex was way too intense for me to focus on dead bodies.

"Back that ass up" he said and just like that the twerker in me came out in all its glory. He stopped moving and watched me as I did my thing. I looked back and saw him with his hands on his hips and eyes glued on my ass. Thank goodness for all the evenings I practised twerking with Kimone, I really didn't think it would've come in handy. I remember her telling me "It's a crime to have such a big ass and not know how to use it".

I threw myself back catching him off guard and he let out a loud grunt. I smiled to myself and did it again but this time he let out a low, almost inaudible moan. His body shivered as if he had just came in from the cold.

"If you weren't already pregnant I'm sure tonight you would've been" he said as he withdrew his tool.

I smiled but I was too tired to respond.

He ran us a bath water, we showered and ate from our buffet styled dinner. As we ate in silence, I stared at him and smiled. Regardless of how the day started out tonight was the best I've had, he was my peace in the midst of all the storm. I looked at the beautiful ring that I now wore as a symbol of his love for me, it was an emerald cut with a whole lot of carats I assumed.

"My mother helped me pick it out" he said breaking the silence. "You like it?"

"Like?... babe I love it, it's perfect"

He smiled....

"The perfect ring for the perfect woman"

I smiled again.

"What did I ever do to deserve you?" I asked and he blushed, shocking me a bit.

"I've never seen you blush before, you getting soft on me Mr King?" I asked playfully.

"Maybe" he replied. "Have you thought about what kind of house you want?"

I paused for a moment, I had not, everything was moving so fast I never gave it any thought.

"Not really" I answered as I put the last piece of chicken in my mouth.

"You need think about it" he said seriously.

"Okay I will".

We were having a nice discussion when my phone started ringing, I quickly glanced at the clock on the wall to check the time.

"Who the hell could be calling me at this hour?" I asked outloud. Alando said nothing but I knew he was paying attention to everything.

I went and quickly took the phone from my bag, I checked to see how was calling, it was Eyan. I contemplated on whether or not I should answer and I decided not to.

He called again and again but I still didn't pick up.

"Aren't you going to get that?" Alando asked

"No" I replied.

"I wonder why not?" He asked

"Because I dont want to talk to him"

His eye brow went up.

"Him who?" He asked

"Eyan.... my ex" I told him

"Okay.... let me speak with him then"

"Its a video call" I snapped.

"Does it matter what kind of call it is?" I could see the distrust building in his eyes.

"Lord please let this boy not ruin my night" i whispered"

"Okay" I said and with trembling hands I placed the phone on the table and swiped it

"Hello" I answered.

"Hey baby I got something for you"

And before I could answer he dropped his pants and started masturbating.

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