Suddenly.... Love crept in.

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Chapter 48. I see death.

"What was it like?" I asked her

She sighed.

"You don't have to go back there hon" I told her as I realized it had awoken bad memories.

"Its fine love" she paused as she looked for the right words to describe her experience to me. "It was like not being able to wake up from your sleep even though you want to, I tried everything, but nothing moved. I felt every touch, every kiss but the darkness overwhelmed me and I couldn't get out.

"Wow, were you scared?"

"At first, but my memories and you guys kept me from giving up".

I wiped the tear that fell from her eye

"Your mother is such an angel, she would come on days when no else one was in my room and pray her heart out"

My eyes widened.

"Really?.. I didnt know that"

"Only she and I know" she told me with a smile "and here I am today. That's why I believe now more than ever that the prayer circle will work." She gave me her brightest reassuring smile.

I kissed her cheek.

"Thank you so much Kim, you are one in a million" and I hugged her tight.

After about an hour and a half of prayer we both grew tired and hungry and decided that we would continue another day. We arranged that we would pray at a specific time everyday even if we were apart. I was so proud of my mom for what she did, growing up she would always encourage me to do good at all times because you never know who is paying attention. I was even happier that she was a woman who practiced what she preached. I haven't spoken to her in so long, I reached for my bag to get my phone to call her then I remembered I didn't have a phone anymore. My green eyed, crazy fiance destroyed it and I needed to talk to my mom. I decided to go to him, I was super thankful when the nurse came in with Kimone's food so I used it as the perfect opportunity to go looking for Alando.

I came out the room and went straight to his office but it was empty. I checked the nurse's station he wasn't there either.

"He's in a meeting" a short chubby looking nurse told me. I looked at her a bit funny as I wondered how she knew who I was.

"Oh, thank you" I said politely.

"Congratulations on your engagement and pregnancy " she said again with a bright smile. She seemed genuinely happy but I was still in doubt as I had no idea how she knew who I was and who I was looking for.

"Oh, I'm Nurse McKay" she said, was her name supposed to ring a bell? I doubt it because I've never seen her before. I briefly wondered if she was Alando's ex but I quickly buried that thought as I didn't want to upset myself.

"Alando and I work together, he told us about your pregnancy and the engagement" she replied, I was surprised at how well she read my expression.

"But how do you know it was me though?" My curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask

She smiled again.

"Ummm, there's a picture of you on his desk in his office"

Then I remembered seeing the picture of me sleeping peacefully in his arms.

"Oh yeah, that picture" I said as I returned the smile. "Do you know if he's gonna be out anytime soon?"

"I'm not sure, they've been in there for quite a while" she said as she stared at the white door infront of us and I assumed that's where the meeting was being held.

"I hope everything's okay" I whispered.

She made a face and I got uncomfortable.

"I think a man's threatening to sue the hospital, saying Dr. King assaulted him, I'm not sure" as the words left her mouth I knew exactly who "the man" was. It was no other than Eyan, he was starting to become a real pain these days. Why can't he just crawl back into the hole he had been in all along? Just then, the door opened, Alando came out and my heart skipped a beat. I looked at his face to see if I could read his expression but he gave nothing away.

"Hey babe, you ready to go?" He asked in a calmly tone and I knew something was definitely wrong.

"Yeah, I need to call my mom, so we have to get the phone first" I told him

"Okay, lets go!".

I said goodbye to the nurse and we headed to the car

"Are you okay?" I asked

"Yeah, I'm fine, just some minor stuff at work, nothing I can't handle" he replied as he started the vehicle "you look hungry, wanna get something to eat first?" He asked. I knew this was just a way to try and get me to drop the conversation but I didn't want to drop it. I needed to know if he was in trouble because of something Eyan did.

"Are you in trouble at work?"

He looked at me like I was crazy.

"Why would I be in trouble?" He asked

"I don't know, I'm just asking" I didnt want him to know the nurse had mentioned anything to me.

He scowled and I knew he didnt buy my story.

"What did Nurse McKay tell you?" He asked as we headed on the highway. I sighed inwardly and wished I had left the conversation alone.

"Nicole Lyons I asked you a question!"

I swallowed hard.

"She ummm, said someone's threatening to sue the hospital claiming you assaulted them" my voice was barely a whisper, I was surprised he even heard a word I said. He gripped the steering wheel tighter and I knew he was wishing it was Nurse Mckay's neck. "Calm down, I know she meant no harm by telling me though"

"I know" he said and I saw him relax a bit.

"But seriously though, is Eyan trying to sue the hospital?"

He looked over at me

"How do you know it was him?" He asked

"That was an easy guess Alando, unless you go about assaulting people in the hospital on a regular" I said and pinched his arm. He gave me a heart warming smile and my heart skipped a few beats.

"Don't worry about it baby, I'll be fine"

"I just don't want you to get into trouble or lose your job because of me"

"I can't get into trouble" he said with a smirk

"I wonder why?"

"My grandfather founded the hospital"

"Wait..." i said and thought for a moment and flashedback to some conversations Kyle and I had with a few medical students while we were in college where we were discussing the founders and builders of major businesses in our city. I took his phone from his top pocket and quickly went to google.

"Mr Alphonso King is your grandfather?" I asked

"Yup!" He replied

I don't know how I never thought of it before because the King name was not popular in our city so they had to be related.

"Wow.. you look just like him" I complimented. I clicked on images and there he was, the tall green eyed man standing next to a Porsche.

"I know right, maybe that's why he loved me so much" he chuckled.

"And the fact that you also became a doctor must also made the love stronger"

"He was ecstatic" he said with a smile.

I touched my stomach absentmindedly, my baby's great grandfather was a world famous physician, that explains the huge house and all the luxury that came with it. I now belonged to a family of greatness, this was alot more than I bargained for. I was a simple girl from a ordinary family, all this extravagance was new to me, but it was too late to back out now, not that I wanted to anyway.

"Come back to earth Nicole" he said snapping me from my thoughts.

"Oh sorry, I was just thinking about stuff" I told him, then I noticed we were pulling up to the Tmobile store.

He hopped out, came around my side and opened the door.

"I thought we were gonna get food first?"

"I changed my mind, plus this will only take a few minutes" he replied.

We walked in the store and my eye immediately caught the just released Samsung Galaxy S9 plus in Polaris blue and my jaws dropped. I remember looking at it and reading the specs on google in March the day it was released and I instantly fell in love.

"So you're a Samsung girl?" He said as he watched me drooling over the S9.

"Not just any Samsung, but a Samsung S9 plus kinda girl" I corrected him.

"Hmm, I thought you were more of an apple queen" he said looking at the Apple iPhone line up.

"Naah... " I said and waved him off.

"What can an I get you lovely folks today?" The attendant asked smiling brightly at Alando.

"My fiancee here would like a S9 plus" he said and I noticed a drop in her features when he said the word fiancee and I giggled.

"Polaris blue please" I added

"Are you a new customer" she asked

"Yes" I replied

"Okay, that'll be $970"

"WHAT??!!" I was bowled over by shock and disappointment.

I looked at him thinking this was way too expensive and opened my mouth to protest.

"Don't even think about arguing with me about the price" he said while taking the money from his wallet.

"Okay, I won't argue" I said and fake grinned as he paid for the phone.

I walked out the store feeling happy with my new phone and new sim card. We got back in the car and I quickly called my mom. She was happy to hear my voice, as she had become worried from not getting a reply to her numerous messages she had left me.

I explained everything to her and told her about Eyan's crazy behavior and suddenly the phone went quiet.

I felt my heart stop as I knew what this meant, another vision.

"Mom, are you there?"

She didn't answer but I heard a frightened shriek.

"Mom, what is it what did you see?"

She was crying and I knew this wouldn't be good.

"Tell me mom, what did you see?"

"I see...... I see..... Death!"

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